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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- NO Lockdown voor ‘EU&US-Corona- Elite-Aasgieren’:Johnson – Covid-19 -consultants’ are paid up to £7,360 a day: Rutte: Pas op voor de ‘MH17-Russen’(kuch)(Video’s) 

Made in USA -Hate Jesus – Taxfree- TRUMP’(Video’s) :” I may leave The U.S, IF I LOSE the Freak-Election Just like the ‘Royal -Taxfree- Dutch Family’ did with stolen Gold van de Dutch Bank in the second World War”, see :

 ‘Psycho Boris Johnson’ steels public money for bizarre seks with Callgirl. It doesn’t matter, as his ‘Dutch King Willem& King Carlos& Prins Bernhard -kind’ always get away with it & Dead to China! (Video’s).

The  corrupt UK Prime Minister  Puppet  from the ‘Taxfree- Royal Pedo-Rapist Prince Endrew & Sir Jimmy Saville-Killer-Elite’ psychophate Boris Johnson aka” Trump’s Poodle “ is considering leaving his  steel the poor People blind post next spring because he struggles to live on a salary of £150,402 a yea , according to British media while milljon of people are going hungry.

Johnson plans to leave  the corrupt office as soon as he gets Brexit done and navigates the nation through the worst period of the ‘ Der Endlösung the poor People- Covid-19 pandemic’, the Daily Mirror reported, adding that the corrupt  prime minister apparently believes he can pull that off in some six months.

Neuroloog waarschuwt tegen mondkapjes: ‘Brein raakt blijvend beschadigd’. King Willem&Hofnar-Rutte&Co: Dat is nu juist wat we willen voor het Volk(Video’s) 

Tory ( de Engelse VVD-Gangsters) saying disabled people should be PAID LESS than ‘hunger –minimum- wage’. Rutte & Jort Kelder: wij en onze ‘D66- Menno-Snel- Geen-Zorg-Toeslag-Moordenaar’zijn het daar mee eens(Video’s).  

The reason for such an early departure? According to some unnamed Tory MPs that talked to the Mirror, it is all because the prime minister finds his salary underwhelming, even in comparison to his previous ‘Snake in Suits- occupation’.The sources told the newspaper Johnson privately complained about being unable to live on £150,402 ($194,244) a year.  The Dutch Taxfree- King Willem ( 22.692,31 euro a day) and his Wife ‘Queen Exotica Maxima’ ( 1.450,00 euro a day)and his doughter Princes Amalia( 4000, -euro a day)  ( see : VIP-Uitkeringen Royals ) sad they understand Jonson because they could not live of  £150,402 year  a person and would Leave the Nederland’s if thee had to do that:” Hofnar- Rutte’ wist van Griekse ‘Corona-vakantie’ ‘Taxfree-Koning & Parasieten familie & Speedboot’(Video’s) .

The article also suggests that he simply cannot get past the idea that his predecessor, Theresa May, who also resigned early after her own Brexit deal was rejected by parliament, has since earned £1 million on lecture circuits. Boris reportedly believes he could earn at least twice as much by doing the same.In fact, he did earn £160,000 from holding just two speeches in one month shortly before he became prime minister. That is not to mention that Boris also enjoyed a steady income of £23,000 per month as a Daily Telegraph  dr. Goebbels -columnist, which translates into £275,000 a year.

Back in 2019, when Johnson was about to take the position of prime minister, the Sunday Times reported that his income would fall from a total of £829,000 – which he had earned over the past year by combining his salaries as an corrupt MP and a dr. Goebbels- columnist with earnings from public speeches and book royalties – to the standard prime minister’s salary of £150,402 a year, which he earns now.

Elite Plunder is a Way of Life: Trump & ‘ GroenLinks Rechts- Keizerin Halsema ‘van Amsterdam  are The King of Debt (Video’s).

Many of Johnson’s children, including his six-month-old son Wilfred, still need financial support, one of the MPs who talked to the Mirror noted, adding that he also has to pay his ex-wife Elite Callgirl  Marina Wheeler a significant part of his income as part of their divorce deal. Even though Johnson himself allegedly does not consider his position rewarding enough, there is still apparently no shortage of those willing to take his place. According to the Mirror, the list of potential corrupt candidates for the job includes the psychopates  Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, Cabinet Office head Michael Gove, as well as former  NO Health for the poor People  Secretary Jeremy Hunt and ex-Defence Minister  and War Crimenal Penny Mordaunt.


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