( van onze wordt Wakker redactie)
AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Spaanse koning (Pedo)-Juan Carlos liet tonnen zwarte cash invliegen vanuit Zwitserland net als (Pedo)- Prins Bernhard. AIVD wist van niks(Kuch).(Video’s)
Nadat ‘Taxfree-King Willem’ betrapt was op 4.7 miljoen stelen middels ‘Kroon Domein-Het Loo’ is hij weer betrapt op diefstal van het Volk met Huis ten Den Bosch, maar zijn soort komt er altijd meer weg, laat staan dat ze vervolgd worden door het corrupte en laffe  Justitie (Video’s)‘.
Wat u niet ziet bij de BBC, CNN en NPO: ‘Sugar Daddy Boris Johnson’ had an bizarre sex relationship with’ ‘Callgirl-Drag Queen Jennifer Arcuri’, while Arcuri received over £100,000 in public money. It’s morally, if not legally, corrupts, but Teflon Boris will get off again. In the UK just like in the Netherlands they only prosecute poor people and the Hero of the Free Press Assange.++
Here is the news. The ‘Taxfree-War- Crime & Steel the Oil & Gold – Pedo-Rapist Prince Edward-Killer-ElitePrime Minister  puppet Boris Johnson will not face a criminal investigation into his ‘Pay as you go come sex -relationship’ with American entrepreneur ‘Callgirl-Drag Queen Jennifer Arcuri’ while he was corrupt psychopath Mayor of London. The CIA instead is blackmailing Johnson wit his pervert secret seks life: Boris Johnson to cut Huawei from UK’s 5G network by 2023  as own corrupt party rebels & US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite & CIA and there ‘dr. Goebbels- Media Outlets’ ‘CIA-CNN’&’ Red Neck FOX’ & ‘Dutch AIVD-NPO ‘(Video’s) steps up anti-Beijing pressure.

Schandalig: ‘Corona-Aasgier-Koning Willem-Alexander’ kocht tijdens Coronacrisis ‘Super-Patser- Speedboot’ van 4 miljoen euro(Video’s). Hofnar-Rutte& Staats-AIVD- Oranje-Boven-NPO: Het is Oké .

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said on Thursday that it would not be looking into criminal claims against the corrupt Pervert PM ‘Dog Borris’ of criminal misconduct in public office – claims which the always lying Johnson denies.
The US-Taxfree-War Crime & Steel the Oil & Gold Killer-Elite with there puppet ‘Hamburger King& Desk Killer’ is treating China like it’s Nazi Germany. This slide towards a 3rd world war.

‘GroenLinksRechts – Barones Diks‘ heeft net als ‘VVD–Fraudeur-Dijkhoff’ nog geen cent van het straffeloos gejatte ‘Wacht & Reis-geld’ terugbetaald(VIDEO’s) en hun ‘Elite- soort’ komt daar altijd mee weg, laat staat dat ze vervolgd worden door het corrupte ‘Pedo-Rapist- Leeders&Demmink-OM’(Video”s).

A blind man with his head up his own arse could have seen that coming. Senior politicians rarely end up in the dock, while a sitting Prime Minister Puppet is never going to be left sweating in the cells before getting torn apart by a maverick detective with a broken marriage and drinking problem who, by bending the rules, always gets results. I digress.
This non-stick quality is especially applicable to an Old Etonian PM for whom the corrupt ‘Pedo-Rapist- establishment’s’ wheels are uniquely greased and unlikely to be derailed. While the Greater London Authority will be reopening its own inquiry, it can’t “convict” Johnson of anything, so there’s only one court left where he can be tried: The Court of Public Opinion. Usually, a ‘CIA-CNN’ and/or Dutch ‘AIVD-NPO’ an/or ‘BBC-MI-6- Assange-kangaroo court’ (VIDEO’s), but this time a place where I really hope Johnson goes down, so to speak, for his abuse of power, trust and ourmoney. So pass me my wig – I need to prosecute.

Let’s begin with a few facts.
Fact one: ‘Sugar Daddy Johnson’ and’Callgirl-Drag Queen Jennifer Arcuri’, both married to other people at the time, were “at it.” I have a source who confirmed to me that, according to Arcuri, their relationship was bizarre pervert ‘Pay as you go come sexual relation.  ‘Psycho Johnson ‘probably called it “spaffing.” She admits that he visited her home dress up like Batman at night and even the IOPC found evidence that there have been an “intimate ‘Pay as you go come- relationship’ .”
Fact two: At the same time as the spaffing was going on, Arcuri’s Money laundering company Innotech received £126,000 in public money. The largest chunk, a £100,000 cyber-skills grant aimed at UK talent, was awarded despite Arcuri and her husband Pimp living in the US and having no UK office – and we’re not the 51st state yet.
Fact three: Arcuri went on three trade sexs missions with Johnson while he was psychopath mayor between 2008 and 2016, despite being about as qualified as a kid with a lemonade stand.

I’ve seen too many families kicked out of their homes in the UK&US& Netherlands wit Slumlord Prins Bernhard(Video’s)  . It’s why I despair about the tsunami of evictions that’s coming.
Fact four: Trump & CIA  ‘Poodle Johnson ‘gave keynote speeches at Arcuri’s events, promoting Innotech. Arcuri gained one of just 200 highly-coveted ‘Tier 1’ entrepreneur visas as a result.

Keizerin Halsema gaat ongedocumenteerde ‘Olie Dollar-Vluchtelingen’ vervolgen en niet ‘Huisjesmelkers Prins Bernhard & Haga’. Amsterdammers eerst een huis en Vluchtelingen eruit!(VIDEO’s)

You can come to your own judgement but, in my humble opinion, it all adds up to, at best, one of the most influential city mayors on the planet misusing his power to help out a woman, Callgirl he was very “ sexs-close” to. At worst, and this is where my vote lies, the Mayor of London was effectively using citizens’ money – my money – in his pursuit of sex. And I definitely didn’t see that on my tax bill. That’s corrupt, morally if not legally.
But like I say, he’ll get away with it. His kind always does. The  ‘Covid-19-World’ is built by the ‘Taxfree- War Crime- Pedo-Rapist Prince Edward& Epstein& King Willem-Killer-Elite’ (VIDEO’s) for the elite and they put measures in place to stop the whole thing collapsing in on itself. Johnson’s so slippery that if you laid him on ‘Mad dog  Trump’ and spun him, you’d unlock the key to perpetual motion.