(by Laurie Calhoun and Steve Brown )


AMSTERDAM-NOIR- De Schaamte voorbij: Waarom haalt de extreem corrupte D66-Minister Franc Weerwind Ali B. en zijn cocaïne -dealer ‘SBS-NPO-NCRV- Frank Masmeijer’ uit de cel, dat leest u hier(Video’s)

Why Do We Keep Listening To The ‘CIA-CNN& AIVD-D66-NPO-TV’ Generals en AIVD-Trollen- journalisten Nazi-NSB-Judas- Rudy Bouma and Nazi-NSB- Judas- Roel Pauw On US-puppet State- ‘CIA-AZOV-NAZI- Corrupt-Ukraine’?

‘US-Nazi-Oekraïne Waanzin’:
Lage en Middenklassen en Boeren moeten niet bang zijn voor Russen, maar voor ‘US-Puppet-Nazi- Rutte & CDA & D66 & CHU-misdaadbende: Schokkende Beelden van ‘Politie-Gestapo’ van ”US-Puppet Nazi-Rutte die schiet op vreedzame boeren gaan hele wereld over: ‘En Nazi-Rutte zag dat het goed was’(Video’s)

Wars are fought by ( Mad)- leaders who intend to win, one way or another, using any and all means available to them. The Cold War was a decades-long series of proxy battles between the two nuclear-armed superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States, during which the communist and capitalist arch enemies engaged in conflict on the terrain of lesser states, to the detriment of millions of civilians living in those places. But the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. and the fall of the Berlin Wall ushered in neither a period of world peace nor a dramatically reduced U.S. military budget. Instead, ‘U.S. foreign policy-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer- elites’ and there ‘SS-NATO’, emboldened by a newfound sense of impunity, suddenly realized that they could wage war and impose their will wherever and whenever they pleased. Who, after all, was going to stop them?

Amerika First:
Weer Bloedbad celebration independence day en daar kwam geen Rus aan te pas & 2 Philadelphia politieagenten neergeschoten en weer een Black vermoord door Killer-Cops en Genocide of 100 million Native Americans the True Meaning of Thanksgiving(Video) en ook daar kwam niet een Rus aan te pas. ‘Dart-Vader-Fuhrer-Biden’& zijn Puppets -Nazi’s-Zelensky& Rutte: Pas op voor de Russen en Chinezen en Boeren en arme mensen(Videos)

Despite the complete conversion of post-Soviet Russia to capitalism, the fear-driven antipathy used to promote and prolong the Cold War has been rehydrated among War Party duopolists, many of whom, perhaps addled by six years of mainstream media obsession with the Russiagate hoax, appear to have forgotten why the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. were enemies in the first place. Better dead than red! was the slogan which drove policymakers to attempt to stop the expansion of the Soviet empire by all means necessary. Better dead than red! concisely conveys the fervor which gave rise to both the massive development and stockpiling of nuclear warheads and the creation of ‘SS-NATO, the CIA- North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

‘NSB-Zwarte Driehoek-Politie’ van corrupte Hoofdofficier Renée Beukelaer& Psycho-Killer- OvJ. Bas van de Vliet van OM- Amsterdam en de eveneens extreem corrupte hoofdcommissaris Paauw Amsterdam en de AIVD- Moordenaars- Junkie-Peter R. de Vries en Hoerenjong -Bruine Rat- Bas van Hout”(Video’s) Stalken, bedreigen en intimideren Brown & Co al meer dan 30 jaar en poging(en) tot moord op Verzetsheld Steve Brown(Video).& Wat u niet mag zien van Youtube en NPO: de Proxy War van de SS-US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite& EU-UK en Canada& Australië- Slaven tegen Rusland(Video) en hun eigen Bevolking.

Afgelopen periode een stroom van ‘Dood aan de Russen en Boeren en arme mensen- ‘Nazi Prins Bernhard Bilderberg’&SS-NATO’& ‘Elite-Maffia-G7’ met als Fuhrer -Dart-Vader Biden-Duivelse-vergaderingen, maar weinig momentum voor vrede en gezond verstand, Heil Hitler & Biden en op naar de ‘Derde Wereld-Atoombom-Rusland-US-Oorlog’ en de ‘Taxfree-King Willem-Elite zijn voorbereid met eeuwig Vliegend Pedo-Luxe Hotel & Steve Brown overleefde 3 Moordaanslagen door o.a. ‘AIVD informanten-Moordenaars’ Peter R. de Vries en Bas van Hout'(Video)

