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AMSTERDAM-NOIR–  ‘Allround BN-Hoer Beau van Erven Dorens’ koopt daklozen om en Telegraaf zet hem neer als Florence Nightingale(Video).
De corrupte Europese Unie ( lees:Taxfree-War Crime- Pedo- Rapist Prince Edward- Killer-Elite(Video)) biedt het noodlijdende en extreem corrupte ‘Nazi- Elite-Maffioso-Oekraïne’ ruim 11 miljard euro financiële hulp voor de komende ‘Elite-Graai & Naai- jaren’, terwijl in Nederland 40 duizend mensen op straat liggen te creperen en hebben duizenden meisje en vrouwen geen geld  voor  maanverband en moeten tegen de 3 miljoen mensen jaar in jaar uit overleven op het randtje van financieel  omvallen. Maar goed het moge u duidelijk zijn voor het regiem ‘Taxfree-Shell-RutteCO’& ‘Yes we can- Boy Klaver’ en zijn Master ‘GroenLinksRechts -CIA Trol- Bram van Oijk’ zijn de ‘Oekraïense-Elite-CIA-Nazi’s’ belangrijker dan het kaal geplukte Nederlandse Volk door psychopathische types als de D66 ‘DDR66-staatsecretaris ‘Menno- Snel-Moordenaar'(Video).

Praise a Nazi: Ukraine President  CIA Puppet Zelensky’s adulation of footballer Nazi- Zozulya is backwards step in fight against fascism.

How times have changed from when people would pontificate over the ethics of ‘punch a Nazi’ practices. Now Ukraine president ‘CIA Puppet -Volodymyr Zelensky’ wants to “shake the hand” of far-right Nazi  linked “patriot” footballer Roman Zozulya.It seems hostilities towards an  ‘Mass Killing anti –antisemitic& LGBT  community&Blacks  -deology that shunted the world backwards by decades, adopted to ensure a repeat will never occur, have not only thawed but melted into warm, fuzzy greetings.

Corporate crime- Media- CCN’ PANICS as Senate Launches Investigation Against ‘Maffioso- CIA Prosjenko’ & ‘Maffia -Joe Biden family’& Obama Officials(Video).

‘CIA Puppet & NeoNazi-Zelensky’ hailed Ukraine international footballer ‘Nazi- Zozulya’ “a patriot” after Spanish fans showered the Albacete midfielder with chants of “You f*cking Nazi!” during a Segunda Division match away to Rayo Vallecano at the weekend, which forced its abandonment.

You f*cking Nazi!’: Fan chants at Ukrainian footballer Zozulya cause match to be abandoned in Spain.
After the unsavory event, CIA Puppet Zelensky took to dr. Goebbels Facebook to voice his support of the 33-times Ukraine-capped Nazi-Zozulya.
“Not only does your team support you, but the whole of Nazi- Ukraine!” the message of support read. “You are not only a great footballer, you are a true Nazi-patriot who loves his country and helps our military. We are with you! I shake your hand.”
 CIA sent its ‘Ukrainian- Neo -Nazi’ to Hong Kong. Rutte&Boy Klaver& ‘Mh17-Leugenaar-Timmermans’: het is Oke!(Video)

‘Callgirl-Mother’ of Hunter Biden’s Baby Demands He Admit How Much He Was Bribed by Burisma.‘GroenLinksRechts-Barones Isabelle Diks’:“ik wil ook een baby van Hunter”(Video)

Fierce clashes in Barcelona Between pro-independence demonstrators & Franco-police & Gele Hesjes& Nederlandse Boeren(Video).

With such warm words from ‘CIA Puppet- Zelensky’ on his verified  ‘dr. Goebbels-Facebook ‘page to his 1 million plus ‘Nazi-followers& CIA-Robots-Trolls’ in response one might wonder why ‘Nazi-Zozulya’ evoked such impassioned profanity from the Spanish fans.That’s because Zozulya has done things that make him very much like a Nazi. ‘Nazi-Zozulya’ is a figure reviled in football quarters, particularly in Spain, which suffered its own long brutal brush with fascism under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco in the middle part of the last century.Rayo Vallecano hail from the Vallekas commune of Madrid, where Franco’s reign began when the capital fell to Nazi-backed Francoist forces after a bloody two-and-a-half year siege.

Steve Brown: naam Ongehoord gejat door ‘dr. Goebbels-Holocaust-ontkenner & Pedo-Propaganda-Ongehoord’ van ‘Führer & Dief Haye van der Heyden’(Video).

In 2017, when Nazi-Zozulya arrived in that same city to join Rayo on loan from La Liga’s Real Betis, Rayo’s ultras naturally took issue to his alleged links to neo-Nazi groups.Rayo fans confronted the player with a “Vallekas is not the place for Nazis” banner and Twitter storm was sparked, giving rise to #ZozulyaNotWelcome and #ZozulyaPutoNazi (Zozulya f*cking Nazi) hashtags.Nazi-Zozulya’s posted provocative posts including photographs emphasizing his likeness to an image of Stepan Bandera, the leader of Ukrainian nationalist groups that cooperated with Nazi Germany during World War II. Rayo ultra group Plataforma ADRV issued a statement that Zozulya “donated money to fascist battalions” and “displayed far-right symbols”.The result? Banished from Rayo but unable to return to Betis, Zozulya was left in limbo, but signed for Albacete the following summer with whom he returned to Rayo on Sunday.

‘CIA-Ukraine-Maffia’ ‘Donated’ the Most stolen Cash of Any Country to the ‘Pedo-Clinton – Money laundering – Foundation. PvdA Dijkstra trots : Wij hebben ook gestort(Video).
Pictures have also surfaced of Zozulya allegedly pointing towards a scoreboards  showing a 14-88 score.It is believed this is a reference to the white supremacist slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”, and the 8th letter of the alphabet, which stands for ‘Heil Hitler’.The two clubs on Sunday, together with La Liga, were unanimous in their support of the decision to call a halt to the game in light of the chants, which makes it all the more odd Zelensky would want to commend Zozulya.The courts of football fan culture has never been ruled by the law of cancel culture, and rarely passes sentence without being convinced beyond reasonable doubt of the crime.Rayo fans were judge, jury and executioner, and allegedly moved Nazi Zozulya to tears in the dressing room at halftime, after which his Albacete teammates refused to appear for the second 45.It wasn’t a punch, but it was a huge blow to Nazi-Zozulya. But the fist from Rayo that crashed down against a fascist narrative will be countered by Nazi-Zelensky’s open palm, a proverbial slap in the face for anyone fighting to rid the sport of its Nazi- ideology.

Tot Slot: Steve Brown van het Vrije Geluid  wordt aangevallen op de Dam door de laffe en corrupte ‘NSB-Politie Bodyguards’(Video)van de ‘VVD Minister-Oorlog ‘s misdadiger – Yab Yum-Hennis’(Video) en een dronken vol gevreten laffe  ‘CIA-GroenLinksRechts- Trol van ‘Yes we can Boy Klaver’ (Video) op de Dam, omdat Brown het ‘dr. Goebbels-offensief’van de ‘Gevestigde Orde -NSB-partijtjes CDA, D66, PvdA,VVD en CU’ om de Oekraïense ‘CIA-Nazi’s’ van ‘Elite-Maffioso- Porosjenko’ de EU in te lozen  tegen de Wil van het Nederlandse Volk aan de kaak stelt: