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ihqgSaBFjbFGxdE-556x313-noPadAMSTERDAM-NOIR-Ghoncheh is a 25 year old British-Iranian citizen who was arrested in Iran for watching a men’s volleyball game. She has now spent 85 days in an Iranian jail. Her family have been fighting for her release and a week ago her brother started a petition. Over 300,000 people from around the world are now supporting his appeal to free Ghoncheh.

Yesterday Ghoncheh’s brother flew to New York where world leaders, including the Iranian President, are meeting at the United Nations. He needs your help to make sure his sister’s case in on the agenda. Will you help him campaign for his sister’s freedom by adding your name to his petition, below, before world leaders meet this week?
ince June 2014 my younger sister is in solitary confinement in Tehran. She was arrested for going to a men’s volleyball match.

Ghoncheh is a British Iranian dual citizen. She was there to watch a game. She was arrested because of a misunderstanding.Amnesty International has called for an Urgent Action for my sister. Amnesty believes Ghoncheh has been put under psychological pressure and been told she “would not walk out of prison alive.” The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has said it was “aware of reports” of her imprisonment but its diplomatic powers are limited in Iran. We know that the UK Government has the power to do more to help Ghoncheh. Past cases have shown us that when pressure is applied Government will take more action.

Every signature and share will bring my sister closer to home. Will you help end this nightmare for my family?


خواهر کوچکترم از نهم تیر در انفرادی به سر‌می‌برد. غنچه به خاطر رفتن به ورزشگاه والیبال دستگیر شد
غنچه به آن جا رفته بود تا بازی را تماشا کند. دستگیری او یک سوتفاهم است

با امضای این نامه به من کمک کنید تا خواهرم را دوباره به خانه برگردانم


I’m a distressed brother who is fighting to bring her sister home. My sister is a law student in University of London. She should not have been arrested in the first place and does not deserve to be in solitary. Amnesty International has said that “Ghoncheh’s lawyer has not been allowed to meet in prison or even access her case file.” Ghoncheh was in Iran for a few months to work for a charity teaching literacy to street children and see our family. She thought women would be allowed to attend World League volleyball matches after Iran was warned about the matter by International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB).

Her arrest is a truly tragic misunderstanding. Will you help bring her home?

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