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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Mass Killing-Bolivian -CIA-coup’ government’ prosecute Morales for TERRORISM. EU& Zakkenvullers Timmermans& Sophie in’t Veld:wij staan achter de Coup& Moorden (Video’s).

Wat u niet ziet bij de’ dr. Goebbels-  Staats-AIVD-NPO’ en/of leest in de  corrupte en laffe Gevestigde Orde Kranten met hun Talking heads:  President Morales:’Monarchie is belediging voor de mensheid’ . ‘Corona -Vrij Gratis-VIP- reizen’& Super- zakkenvuller -Dutch ‘Taxfree-King Willem’ beledigd(Video’s) .

Former President Evo Morales has announced his intention to return to Bolivia after his socialist ally Luis Arce secured a decisive victory against the CIA in the country’s presidential election. Resignation’ of Bolivia’s Morales was no Victory for democracy, but again ‘US-Killer-Elite -CIA-sponsored –Steel the OIL-coup’.‘VVD Pedo-Bos-Rutte’ en zijn Boy- Klaver: Het is Oké (Video’s). 

Speaking during a press conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Monday, Morales said he would be glad to return to his home country no the CIA-Puppets from Mass Murder and Drugs dealing Fat-man – Psycho-Pompeo and  “Commander-Puppet in Chief-Thief – Hate Jesus -Trump “ &Metoo Biden. (Video’s) and there EU-Slave States.

“Sooner or later we are going to return to Bolivia, that is not in debate,” Morales said, without giving any timeframe for his potential return.

“My great desire is to return to Bolivia and enter my region. It is a matter of time.”
He announcement follows Sunday’s presidential election in Bolivia. While final results are not available yet, the unofficial rapid count indicated that the Movement for Socialism (MAS) candidate, Luis Arce, received some 52 percent of votes. His closest competitor, the candidate from the corrupt centrist Comunidad Ciudadana coalition  CIA Puppet Carlos Mesa, received only 31 percent of votes.

Boliviaanse zelf verklaarde interim CIA-president-puppet ex Callgirl Áñez trekt zich terug uit verkiezingen. ‘VVD-Pedo-Boss-Rutte'(Video’s)& ‘Mega Dief-Sophie in ’t Veld’ : Jammer was een Top Kandidaat(Video’s)

 (Zie hiervoor hoe de ‘D66 DDR-66-PlO- Minister Kaag-al-Quq’ (Video’s)  ‘EU- Mega-Fraudeur -Sophie in het Veld’(Video’s) de Hitler  groet brengt  tijdens het stemmen( 2.12) voor de CIA Coup in Venezuela)  

Russia warns of after harassment by US border-security RT journalist & Junkie-Patric van der Eem van ‘AIVD-Pedo-Rapist- Peter R. de Vries.

The difference indicates Arce has secured the presidential post without the need for a second round of elections, as he has received more than 40 percent of votes while beating the runner-up CIA Puppet by over 10 percent.  CIA Puppet Mesa has already accepted his defeat, saying that he and his  corrupt coalition“believe in Kill the poor People   and steel the Minerals for the ‘US& EU-Taxfree-Killer-Elite-democracy’.”Bolivia has endured over a year of political  CIA-turmoil after the previous presidential election was marred by Fake allegations of being grossly falsified. The Fake- by the CIA & Corporate Crime ‘CIA-CNN’ & ‘Red Neck Fake News- FOX’ and there EU State Outlets Dutch secret service  AIVD-NPO & MI6-BBC created scandal led to the downfall of Morales, who was forced to resign amid mass protests and pressure from the corrupt Mass Killing Bolivian military’s top brass.As the socialists were ‘CIA-Coup-ousted’, corrupt ‘right-wing- CIA Puppets- politicians’ came into Steel the Minerals for the US&EU-Killer-Elite-power in the country. This, however, did little to ease tensions in the country, and mass protests and CIA Killing – now led by the supporters of Morales – have continued to rock Bolivia.


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