(Ex CIA Directeur- Psycho- Pompeo ‘:” handen af van onze journalisten in Hong Kong”. ‘NPO& CCN&BBC CIA- agenten-journalisten’ vermomt door de straten van Hong Kong.)

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 AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Grayzone: ‘U.S-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer- Elite’ and there ‘Canadian puppet -Trudeaux’ ‘Genocide Fake News’ accusation relies on Fake data by ‘Neo-Nazi- right extremist’ payed by the CIA.
Wat u nooit  ziet bij de ‘dr. Goebbels- Staat-AIVD-NPO’ en /of leest in de corrupte en laffe  ‘Gevestigde – Orde-NSB- Kranten’ met hun “Talking Heads”:
Deja Vu: Corona-Aasgier Trump’ dreigt relatie met China helemaal te verbreken als ze geen Opium gaan kopen van hem. Rutte: “wij doen ook weer mee”!(Video’s) 
Doodgezwegen bij Staats-AIVD-NOS &NSB-Telegraaf: China marks Nanking Massacre’s 80th anniversary.

Remembrance ceremony held for Nanjing Massacre victims(Video’s)

Today marks China’s seventh national memorial day for more than 300,000 victims of the Nanjing Massacre, which took place as the invading Japanese troops captured the city of Nanjing 83 years ago.

Nanjing residents hold activities to commemorate 1937 massacre victims :Rutte en zijn Outlet de Staats-AIVD-NPO; Pas op voor de Chinezen en de Russen.

A commemorative ceremony is being held at a memorial hall in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu Province.China’s national flag flew at half-mast to mourn the Nanjing Massacre victims as sirens blared in the city. On the streets, drivers parked their cars and honked while the pedestrians stood still. A one-minute silence was observed.In his speech, Chen regarded Nanjing Massacre as a painful memory that should not be forgotten or tampered.Noting the massacre as one of the most barbaric episodes of World War II, Chen said the victory in the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression is the victory of justice and peace.The victory belongs to all the Chinese people, said Chen, urging the younger generation to remember history, take inspiration from it and strive forward on the path of peace and development.Chen also thanked many international friends for sheltering and helping the Chinese during the massacre. Hailing the lasting friendships, he said the friendly relations have been carried on till today.

Ex CIA director ‘Psych Pompeo’ warns Emperor Jinping over interference with ‘US-CIA& Dutch-AIVD- journalists’ in Hong Kong& ‘The Donald’s Opium –China-Trade’(Video’s).


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