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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Complot ? Nee gewoon de walgelijke en schokkende waarheid die u nooit ziet bij de’ Staats-AIVD-NPO’ : Taxfree-Royal Prinsen Edward& Claus&Bernhard – Elite Pedo Rapisten- Bill Clinton & Joe Biden &Trump& Epstein & ‘Vrouwenbeuker& Neuker- Junkie Johnny de Mol Jr’& Top VVD-ers Demmink  & Ed Nijpels, etc.-  System of abuse’(Video’s) : At least 10,000 children sexually molested at hands of French Pedo-Catholic Devil  Church since 1950s — report
Psycho-Killer Trump’, Pirate-in-Chief & Gold & Oil- Robber in Chief. Rutte & ‘D66 Sophie in ’t Veld: Onze Trump is Oké en pas op voor De Russen & China & Wilders & Holleeder& Taghi & Steve Brown(Video’s) .

Schokkend maar zonder strafrechtelijke  en politieke gevolgen : D66DDR66 – Mega Fraudeur -Sophie in the Veld’ aka” de Hoer van de EU” Video) brengt de Heil Hitlergroet(  zie Video hierna na 2 minuten) tijdens EU parlement ’s  Lieg& Bedrieg debat om CIA Puppet Guaido als Fake President te erkennen(Video’s):

Big Story -State of Fear: The’ US-War Crime & Killer-Elite & CIA- Legacy’ in El Salvador & Guatemala & Venezuela&Syrie , etc(Video’s)


The corrupt Fake Venezuelan opposition led by  the ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Steel the OIL&Gold-Killer-Elite’(Video’s) with President Puppet ‘Made in USA -Hate Jesus Trump’(Video’s) backed ‘interim president’ ‘CIA Troll- Juan Guaido’ has held “popular consultations” to demonstrate rejection of the nation’s government after boycotting parliamentary vote but ended up burning ballots instead.

The so-called “popular consultations” organized by the supporters of the self-styled “interim president-CIA-Troll” started online on Monday and concluded with an in-person participation on Saturday. The move was held after an official election held earlier this month handed control over the Venezuelan National Assembly to President Nicolas Maduro’s Socialist PSUV party.

Maduro’s socialist alliance victory in Venezuela’s National Assembly poll is a failure of US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite- sanctions & regime change policy


As it was during the 2018 presidential elections that handed victory to Maduro himself, most of the CIA-opposition boycotted the official vote. After losing what was considered its last institutional stronghold,  CIA Puppet-Guaido’s supporters decided to demonstrate the scale of the alleged popular rejection of the corrupt Venezuelan government they continue to call illegitimate.Although the turnout for the official election was not particularly high, CIA- puppet-Guaido’s initiative has hardly faired any better since, according to the organizers’ own estimates cited by Reuters, just under 6.5 million out of roughly 17.5 million eligible voters took part in the “consultation,” including some 845,000  more or less Ultra-Right Insane Catholic  and  corrupt ‘Taxfree-Rich-Elite-Gangsters’ living abroad mainly in Florida, US voting for the psychopaths Marco Rubio and Trump. The outcome of the “consultation” did not seem to affect the political situation in the Latin American nation hit by strict ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime& Steel the OIL&Gold-Killer-Elite- sanctions’ targeting its oil sector and exacerbating a prolonged economic crisis. Maduro himself brushed off the opposition’s initiative by saying that “no internet consultation has constitutional status” or any “legal value.” In 11 out of 24 Venezuela’s states, the law enforcement sought to disrupt the in-person participation in the “consultation”by removing the informal voting sites, the organizers complained. Still, they themselves ended up destroying all the traces of the “consultation”, at least at some of the improvised polling stations. A video published on the social media shows a pile of ballots and voting records burning on the floor at one of such sites in the northern Miranda state. The organizers claimed they did so to protect the identities of the participants. 

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How ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ trained ‘CIA puppet Juan Guaido’ for ‘Steel the Oil-Coup’ . Rutte & ‘D66 EU- Mega-Fraudeur- Sophie in ’t Veld’ : Het is Oké(Video’s)
Moral disgrace’: Corrupt EU Parliament met hysterische ‘EU- D66-Fractievoorziiter Sophie in ’t Veld’ lectures world on rule of law, then destroys legality in Venezuela(Video’s’) 

#Metoo-Biden’s defense secretary general Austin is another ‘War Milo-profiteer’& his pick for ‘Mr.Killer-Monsanto’. Rutte & co het is oké wij doen ook mee(Video’s).

There will be no trace of participation today, you can rest assured. All the records and ballots will be destroyed immediately [after the voting count] is concluded,” a corrupt  self-styled polling commission member,  CIA Troll-Emilio Grateron, told a press conference after the event.After declaring himself ‘interim-(CIA)- president’ early last year, CIA Puppet Guaido immediately received support from the US-Taxfree-War-Crime-Killer-Elite and the ‘Dutch EU- D66- Pedophiles-Partyleader& Fraud offender- Sophie in ‘t Veld. Yet, his efforts to take power in Caracas, including through an attempted CIA- coup, ended up in naught since he failed to win support of the Venezuelan military and other key elements of society.CIA puppet-Guaido’ also appears to gradually lose clout even over the fellow opposition members. Earlier in December, another opposition politician, Henrique Capriles, urged the incoming US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite administration with puppet #Metoo Joe Biden  to ditch its support for the self-proclaimed “interim(CIA)- president” while lamenting the fact that Venezuelan opposition lacks a real leader.


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