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AMSTERDAM-NOIR– – Grayzone: ‘U.S-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer- Elite’ and there ‘Canadian puppet Trudeau ‘ ‘genocide Fake News’ accusation relies on Fake data by Right extremist payed by the CIA.

Third World War:  Killer-Trump  go’s Blackbeard and steel’s largest-ever US seizure of Iran Oil’ and 4 ships. ‘Pedo-Rapisten- Rutte& NPO-Kelder’ (Video’s) & ‘EU-D66 Mega- Fraudeur- Sophie in ’t Veld’:  Wij zijn trost op onze Leider ‘Blackbeard -Pedo-Rapist- Trump’.

Wat u niet ziet bij de  ‘Staat- AIVD-NPO’ en/of leest in de corrupte en laffe Gevestigde Orde kranten met hun Talking Heads dat Trump de grootste Piraat ooit op de High Sea is geworden, want dat is voor hun geen nieuws(kuch): ‘Killer-Donald Trump’, Pirate-in-Chief. Nee, als het op ‘Fake-Kul- Misdaad-nieuws ‘ aankomt dan beperkt de  ‘dr. Goebbels- Staats- AIVD-NPO’ en zijn ‘Fake-(show)- News – lynch-collega – RTL-Riool- Boulevard’  met de altijd liegende types a la  ‘AIVD & Politie -informanten’ als ‘Pedo-Rapist-Junkie- Peter R. de Vries (VIDEO’s) &’ Media-huurmoordenaar John van den Heuvel’ zich alleen tot  de in verhouding tot Trump padvinders de Volkse Holleeder’s &Taghi’s & Motorbendes clubs en Steve Brown ( Video’s) en Wilders en de Russen en China en Cuba en Iran en Venezuela, etc.

After failed CIA- Coup-Venezuelan Madura change, War Criminal Elliott Abrams picked as ‘Steel the Iran Oil- rep’.Rutte: Wij ‘Roven & Moorden & Pedo-en mee’(Video’s)

Derde Wereld Oorlog? Groot deel Amsterdamse lagere banen van King Willem& Keizerin Halsema onder zware ‘Corona-druk’ was door ons al gelijk voorspelt(VIDEO’s) 

Grootste Goudroof ooit van 2 miljard en Moord op Assange door Engelse ‘Kangeroo-rechtbank’ in opdracht van ‘Mad Dog –Trump’.Rutte&Co & ‘EU Fraudeur- D66-Sophie in ’t Veld’: Het is Oké ! (VIDEO’s)

‘Pirate- DOJ’ confirms ‘largest-ever US-taxfree-Killer-Elite  steeling of Iranian fuel’ and 4 ships bound for Venezuela
The ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Steel the Oil &Gold –Killer-Elite’ with Mad Dog Rapist- Trump aka “Blackbeard” has steeled some 1.116 mn barrels of Iranian fuel aboard 4 ships headed for Venezuela worth an estimated 4 to 5 billions Dollar. The corrupt ‘Blackbeard-Justice- Department’ has confirmed, hinting at “assistance” from “foreign & US Taxfree-Corporate Crime- Oil-partners- Exxon & Royal-Shell and BP” and declining to reveal where the puppet ‘Trumps -Piracy’  took place. Nou zo’n  straffeloze Mega miljarden roof n.b. on High see  van Trump zien wij De Volkse   Holleeder’s &  Taghi ’s niet nadoen en die zitten n.b. voor levenslang in de cel(Video’s). 

Corporate Crime-Mafia- Colonialism 2.0’: ‘US(&EU)-Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo-Killer-Elite’ assault on TikTok is latest step in building monopoly internet-connected world: ‘Rutte& &Pedo-CO&NPO’: Wij doen ook mee!(VIDEO’s)

The agency hailed what it called the largest-ever US seizure of Iranian fuel in a statement on Friday, revealing  Crazy War Mongul-Washington had nabbed the sanctions-skirting cargo en route to Venezuela with the assistance of unspecified “foreign&US-Taxfree- corporate crime- OIL- partners Exxon and  Royal-Shell from the Dutch ‘Taxfree-VOC-SS-King Willem’ and BP.”

‘Pedo-Rapist-Trump’s’- America First in Homeless & Steeling Gold & TIKTOK&OIL &Red Nek-Killing Police& War Crime: 40 percent of US( and EU) renters face homelessness as (Slum)-landlords Like Jared Kushner& Prince Bernhard(Video’s)

The statement appeared to confirm a Wall Street Journal report, citing anonymous corrupt Elite-Killer- government and shipping sources, that claimed four tankers loaded with Iranian fuel had recently seen their cargo confiscated “with the use of military force.” The vessels were said to be re-routed to Houston, Texas, where they will reportedly be met by corrupt- senior puppet Pirate Trump administration officials.

‘Mad Dog Rapits-Trump’ aka” Blackbeard”  has captured four Iranian cargo vessels on the high seas

‘Crazy War Mongul-Washington’s’ high-seas score stems from a July court complaint demanding the four tankers in question “forfeit all petroleum-product cargo” due to its having been shipped by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to the statement. The US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite with there puppet  Pirate Trump aka “ Blackbeard designated the IRGC a terrorist organization last year at the behest of Israel as it ramped up its “maximum  crimenal pressure let the Iran poele die of hunger” campaign against Tehran.Since pulling out of the JCPOA nuclear deal in 2018, the puppet Pirate& Bank Robber- Trump administration has leveled a bewildering array of sanctions against Iran, flooded the Persian Gulf with US &UK steelt the Oil and kill the Iran-People military assets, and offered millions of dollars in bribes to Iranian ship captains to deliver their oil tankers into the hands of the’ US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’.

Venezuela, too, has been subjected to punishing US let the people die of hunger sanctions as Crazy ‘War Mogul- Washington’ has struggled to install its preferred opposition candidate, ‘CIA puppet Juan Guaido’, in place of the country’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro. After a handful of failed coup attempts left CIA Puppet- Guaido more unpopular than ever among Venezuelans, the  Puppet ‘Mad Dog -Pedo- Rapist-Trump -administration’s’ special envoy to the nation, Psychopath & War Criminal Elliott Abrams aka” The US Eichmann”,(VIDEO’s) was last week promoted by ‘Pirate Trump’ to oversee Iran as well.

Update: Iran was up till now completely silence in this matter. Now Iran has given an official statement that 4 tankers and there oil where not from Iran but from Liberian owners. So the Pirate in Chief Trump thought he was stealing oil from Iran but in fact was stealing oil from the owners of Liberian.

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