The current curious quest on the part of hawks to support nonnuclear-armed US-Vazal-State- Nazi-AZOV-Ukraine” as it fends off nuclear-armed Russia reflects a failure to understand the logic of not only war but also nuclear deterrence. The most glaring problem is that if, against all indicators, US-Nazi-Ukraine were somehow to prevail in the conventional war against Russia, it would remain an option for Putin to deploy nuclear weapons, against which Ukraine would have no defense. Given that this conflict has morphed into a quasi- Petor-Dollar-proxy war, with massive U.S.& his Slave- States-UK&EU& Canada & Australia – funding and CIA&MI6 and the Ducht secret service-AIVD- operatives on the ground in there ‘US-Nazi- Ukraine’, any use by Russia of nuclear weapons would likely trigger the use of the same by the United States and that wil bee tthe end of the World. The 1% Taxfree-Ultra-Rich- King Willem-Elite-Gangsters wil bee than on the eeuwig Vliegend Pedo-Luxe Hotel.

Noam Chomsky Stelt Volksnieuws in gelijk(Video):
Op naar de ‘Derde Kernbom-US- Oekraïne-Wereld Oorlog’& Ergste vorm van kindermisbruik aangetroffen op laptop Hunter Biden”, president-puppet- Kleine-meisjes-snuifer- Biden’ gaat aftreden’(Kuch).

Thinkers as diverse as Noam Chomsky and War Crimenal-Henry Kissinger have spoken out about the danger of allowing the Ukraine-Russia conflict to continue on, yet the propaganda-pommeled populace persists in waving its Ukrainian flags. Antiwar intellectuals such as Chomsky have often been depicted by Pentagon propagandists and their associated pundits as “unrealistic,” but Kissinger is notorious (or renowned, depending on your perspective) as the consummate Realpolitik war games player. So how are we to understand the sudden concordance of such ideologically opposed figures on the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia?

Kissinger is needless to say very familiar with the strategic cogitations of competent political leaders. He knows, for example, that leaders doomed to defeat by their limited military capacities vis-à-vis their adversaries do not as a general rule wage war against them. Correlatively, when there is no effective outside restraint on a superpower military such as that of the United States, then the sort of free-for-all of mass killing constitutive of the many misadventures in the Middle East (and beyond) since 1991 may well ensue. Kissinger also recognizes that a nation in possession of nuclear arms may in fact deploy them in exceptional circumstances, just as the United States did in 1945.

It is true that in 1945 there was only one nuclear-armed nation, and decades of political theorists have made careers out of arguing that in a war between two nations armed to the hilt with nukes, there could be only a Pyrrhic victory. That was the logic of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, given the likely domino/ricochet effect of any first strike use of nuclear warheads. Foreign policy elites such as Kissinger found the MAD argument compelling, and throughout much of the twentieth century, the continual development of ever-more-destructive nuclear arms was construed by high-level strategists as a form of deterrence. Looking back, it seems safe to say that either the MAD approach really worked, or else the species just got lucky that no one certifiably insane ever found himself in the position to initiate what could quite easily have escalated to a catastrophic nuclear holocaust. There were, however, close calls, perhaps the most famous of which was the Cuban Missile crisis. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed in that conflict.

Political leaders are human beings, first and foremost, who may be capricious and prickly, obstinate and vain, and these possibilities must be taken into consideration when attempting to predict their future actions. Two films which vividly underscore the human-all-too-human nature of political leaders and the consequent danger of resting the future of civilization on MAD deterrence are Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb and Sidney Lumet’s Fail Safe, both of which were released in 1964, at the height of the Cold War.

‘US-Poodle- Horny & Drunk-Boris Johnson’ aka “Dead to the Russian and poor People” and his trouble with the truth in general and special with ‘Pedo-Rapist-Metoo-Prince Andrew& Jimmy Saville-Truth’ just Like his Dutch partner in crime ‘-US-Puppet-Nazi-Zorgtoeslag&Pedo-Boss-Rutte aka “Dead to the Russians and the common People and Farmers(Video’s)

We all hope that Putin is not irrational, but as both Kissinger and Chomsky appreciate, the usual MAD premises may at some point cease serving as effective restraints in the present case. Paramount among those premises are, first, that the leader with his finger on the nuclear weapons launcher button is not suicidal (or terminally ill) and, second, that he does not believe that a purely Pyrrhic victory, culminating in the destruction of much of his own society, is acceptable—even if he himself has access to an impenetrable bunker located deep below the surface of the earth.

