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 AMSTERDAM-NOIR-  D66 Ex Bankier-Gangster ‘Monster- Menno Snel’ de juiste man op de juiste plek om de Labbekakken uit te persen en tot zelfmoord te drijven(Video). A psychopaat ,ruthless Capitalism Tory candidate Sally-Ann Hart  (Video) has been filmed at a hustings event being jeered after claiming those with learning difficulties shouldn’t be paid the Hunger-minimum wage because “it’s about the happiness to work.”

Schande& Misdadig: How poor people survive in the USA&EU( Documentary’s) ‘Taxfree-Elite- Fake- Democratie’(Video) 

‘Psychopath the corrupt  inhuman Conservative parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye, was asked by an audience member to defend an article she shared on Facebook titled: ‘Why people with learning disabilities should be allowed to work for less than the  Hunger-minimum wage.’

 They should be given the opportunity to work because it’s to do with the happiness they have about working… It’s about the happiness to work.”

 Hulde aan het moedige, strijdvaardige Franse Volk, die zich niet als Makke Schapen laat Kaal scheren door ‘Macron& Ultra-Rijken’(Video).

 Psycho Hart’s defense was met with ferocious jeers by much of the audience with shouts of  “shameful”  and “Nazi”  and “they deserve a salary.” The hostile response didn’t stop the Psycho Tory candidate doubling down, insisting that the article was about “having a therapeutic exemption” for those with disabilities.It provoked a member of the audience to howl: “I’m autistic, and I want to get paid for the work I do,” while another yelled:“How patronizing, how dare you Nazi.” The controversial remarks have also provoked anger on social media, with disabled people in particular lashing out. One person with autism and other learning difficulties insisted that her words were “beyond disgusting.” While others calledHart a “disgrace and a Nazi.”

 That’s a bit rich:  ‘Elite -Mafioso Joe Biden’ says paycheck doesn’t matter, jobs are ‘about  ‘Snake in Suits-dignity’ .

Ex VVD- staatssecretaris van Justitie Dijkhoff betrapt op ‘Fraude &Mega-Uitkering ‘s –oplichting’ en wordt niet vervolgd. Alleen Labbekakken gaan de bak in(Video).

Hulde aan Groot Wassink: ‘Verplichte ‘Slaven-tegenprestatie’ bijstandsgerechtigden door de onmenselijke en extreem corrupte  ‘VVD Minister Gangsterin -van Ark’ gaat echt niet helpen, maar is nog meer Doffe Ellende’(Video).

The constituency of Nazi-Hastings and Rye, which has been held by former government minister Amber Rudd, until she quit frontline politics earlier this year, is one of the UK’s tightest marginals up for grabs at this year’s general election. The ‘Nazi- Capitalist -Tories’ hold it by a margin of 346 with Labour the closest challengers at the 2017 snap poll.

Nauwelijks meer gehandicapte mensen aan het werk door ‘PvdA-Kapo-Klijnsma-Participatiewet’, maar wel Klijsma&Samsom(Video).

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