(By Caitlin Johnstone and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Complot ? Nee gewoon de walgelijke en schokkende waarheid die u nooit ziet bij de’ Staats-AIVD-NPO’ : Taxfree-Royal Prinsen Edward& Claus&Bernhard – Elite Pedo Rapisten- Bill Clinton & Joe Biden &Trump& Epstein & ‘Vrouwenbeuker& Neuker- Junkie Johnny de Mol Jr’& Top VVD-ers Demmink  & Ed Nijpels, etc.-  System of abuse’(Video’s) : At least 10,000 children sexually molested at hands of French Pedo-Catholic Devil  Church since 1950s — report

War Mongul-Pedo-Joe Biden’ is not stopping war in Yemen by actually continuing to support it?

Schokkend: Zie ook in dit verband Veterans4Veterans SALTOTV (Video’s) en hoe de tijdens dienst voor Volk en Vaderland in het Buitenland ( tegen de Russen, Kuch(Video’s)) de levensgevaarlijk gewonde op een haar na dood en blijvend invalide Mariniers Klaas Jol wordt goedgekeurd door de corrupte en laffe Defensie Kwakzalvers a La de heer Kats en bijna vermoord door een Defensie dr. Mengele kwakzalver in het Defensies -Hospitaal . En tot vandaag de dag een ‘Judas-Mes’ in zijn Rug krijgt van de laffe ‘Taxfree-King VOC-Willem’ en zijn Hofnar- ‘Zorgtoeslag-MaffiaBoss- Rutte’ en zijn Kliek en bestolen van zijn rechtens toekomende 100 % pensioen mede met ‘NSB- hulp’ van de peperdure altijd liegende Landsadvocaat(Video’s) en uiteraard met de Judas-medewerking van de corrupte en laffe ‘Monster- Rechter’ in hoger beroep, ‘Leve ‘Taxfree- Miljardair King Willem’& jongste ‘Zakkenvuller &VIP-Klaploper Prinses Amalia'(Video’s) en zijn ‘Parasieten – Prins Bernhard huisjesmelkers Yap Yum Prinses- Mabel-Familie(Video’s) ‘ en Pas op voor de Russen en Chinezen(kuch, kuch, Videos)’ !

Big Story -State of Fear: The’ US-War Crime & Killer-Elite & CIA- Legacy’ in El Salvador & Guatemala & Venezuela, etc(Video’s)

 Mr-Killer- Monsanto? Biden’s reported pick for Department of Agriculture angers progressives&War Criminal Abrams’ calls to ‘imagine’ Venezuela with billions of ‘Monsanto-dollars’ from the ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ and to became a poisoned ‘Slave- State’(Video’s).

War profiteers: Danish pension funds accused of financing war in Yemen

#Metoo-War Crimnel- Joe Biden’s  new secretary of defense pick may be celebrated by the  ‘dr Goebbels- MSM-CIA-CNN’ and there State Outlets MI6-BBS & the Dutch secret service AIVD-NPO  , but his nomination only serves to underline the grim truth:  “Taxfree-elite- crime-corporations’ are running America’s war-crime- machine, and they’re doing it for profit.

UK govt are ‘Poodles’ for ‘US-Killer-Elite’ & want Assange to die in prison & drs Micha Kat. Rutte& AIVD-Peter R. de Vries: het is Oké en wij doen ook mee(Video’s)

The Western  dr. Goebbels  mass media are reporting that the Biden camp has selected former general  ‘Uncle Tom-Lloyd J. Austin III’ to be the next ‘Killer-Elite-secretary of defense’, assuaging fears among antiwar activists that the position would go to bloodthirsty psychopath Michele Flournoy as commonly predicted.

‘UK-War Crime -Killer-Elite’ £1bn in “aid” to Yemen as it sells Bombs to Saudi is the definition of ‘Milo-blood money’.‘Rutte’: wij doen ook mee en pas op voor China(Video’s) .

