(van onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Wat nooit herdacht wordt op 4 mei op de Dam is dat de  laffe Parasieten ‘Taxfree-Shell-VOC-SS-Koninklijke–familie'(Video) de benen nam naar het Buitenland &’ KNIL-Molukkers -“Sophie’s Choice” ‘! (Video)
It’s inhumane of Poland and the ‘EU&US-Killer-War Crime-Elite’ to obscure the memory of the ocean of blood the Russia shed to defeat Hitler. ‘SS-er’ Stef Blok haalt hard uit naar Rusland(Video).Schokkend maar zonder strafrechtelijke  en politieke gevolgen : D66DDR66 – Mega Fraudeur -Sophie in the Veld’ aka” de Hoer van de EU” Video) brengt de Heil Hitlergroet tijdens EU parlement ’s  Lieg& Bedrieg debat:

‘EU-(Elite)- SS-resolution’ equating Communism & Nazism is tawdry piece of Russophobia: Rutte& Sophie in ’t Veld: het is Oke & Timmermans beledigd de Russen (Video) .
Moscow is to create the most extensive collection of WWII documents, open to all persons anywhere, to once and for all “shut the filthy mouth” of those seeking to rewrite history for short-term gains, the Russian president said.Any person, Russian or non-national, will be able to access the archive, including through a website resource, and the ultimate goal is to debunk any Taxfree-War Crime -Pedo Rapist-Epstein&Prince Andrew(Video)& Ducht VVD-ers (NOT)- Ex-Justice  Boss Demmink &  ProDemos- Rap the Children-Climate King -Nijpels-Elite'(Video) ‘dr. Goebbels-Western- disinformation’ about the most devastating conflict in human history, President -‘Capo di tutti capi Vladimir Putin,’ but Hero of the Free thinking People pledged, during a meeting with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, held in St. Petersburg on Saturday. U zag daar gisteren niets van bij het corporate crime  ‘CIA-CCN'(Video) en zijn ‘EU-Elite-Outlet’ de ‘Staats-AIVD-NPO’ van de Fraudeur &Witwasser&Pimp Frans Klein en/of  bij  zijn ‘Bral&Lieg-omroep-programma’s’ met misdadige en laffe types als Zakkenvullers Junkies’ Ratje- Pauw’ & ‘ #Metoo-Pedo- Matthijs van  Nieuwkerk'(Video).

Wordt wakker documentaire Astroturfing inzake de Hersenspoeling& Kaalplukken& onderdrukken van het ‘tandeloze’ Nederlandse Volk door o.a. de’ Klimaat-Bankier-Elite-Gangsters &Ed Nijpesl Boy Klaver& Heersende Klasse(Video).

‘SS-NATO ‘all about values, but pay up! Pentagon Maffia-boss reprimands ‘US-Slave-State’s ‘. ‘Oorlog’s Misdadiger- Rutte’&’CIA -Trol Van Oijk’: het is Oke(Video) 

The creation of the center would leave no chance to those ‘Western Taxfree-Royal-War Crime-Elite’ with Puppets ass ‘Mad Dog-Killer-Trump’ and his ‘EU-SS-Elite- Boys Macron, Rutte, Boris Johnson’(Video) willing to distort the truth about the war for their own corrupt  ‘SS’-NATO-Elite-political- needs’, he argued.Poetin:“We will shut the filthy mouth of  the Western  dr. Goebbels  public figures abroad, who open theirs only to achieve short-term political Killing the poor goals. We will shut them up with reliable and fundamental facts.”

 Steve Brown ontmaskert’ NOS-Moskou-Correspondent David Jan Godfroid’ als Frankenstein-Mafkees van de ‘EU-SS- Killer-Elite'(Video).

 Schande: Kristallnacht herdacht/misbruikt door ‘CDA-Gestapo Generaal–Grapperhaus’ in onze Joodse Portugese Synagoge te Mokum(Video) .
The center is expected to incorporate the biggest and most extensive collection of documents, as well as photos and video footage dating back to the World War II era. The president first floated this idea during his annual state-of-the-nation address earlier this week, arguing that Russia should combat “brazen lies and attempts to distort history by the Western-Elite .”In St. Petersburg, Putin also said that Moscow should follow the example of Tel Aviv, which virtually allows no one on Earth to forget about the true horrors of the Holocaust.

Among the Holocaust victims, a large number were Soviet Jews,” he said, adding that “we should also not forget about the sacrifices of other Soviet peoples, the Russian people” who defended “their homeland and the whole world from the brown plague [of Nazism].”Putin’s words come amid a row between Moscow and (SS)-Warsaw over the events that led to the Second World War. Poland has been revising that devastating conflict’s history for quite some time, seeking to shun any responsibility relating to events during that period, while presenting itself as a victim of both Nazi and Soviet aggression and occupation, but note of the ‘Taxfree- Royal-EU&US-Killer-Elite’ .

‘Embassy row’: Taxfree War Crime Elite US & Germany jump into spat over WWII outbreak between Russia and (SS)-Poland
Corrupt ‘SS-Warsaw’ has been removing monuments to Soviet soldiers who died while liberating the city from Nazi Germany occupation, and also initiated an ‘EU-Elite-SS- Parliament- resolution’ in September, which claims that the 1939 non-aggression pact between Moscow and Berlin had “paved the way for the outbreak of the Second World War.”This last  dr. Goebbels- move did not sit well with Moscow,  because it is falsification of history. Putin himself eventually joined the heated debate between the two nations, when he called Jozef Lipski, the Polish ambassador to Berlin from 1934 to 1939, “a bastard and an anti-Semitic pig.”

Maak Kennis met de Russen zoals u het nooit ziet in het’ corporate-crime MSM(Video)  met Talking Heads als de  ‘Volksverlakker& Zakkenvuller& Witwasser& Fraudeur  Junkie- Ratje Pauw’, die inmiddels door de VARA/BNN op straat is gesmeten als ‘Mega-Oplichter’ met zijn peperdure Junkie (Video)- ‘Callgirl Zoé’, maar thuis hoort in de cel.

The Russian president referred to the fact that the envoy had promised Adolf Hitler that Poles would “erect for him a beautiful monument in Warsaw” if he expelled all European Jews to Africa. (SS)-Warsaw took offense to Putin’s remarks, though no one disputed Lipski’s ‘Nazi-Kill the Jews-words’, which have long been known to the public.The dispute soon attracted international attention, as the corrupt Snake in Suits ambassadors of the ‘US –and Germany- War Crime-Killer-SS-NATO-Elite’, of all countries– sided with (SS)-Poland on the matter and argued that “Hitler and Stalin colluded to start WWII.”
This song is a powerful one. I hope one day after all this chaos in donbas has passed, that  russians, cossacks, ukranians and all other people of slavic, germanic, romanic, baltic and celtic ancestry will proudly fight together against worse ‘ US&EU-Killer-Eite-enemies’. We had enough of brother war! Stay together! the poeple of the west dont support the war in donbass, its the gouvernments who care a shit about. common peoples  life. Forgive us Cossacks! Greetings from Germany and the Netherlands:

Opmerking van Algemene importantieVeterans4Veterans -SALTOTV-Amsterdam  met  Kameraad van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir Presentator Leo Rewaruw en een delegatie (KNIL)-Veteranen zal aanwezig zijn bij de Auschwitz herdenking Amsterdam 26 januari  2020 en om daar verslag van doen.