The ultimate MAD premise-busting problem in the current conflict, even assuming the Russian president’s rationality, is that he has been repeatedly “informed” (i.e., threatened) by representatives of the U.S. government that his ultimate fate will be removal from power. If Putin actually believed what some U.S. statesmen continue to proclaim, that Putin’s days are numbered, then what would ordinarily be his strong prudential grounds for not deploying nukes would evaporate away. For Putin knows what typically ensues shortly after U.S. political elites begin pronouncing that “X must go!” Grisly examples include Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gaddafi, but there have been many other leaders over the course of the past century who fell out of favor with political-Pedo-Rapist-Meetoo- elites in the United States (for both ideological and economic reasons) and suffered similar fates.

Now, it is true that Iraq and Libya did not possess nuclear weapons, and so the glee with which policymakers spearheaded the myopic toppling of the regimes of Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gaddafi, leaving the countries they once ruled in shambles, evinced the usual “What are you going to do about it?” haughtiness attending U.S. military_War Criem& Steel The OIL- interventions more generally. Let us hope that Putin believes that he is just as safe as is Edward Snowden, who has managed to survive nearly a decade on Russian soil, despite being just as despised by the U.S. oligarchy as is Julian Assange. (How ironic that Snowden has been able to live a life in Russia, while Assange in Britain has been ruthlessly abused and persecuted over the same period of time).

Disturbingly, some politicians in the United States, including Senator Mitt Romney, have opined that we should now prepare for a nuclear war. But perhaps all of the bluster of U.S. foreign policy elites and regime pundits threatening Putin’s demise is nothing more than idle chatter. Perhaps it is intended less to threaten Putin than to propagandize taxpayers into believing that their leaders should continue to drain the already empty U.S. coffers to pay for not only the arming of Ukraine, but also the renewal and expansion of nuclear arsenals, the speedy development of the U.S. Space Command, and the recently announced nearly ten-fold expansion of NATO’s rapid response force.

If, however, NATO continues to expand eastward to Russia’s border, masses more troops and weapons, makes Finland and Sweden member states, and provocatively persists in carrying out war games at Putin’s doorstep, then his confidence that he is safe may at some point wane. From Putin’s perspective, which is the only perspective which actually matters in considering the possible outcomes of the conflict initiated by him, if the choice is to be destroyed or to go out swinging before being destroyed, then why not opt for the latter? The more Putin is goaded and antagonized by the nuclear-armed United States, the less irrational the use of nuclear weapons will seem to him.

Idealists such as Chomsky may regard war as fundamentally immoral, but they are also aware, as are realists such as Kissinger, that the reason wars begin is that leaders disagree, and every war will eventually and can only end at the negotiation table. The question, then, is only how much cannon fodder to expend and how much destruction to tolerate before finally agreeing to sit down and talk. World War I offers a clear historical example of how political leaders caught up in a self-delusive quest for victory may sacrifice millions of their compatriots in resolving a relatively minor dispute. Generally speaking, the more stakeholders invest in a conflict, the more insistent they become that they prevail. The U.S. intervention in Vietnam and the war on terror illustrate the same principle.

Left to their own devices, it seems highly unlikely that rational citizens would support the provocation and prolongation of a war which could end in the destruction of Western civilization and the annihilation of much of the human species. To defeat what should be a widely held and entirely natural (in addition to rational) resistance to provoking World War III, and with it a disastrous nuclear conflict between the United States and Russia, has required a concerted media effort to gaslight citizens into believing that they are somehow selfish and cowardly, perhaps even evil, if they do not support the government’s latest “benevolent” provisions of military aid (a.k.a. homicidal weapons) to places which many of them cannot even locate on a map.

In reality, the military’s missions of mass homicide have been effectively fictionalized by the mainstream media to the point where the populace currently inhabits a kind of Orwellian cartoonscape. Thus the massive exportation of deadly weapons to Ukraine is praised by people who simultaneously decry the possession of firearms by U.S. citizens, even while knowing that similar initiatives in recent history—in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq—left tons of military equipment in enemy hands to do with as they pleased. It should be a matter of common knowledge by now that weapons sent to conflict zones are extremely difficult to control and have often been confiscated and sold to the highest bidders, transferred to radical factions, or simply abandoned and taken up later by whoever happens upon them to use however they wish. Unlce Tom- War Crimneal-President Obama armed ISIS in Syria, and when President Biden finally withdrew the U.S. military from Afghanistan, the Taliban inherited all of the weapons and equipment left behind.