CIA-MI6-AIVD-White Helmets‘ Fake founder  CIA& MI6-Le Mesurier is now a dr. Goebbels-mainstream saint, but leaked docs raise questions about his widow’s role

As has become the standard ritual for  #Metoo-War Crimenal-Biden’s cabinet picks, the dr. Goebbels mass media are holding a parade to celebrate the fact that Austin would be the first black Uncle Tom- chief of the ‘US war-crime machine’, while virtually ignoring the murderous agendas he has facilitated throughout his career. As head of Central Command, Austin actively campaigned to resurrect the corrupt Mass Murder- Pentagon’s spectacularly failed program of trying to arm “rebels” in Syria to fight The CIA-AIVD&Mi6- ISIS& Fake White Helmets , and in 2014 he backed immunity for ‘US-Steel the OIL&Gold-Kiler- troops’ from war crimes prosecutions by the government of Afghanistan. He helped spearhead the Iraq Mass Killing-invasion, and he is a elite crime member of the same private equity fund  elite crime group which invests in defense contractors as Flournoy and Biden’s warmongering pick for secretary of state,  psychopath  Tony Blinken.

Iran says some ‘CIA&Mossad-perpetrators’ (Video’s) of nuclear scientist’s assassination have been identified, arrests have already begun

‘War Criminal Uncle- Tom Austin. is also a  corrupt member of the board of  Snake in Suits- directors for the war profiteering elite crime corporation Raytheon, where he went immediately after his military career. Raytheon spends millions of dollars a year actively lobbying the ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer- government’ to advance policies which are beneficial to the multibillion-dollar arms manufacturing giant, which of course means lobbying for military expansionism and interventionism. The previous secretary of defense ‘Kill the Poor and Steel ThOIL&GOLD ‘, ‘Psycho-Killer-Mark Esper’, also worked for Raytheon, spending years as one of the top corporate  crime lobbyists in DC under the position of ‘Vice President for Government Relations.

And you know what? I say why not.
Seriously, why not? Why shouldn’t the head of the US murder machine come from a corporation which has made billions of dollars facilitating war crimes in Yemen? Why shouldn’t the most depraved and bloodthirsty regime on this planet have its depravity and bloodshed advanced by a professional war profiteer? The mass military slaughter of the US_Killer-Elite and its allies  SS-NATO-Slaves has only ever been about power and profit, so why not be honest about it? 

Hell, why stop there? Why not make  Psycho Raytheon itself the secretary of defense? Didn’t the ‘Devil-Supreme –Elite-Court’ rule that  ‘Taxfree-elite crime-corporations’ are people- Devils anyway? Make Raytheon the secretary of defense, make Boeing secretary of state, make ‘ Elite –Gangsters-Goldman Sachs’ the secretary treasurer, make ExxonMobil crime group the head of the EPA, make Amazon crime group the CIA director, and Google the director of national intelligence. Then you’d have a completely honest face on the head of the  ‘Devil-US-Elite- empire’ .America is not ‘back’ with #Metoo-War Criminal- Biden.

It ’ll just wear the mask of respectability as it continues War& ‘Fascist-Gladio- Prins Bernhard’ & ’Boy Baudet’ Exit.

It’s absolutely insane that our world is being dominated by war profiteers who actively push for Imore violence and bloodshed because they make money selling the weapons used to perpetrate it. It’s no less evil than if plutocrats were cruising the world murdering people and selling their skins for money; the same number of people would be killed for the same profit incentive, yet people who would recoil in horror at that idea pay no mind to the fact that functionally the same thing is happening with corporate powers like Raytheon.

The only difference between the US war machine and a band of armed crooks murdering people for money is that the US war machine does it at a far greater scale. As long as that’s going on there’s no reason to pretend otherwise. Hopefully people start looking past the smiley-faced mask of the empire and begin opening their eyes to the blood-spattered face beneath it.

 ( Caitlin Johnstone is an independent journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her website is here and you can follow her on Twitter @caitoz)


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