( By our corrupt Internationale ‘Taxfree-US&EU – War Crime-Killer-Elite’ redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Wat u nooit ziet bij de ‘Staat-AIVD-NPO’(Video)  en/of leest in de corrupte ‘Gevestigde Orde -Fake News -kranten’. Die hebben het te ‘druk’ om Willem Holleeder, de Mocro Maffia, de Chinezen, Iran, Cuba ,Venezuela  en de Russen en Steve Brown neer te zetten als het grote gevaar voor het Nederlandse Volk en Junkie – Politie&AIVD-informant- Peter R. de Vries&BN-hoertjes& Co(Video) als de grote Held, maar  dat leest u hierna: De Oekraïense Taxfree-Elite-Killer- Maffia heeft tot nu toe tientallen zo niet honderden  miljarden steun ontvangen van de  corrupt en laffe ‘EU& NL-Killer-Elite’. Dan is het toch op zijn zacht gezegd ronduit misdadig dat de ‘Oekraïense -Elite-Killer-Maffia’  vervolgens de Clinton’s miljoenen ‘doneren’.  Nu horen wij  de Tweede Kamer ‘GroenLinksRechts & D66 DDR66 CIA -Trollen- bende’ van Bram van Oijk en Sjoersdma niet!

The Snake in Suits Hunter Biden& the Ducht Pechthold(Video )are a reminder: The US&EU& Ducht-Elite- Democrats are corrupt  as Hell too

A shocking new report reveals that  the ‘CIA -Ukraine Maffia’ and there Godfather Porosjenko – ‘donated’  (extortion) more ‘Tax-money’ stolen from there own People to the ‘Taxfree-Elite Pedo-Clinton -Maffia-Money laundering- Foundation’ than any other county on Earth.Yes, the nation in the white-hot political spotlight right now forked over more ‘donations’(extortion) to the  corrupt ‘Taxfree-Eliet Snake in Suits-Democratic’ entity than any other ‘US-Killer-Pedo Rapits Epstein- War Crime-Killer-Elite’  ‘Slave- county’ on Earth.

Killer-Elite EU-Democratie’ in Beeld: Rutte& ‘EU-Zakkenvuller -‘D66 Sophie in ’t Veld’: Sla die Catalaanse labbekakken& Referendum verrot(Video).

Hillary Clinton Sought Russian Officials and PvdA  Mis “Cow”-Sharon Dijkstra For Pay-To-Play Scheme(Video).

Self-proclaimed ‘feminists’ Like the Queen of Holland Maxima & Mayer of Amsterdam Halsema& EU-Sophie in ‘t Veld who championed ‘Hillary for President attacking Tulsi(video)

You’re thinking: Come on, Saudi Arabia-Killer-Pedo Rapist-Elite and there groupe  the ‘Taxfree-Queen of Holland’  ‘Elite-Poeta Maxima had to have ‘donated’ (Extortion) more? Wrong.The  ‘War Crime- Pedo Killer-Elite-Saudis’ ‘donated’ $7.3 million to the ‘Taxfree-Elite- Maffia Family- Pedo- Rapits- Clinton -Money laundering-crime group-Foundation’.England? What about the ‘UK- Taxfree War Crime- Rapist Pedo- Prince Edward-Killer-Elite’ — it had to have ‘donated’(Extortion) more, right? England ‘donated’(Extortion) $8.4 million.The Netherlands & The ‘Dutch Royale-Tax-free- War Crime- Pedo Rapist -Demmink& Nijples Killer-Elite’ ‘donated’ with the corrupt PvdA Minister “Miss Cow”- Dijkstra 5 million .The ‘CIA-Ukraine-Elite-Maffia’  beat out  oll  of those corrupt countries — and everyone else — by ‘donating’ a whopping $10 million to the Clinton Foundation crime group.

See this chart for yourself, published in The Wall Street Journal, about contributions made between 1999 and 2014:

Poroshenko ‘Blood-income’ jumped 10,000% thanks to Rothschild.Waar zijn de ‘NL- Pro Poroshenko- Gevestigde Orde’ partijtjes nu(Video).