Looking at what remains of the Middle East after a twenty-year series of wrecking ball policies, paid for on credit by future generations, one might rationally conclude that it is high time for Americans to resist further military experiments abroad. It is not as though we have not already witnessed the manifest incompetence of the political and military elites who orchestrated the war on terror and the flagrant fiscal irresponsibility of those who continue to print money for their latest “humanitarian” vanity projects even as the economy careers into a recession. There is something vaguely insane about the idea that there is no credit limit on the government when it comes to warfare, yet this idea is fully embraced by much of the populace, even while they disagree about many other matters.

Rather than taking the warmakers to task for all of their abject failures throughout the twenty-first century, legislators instead reward them with even more money than they had before, and, in the most recent military budget, even more than the president asked for. Both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate approved a $40 billion aid package to be allocated by federal bureaucrats to Ukraine, despite the many economic problems currently plaguing the people of the United States. Remarkably, even self-styled progressive politicians were bamboozled into thinking that if they did not approve any and every aid package for Ukraine, then this would be taken to imply that they supported Putin’s invasion.

The foreign policy memory bank of the populace is molded and effectively erased by the mainstream media, which has served as a veritable wing of the U.S. State Department since the ratification of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act in 2013. The State Department, in turn, operates as a wing of the Pentagon public relations department. The most obvious recent example is none other than the categorical refusal of Secretary of State Blinken and President Biden to engage in dialogue as a means to ending the Ukraine-Russia conflict. When negotiation is dismissed as impossible or unacceptable at the outset of a conflict, war is deceptively depicted as a “last resort.”

Those who wave their flags for intervention succumb to simplistic tropes such as “You’re either with us, or you’re with them” in an apparent state of oblivion regarding the bungled war on terror. It was only last year that Afghanistan was returned to its former leaders, the Taliban, after the U.S. government had spent trillions of dollars trying to kill them over the course of twenty years. But the warmongering media brush all of these niceties aside and focus on the latest call for intervention, supporting the injection of weapons into yet another conflict zone.

The hesitation to intervene militarily has been so effectively portrayed as despicably craven and immoral that many citizens wholeheartedly embrace interventionist policies which undermine their very own interests, despite the fact that governments are only created in order to serve the people. As every war whore knows, it suffices to whip out the tried-and-true “We are good, and they are evil!” trope to galvanize mass flag-waving even among people who can no longer afford to fill their gas tanks. Laughably, Biden has blamed crippling inflation on “Putin’s price hike.” Sadly, some people actually believe him.

Military industry profits as weapons are transferred, depleted, and replenished. It matters not to war profiteers how or why or where or by whom or in what way the weapons are expended. It matters only that they be used in some way so that the taxpayer spigot can be tapped to produce more of the same. By making every intervention seem as though it bears directly on the lives of citizens, the Pentagon’s propaganda department has for decades succeeded in an epic heist. If the United States continues to supply weapons to Ukraine only for Russia to blow them up, the only discernible effect will be to enrich military industry while simultaneously impoverishing Americans.

With both the deficit and inflation being made measurably worse by the printing of money to purchase weapons to be shipped abroad, perhaps more citizens will begin to recognize what is really going on. Directly harming the U.S. economy and thereby degrading the quality of life of the populace through doling out billions of dollars for a war which benefits only munitions manufacturers and military contractors, and whose prolongation guarantees the slaughter of many more civilians using the very weapons so “magnanimously” donated, should cause every thinking being to question the judgment of those forging U.S. foreign policy. When government officials themselves possess financial incentives for squandering public funds in the name of unwinnable wars, such large-scale transfers of wealth engineered by individuals with patent conflicts of interest should be called out for what they are: acts of theft.

US-NAZI-Oekraïense Waanzin: 
‘CIA-Nazi-US-Puppet-War Crimenal-Zelensky’ eist 1000 Miljard ‘of meer tijdens de ‘Donar-Davos-meeting’ van de EU, maar geen 500 euro voor de Laagste en middenklasse in NL van ‘US-Puppet-Nazi-Rutte’: de door ‘US & SS-NATO’ plat gebombardeerde landen Servië, Vet-nam, Laos, Cambodja, Irak, Syrië, Libië, Afghanistan en 100 andere landen wachten nog steeds op de eerste cent en schokkende Oorloog misdaden gepleegd door ‘US-Nazi-Oekraïne(Video), die nooit ziet bij de ‘D66-NPO’(Video’s)

