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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- The ‘US-( Fracking Gas)-Western-Taxfree-Killer-Maffia- Elite’ rushes to accuse Poetin of ‘Novichok-type’ poisoning of CIA-Navalny… but would Russia really have reason to get rid of him? (Video’s) .Zie  de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV voor het antwoord(VIDEO’s)

Soaring US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite  ‘defense’ budget helped drive world military spending to 10-year high in 2019

Is ‘the Hate- Jesus Puppet Trump’ now acting ass e real US President by accused the corrupt Pentagon’s top brass of starting  steel the OIL&Gold-wars in order to hand billions to arms makers and steeling the OIL& Gold and destroying Independent Governments, drawing shocked dr. Goebbels reactions from his Fake liberal critics and foreign policy War Mongol hawks – some playing both roles at once.

Trump” “I’m not saying the military’s in love with me – the soldiers are,” the  Hate Jesus-president said at a Crazy White House press conference on Monday.

Democrats’ election-pedo- platform demands end to ‘forever wars’ — most of which were launched last time War Criminals Biden& Obama& Clintons held office as Puppets(VIDEO’s)

Trump:”The top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful Devil-Blood-Taxfree- corporate crime companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay healthy.”Trump’s comments come as his latest response to a September 3 story in the Atlantic, which alleged the ‘Hate Jesus president’ had denigrated fallen American soldiers throughout his time in office, reportedly dubbing them “losers” and “suckers.”  Mad Dog Trump has repeatedly denied the allegations, which were based on the claims of anonymous Pentagon and NATO officials and aides, reiterating on Monday: “Who would say a thing like that? Only an animal would say a thing like that.”

Journalist claims reporters ‘don’t just make War Mogul stuff up’ in defense of anon sources, gets schooled on all the times media LIED and working for the secret service like the so called Dutch Fake crime  Journalists  ‘Son of a Whore- Brown Rat Bas van Hout’ and ‘Pedo- Rapist Peter R. De Vries(Video’s) :

His scathing critique of the extremely corrupt Mass Killing Pentagon’s top SS-as leadership prompted a new wave of controversy, however, as a number of media pundits, Democratic lawmakers and bellicose foreign policy commentators lined up to voice horror at the unprecedented public attack on the military.“Perhaps [Defense Secretary Mark Esper] should defend the honor of those with whom he serves at the Pentagon? He has little to lose, since he’s probably going to be fired anyway. Why not go out on a high note?”tweeted neoconservative luminary Bill Kristol, a top booster of the disastrous US invasion of Iraq and a vocal #NeverTrumper.The Hate Jesus president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., also weighed into the fray, arguing that a “permanent moratorium” on retired generals serving on the boards of defense contractors – a phenomenon known as the ‘revolving door’ – would “end the endless wars immediately.” He pointed to a series of former officials who left their posts in the Corrupt War Mongol-Pentagon for cushy jobs in the Blood- weapons industry, where retired corrupt officers often work as lobbyists helping to grease the skids for lucrative government contracts.

Corona-Pandemic- CIA-profiteer’: Jeff Bezos’ fortune skyrockets to nearly $200 BILLION: Rutte&Grapperhaus: US& Trump is een Top ’VVD –Doeners-Corona- land’, Pas op voor de Russen&China&Holleeder&Tagh(VIDEO’s).
Between 2008 and 2018, at least 380 high-ranking corrupt Pentagon officials were hired by top defense contractors after leaving public office, including 25 generals, 9 admirals, 43 lieutenant generals and 23 vice admirals, according to a report by the Project On Government Oversight (POGO). Many became lobbyists, board members, executives or consultants for Taxfree- Corporate crime  firms such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman.Some netizens, as well as progressive lawmaker Ro Khanna (D-California), took up a wholly different criticism of the president, arguing that while Trump is correct about the Pentagon, he himself has been “complicit” in expanding US military budgets and feeding billions to arms dealers.“This is correct but Trump has increased the military budget and the amount of bombs we drop, which means larger profits for defense contractors. So he’s right but he is also complicit,” one user wrote.

Hate Jesus-Trump’s- America Firts’ in Schuld & War Crime: Schuld VS bevolking groter dan omvang ‘Taxfree-Ultra-Rijken-Corona- economie’(Video’s).

Will someone tell him? Morning #Metoo- Joe Biden brings up EISENHOWER to counter Trump’s critique of  corrupt Pentagon & Devil- military industrial Mass Killing-complex

Despite his withering attack on the Pentagon’s revolving door, Trump has frequently boasted of “rebuilding” the US- Steel the OIL and Gold and kill the poor- armed forces with vast military expenditures, which continue to outspend the world’s next 11 largest defense budgets combined. He has also repeatedly touted multi-billion dollar weapons sales to his Friend and Friend of the Dutch ‘Taxfree-Queen Exotica Maxima’  the ‘Mass Killer -Prince Salman’ of the ‘US Slave State- Saudi Arabia ‘and other ‘EU -Slave SS-NATO- allies’, insisting they support American jobs and bring Blood- money into the country.

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Mededing van importantie: Wordt Wakker en kijk deze week naar de Stem van de Straat)Amsterdam_Noir/SaltoTV: Corona-Leugenaars- Grapperhaus & Rutte & Halsema & King Willem & Prins Bernhard’ ontmaskerd bij De Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-SALTOTV en wie zit er echt achter de CIA- Gif-Moordaanslag op Alexey Navalny  (Video’s) waardoor binnenkort uw Gas-rekening met minimaal met 30 % omhoog gaat