Two of the Clinton Foundation’s shady international partners have been arrested for fraud.Wanneer wordt PvdA”Miss Cow”- Dijkstra & haar haar voormalige ‘Elite-Maffia -VVD- Boss Rutte’ gearresteerd.  

And experts and law enforcement officials in the United States say this spells potential big trouble for Elite-Gangsters-Bill & Hillary Clinton and their own shady ‘charity’ known as the Clinton Foundation. Authorities in India have arrested businessmen Elite-Gangsters  brothers Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh in an alleged fraud case — one of many linked to this duo. Ukraine became a vast pool of U.S.&EU taxpayer-funded ‘aid’ that poured into that long-corrupt nation and then saw piles of kickbacks returned to powerful and politically connected recipients,” according to a report in DC Clothesline.“The far-Left dr Goebbbesl (State) media BBC and NPO and de CNN the CIA outlet is still trying to ignore how many times  ‘Elite -Gangster Joe Biden& Maffia Family’ grabbed some of that Ukraine stash for his  ‘Snake in Suits-family’ but chances are it wasn’t anywhere near what the ‘Elite- Maffia Pedo- Clintons’ did — and all with the blessing of “Uncle Tom”-President  Puppet [Barack] Obama,” the same outlet also claims.

Creepy Elite Pedo-Rapist- dresscode’: ‘Pedo Bill Clinton’& ‘VVD- Massa-Moordenaar CEO-Shell- Gerrit Zalm’ dragen zelfde blauwe Drag Queen Jurk(Video)

Mad Dog Trump’ heeft gelijk in de “Deep State”- Joe Biden- Maffiafamilie zaak(video).



Washington Post&State NPO&BBC shows how to ‘lose the information war’ by peddling DISinformation on Ukraine& Politie&GroenLinksRechts dronken Bolle& Domme- Provocateur valt Steve Brown aan( hilarische beelden, Video).

The  quotes from an earlier report in The Wall Street Journal from 2015 about funding: “Between 2009 and 2013, including when Mrs. Gotmohter  Clinton was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation crime group received at least $8.6 million from the  ;Maffia-Elite Gangsters- Victor Pinchuk Foundation crime group’, according to that foundation, which is based in Kiev, Ukraine. It was created by  ‘Elite-Gangster-Mr. Pinchuk’, whose fortune stems from a pipe-making company( Shure). He served two terms as an elected extremy corrupt member of the  extremily corrupted Ukrainian Parliament and is a proponent of closer ties between Ukraine and the European Elite Snake in Suits-Union.”

Mark Levin Exposes ‘Shady Stock Elite-Maffia-Deals’ by Wealthy Snake in Suit Nancy Pelosi.

The Elite-Maffiaoutlet then went on to “connect the dots that bind  the Elite-Gangster Mr. Pinchuk and the “ Uncle Tom”-Obama corrupt White House” by quoting from another piece, this one an opinion piece by Andrew McCarthy in Fox News from a little over a week ago: “It is in connection with Paul Manafort that we encounter some genuine collusion targeting the 2016 dr Goebbels- campaign: willful collaboration among foreign corrupt  governments, the  Uncle Tom”-Obama administration, and the Pedo Rapist- Clinton  dr Goebbels-campaign.”“ The corrupte Sanke in Suit Manafort had brought influential extremily corrupt  Democrats into his Ukrainian-Elite-Maffia Pedo-work, such as former “Uncle Tom”- Obama White House Counsel Snake in Suit Greg Craig and the consulting firm started by Obama and Clinton adviser  the Snake in Suit John Podesta — a Elite-Maffia- firm that is still run by Podesta’s corrupt brother.”

Stem van de Straat: Armoede is geen Natuurverschijnsel en Steve Brown Premier van NL. afl 5, 2019(Video)


Stem van de Straat  en Steve Brown  Stands with  Tulsi Gabberd: Steun onze Held Tulsi Gabberd : Power to the People& Aloha met Gabberd als President(Video)