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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Misdaad: ‘Rutte Armoede’ is geen Natuurverschijnsel & Steve Brown Premier van NL& Black-Man vermoord:

‘Western Taxfree- Killer- War Crime-Pedo-Elite’: Cyberattack blame games are closer to ‘SS-NATO-nuclear war’ on Russia or China than it might seem – which is why a cyber-security treaty is essential.
The ‘US-Taxfree- War Crime- Killer-Elite’’s”  ‘SS-EU-NATO’ has made it clear a sufficiently serious cyberattack can be treated as a physical one, and trigger a Nuke response as such. That means not even nuclear war is off the table, and an international treaty is urgently needed.

Biden roept zijn ‘G7-EU Slaven-Staten’ op tegen arme mensen in het algemeen en in het bijzonder tegen China, Rusland, Iran,Venezuela en Cuba, etc. om o.a. hun Grondstoffen & Vrijheid te (blijven) stelen(VIDEO’S)

Rick Sanchez examines a bombshell report about how the US almost nuked China amid rising tensions between Washington and Beijing and reports that a new Chinese nuclear-capable bomber is in development. (00:13) Four women accused of aiding convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein have agreed to testify against his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, according to court documents. Prosecutors have reportedly made a deal with Sarah Kellen, Adriana Ross, Lesley Groff and Nadia Marcinko, two of whom allege they were themselves victims of sex trafficking. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the story, then legal and media analyst Lionel joins Rick to make sense of it. (19:15) China has teased a reveal of its H-20 strategic stealth bomber, with capabilities that might match or exceed those of the B-21 Raider currently in development by the US. Such a bomber would give Beijing a fully functional “nuclear triad,” alongside its submarines and ballistic missiles. The People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) already operates the J-20 fifth-generation fighter, said to be the equivalent of the US F-22 and F-35. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the story, and Rick is joined by former Pentagon official Michael Maloof for analysis. (12:11)

This is no exercise — US-Taxfree-War Criminal Pedo- Epstein & Gates& Clinton Biden& Killer-Elite(Video’s) wants to encircle China with actual troops: ‘SS-NATO’ & ‘Pinocchio  Rutte’: wij doe nook weer mee:

Even though the US spends 40 percent of the combined military budgets of the world, more than the next 7 biggest spenders combined, Pentagon officials are indicating to Congress that they need to increase the US military budget by $7 billion and send US troops to the Pacific to be in “close quarters” with China. China replied by decrying Washington’s “Cold War and zero-sum mentality” that leads to obsessive military superiority. RT America’s Alex Mihalovich has the details. Then former UK MP George Galloway joins Rick Sanchez to discuss.

Wat u nooit zie bij de Corpoate Media CIA-CNN and there ‘EU Slave -State dr. Goebbels-Outlets’-  ‘MI6-BBC’ and the Dutch secret service AIVD-NPO(Video’s).  Most EU citizens see Russia as an ally or a partner, rather than a rival or an adversary, new narrative-busting pollingreveals 

Opmerking van algemene importantie: AIVD-Informant & Moordenaar Peter R. de Vries’ bekent de kwade Genius te zijn achter het ‘Leugenboek Martin H’. Nu nog ‘AIVD-informant miljonair Bas van Hout’ !(Vido’s)

Book:Tara Reade & Juanita Broaddrick: It’s a small ‘Elite-Rap-War Crime- Bill Clinton-& Biden-President-club’. ‘ Moordenaar met de pen-‘Vader’- Olling en zijn ‘zoon’ ‘Junkie- Draaideur -crimineel Jeoffrey Hoogland’ met Leugenboek Martin H. bij (EO)-OP1(Video’s).

Vico Olling Jeoffrey Hoogland Boek Martin H

Verzetsheld Steve Brown ontmaskert ‘Katvanger Moordenaar met de Pen-Olling’met  boek Martin H. met als gevolg ontslag op staande voet bij Panorama(Video). Binnenkort leest ( 100 pagina’s) u de feiten hoe Judas & Katvanger Olling willens en wetens liegt ten einde een Moord op Brown uit te lokken voor de AIVD en OM -Amsterdam informanten ‘Hoerenjong-Bruine Rat -Bas van Hout’ en ‘Junkie Peter R(at) de Vries’ en het corrupte gedeelte van het OM-Amsterdam en de AIVD middels het Vod Panorama voor de bejaarde mannen met 1 hersencel en zijn Dodelijke Leugenboek Martin H. en een documentaire o.a. uitgezonden bij Salto TV Amsterdam en daarna geopenbaard op Youtube.


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