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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Grayzone: ‘U.S-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer- Elite’ and there ‘Canadian puppet Trudeau ‘Genocide Fake News’ accusation relies on Fake data by right extremist payed by the CIA.

The teachings of Marx are the best hope for US& EU beaten-up& Killed working class(Labbekakken) in the ‘Human-Corona- Zoo’. Rutte&’Pedo-Kees van der Spek’: Die Labbekakken moeten niet zeuren(Video’s) .

Shocking: ‘Killing – Fascism-Capital’ in the 21st Century(Video). King Willem&Hofnar Rutte& Grapperhaus : het is Oké, wij doen ook Corona mee(Video’s).

World’s richest CIA –Taxfree- Devil  man, who has history of working with the CIA, gets official approval to unleash  ‘Big Brother-Amazon drones’ on the US:’VVD-‘Pedo Boss- Rutte&Kelder&Junkie Gordon'(VIDEO’s):” dat willen wij ook in Nederland”.

Nothing nefarious at all’: Backlash as ‘ex-NSA Psychopath-Big Brother – chief General Keith Alexander’, involved in mass surveillance revealed by Snowden, joins CIA-Amazon board

‘Taxfree- Elite-Crime group- Amazon stock’s surge during the ‘Der Endlösung the poor people Corona- Bom- virus –  pandemic’ is making its Elite Mafia CIA- boss Super Snake in Suit Devil-Jeff Bezos Taxfree richer every week. He is now closer than ever to the historic title of first person to be worth $200 billion. Just 25 % of his billions would bee enough to pay for al the medical bills for the people who our not insured and to give every American a normale income and food and a roof over their headAmazon stock gained about 1.2 percent to close at $3,346 per share on Tuesday, and continued to climb higher after hours. The rally pushed Bezos’ fortune higher again – he gained around $2.2 billion from the 11 percent stake he owns, and his net worth now stands at a record $199.7 billion, according to Forbes’ calculations.

DESPOTIC DOZEN:Top 12 Taxfree-US Devil oligarchs now own $1 TRILLION in total wealth – more than GDP of Belgium & Austria combined: ‘Taxfree -Devil King Willem & Hofnar Rutte’:” Fanatisch!!!!

Taxfree-Royal-Corona -Aasgieren-King Willem & Huisjesmelker-Prins Bernhard’ hebben Lak aan het kaal geplukte Volk met Peperdure Speedboten: Hofnar Rutte: het zijn mooie boten(Video’s)

Already the richest man on the planet, Devil-Bezos has been breaking his own records almost every week in recent months. Last week, he had around $2 billion less in his pocket, but it was still the highest net worth Forbes had seen since it started tracking billionaires around four decades ago.The ‘Der Endlösung-the poor People-Corna-Bom-virus-outbreak’ has become somewhat of goldenBlood- age for tech and e-commerce giants, which have profited as people are stuck at home and have to turn to online retailers for deliveries of essentials. Amazon recently presented blowout second-quarter results, showing that the company earned almost $89 billion over that period.

Russia’s wealthiest  Taxfree Devils lose billions due to coronavirus… but they’re still obscenely 
‘Taxfree- Devil Bezos’ is not the only  Sanke in Suit Super Elite Gangsters billionaire that has seen his fortune skyrocket during the pandemic. According to a recent study by the US’ Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), the 12 top richest Americans – including Devil ‘s Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, and Elon Musk–have seen their combined wealth jump by 40 percent to reach more than $1 trillion.

VIDEO Activists set up guillotine outside Devil Jeff Bezos’ home, call for end to Amazon 

Opmerking van Algemene wordt Wakker importantie:Voor weer een laatste keer terug :Best bekeken en Meest Bekroonde News Tokshow” De Stem van de Straat terug bij SALTO TV Amsterdam(VIDEO_, Power to The People & De waarheid en Primeur& exclusief bij de Stem van de Straat: America Firts with  Made in USA ‘Hate -Jesus Mad Dog – Trump’ the Puppet of the  THE CORPORATE COUP D’ÉTAT!