It is possible that with the economic downturn, the critical mass of suffering people will lead to a turn in the tide of the nation’s consciousness. Eventually Americans may awaken from their MIC-forged dream to the sad truth: that they are being robbed by the very government which claims to protect their interests. On the international front, the silver lining on the Biden years may end up being that the president’s own manifestly debilitated mental state will be seen as symbolic of the crumbling U.S. empire. Longstanding allies may eventually realize that the best way to ensure their own survival is to distance themselves from the military hegemon now in decline. If Kissinger and Chomsky can agree that the current administration’s handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict is irresponsible, counterproductive and extremely dangerous, then perhaps longstanding U.S. &Slave-EU-UK-Canada- Auatralia- allies, too, will at some point withdraw their support and adopt a more neutral and pacific stance toward Russia.

The reasonable path forward, as both realists and idealists have observed, is to encourage the US-leaders of NAZI-AZOV-Ukraine” and Russia to sit down and negotiate terms. Anyone who understands the logic of MAD should condemn the United States’ reckless approach of risking not only self-destruction but also the end of civilization as we know it.

About Laurie Calhoun

Laurie Calhoun is the author of We Kill Because We Can: From Soldiering to Assassination in the Drone AgeWar and Delusion: A Critical ExaminationTheodicy: A Metaphilosophical InvestigationYou Can LeaveLaminated Souls, and Philosophy Unmasked: A Skeptic’s Critique, in addition to many essays and book chapters.

D66-Pedo-Metoo-Rapist-Kamerlid -Psychopaat -Dood aan de Russen en arme mensen en Boeren-Oorlog Hitser-Sjoerdsma’ in het nauw na ‘Nazi-VVD-Halbe Zijlstra-Leugen-uitspraken’ over Rusland & ‘US-Vazal Staat-Nazi-AZOV-Oekraïne’ in de EU en dat gaat de EU-burgers die al hun energie rekening en voedsel niet kunnen betalen nog meer miljarden kosten & Verzetsheld Van Meijeren (FVD) maakt de balans op: alle Leugens over het stikstofbeleid!(Video’s )

Nu de ‘Gevestigde NSB-Orde partijtje -CDA, VVD, CU, SGP, PvdA’ onder ‘Nazi-CIA&AIVD-AZOV-leiding van de ‘Nep en Fop- Groene-Yes we Can Boy Klaver in onderbroek’ en ‘D66- CIA Trollen-Pedo-Rapist-Metoo-Boss-Kaag& Waanzinnige Sjoerd Sjoerdsma”(weer) ten ‘SS-Oorlog’ trekken tegen Rusland voor de US en de WOF vullen de ‘Bloed-Wapen en Fracking-Gas- handelaren’ en de Voedsel speculanten nog meer hun ‘Taxfree-King Willem-VOC-Genocide Miljardairs- zakken’ en is het gewone Volk en het Klimaat en Dieren en Ajax Fans(video) nog meer de klos & ‘MI6&BBC’ maken een waanzinnig claim: Poetin is dood en nu een ‘Show-around-Pop’.

Geen Complot: 
‘AIVD en OM en Politie Mediahuurmoordenaar -John van den Heuvel’ Gabber in Crime van ‘Metoo-Mick Wely’ lekt strafwaardig in ‘zaak- Metoo-Danny de Munk’ naar zijn riool Gabber Domme Royce de Vries: ‘John-Politie’ beroept zich op zijn zwijgrecht & Hysterische Slettenbak Tahmina Akefi van ‘Moordenaar & AIVD & OM & Politie-informant-Peter R. de Vries’ wil 60.000,-euro ‘bloed-poen’. ‘Killer Queen Rechters’ barsten uit in huilen(video).

‘Psycho-Killer-OvJ Bas van de Vliet’ van Kinder-misbruikers Hoofdofficier Vincent Leenders-OM Amsterdam” en corrupte Raadsheren /vrouwe Mr E van Die en D. Radder en J.J.J. Schols en kompanen van Rechtbank Amsterdam o.a. schuldig aan de Poging tot Doodslag op Brown(Video’s)

Nog zeer kort geleden: 
Volksnieuws en Verzetsheld Steve Brown stoppen met publiceren van artikelen, want er verandert bijna toch nooit iets ten goede(video): Van de ‘NWO-Elite-Nazi-Soros-Schwab & Gates-Killer-Elite-Corona Waanzin’ naar de ‘Oekraïne-Waanzin’: de arme worden armer en de ‘NWO-Elite-Nazi-World Economic Forum-Taxfree- Duivelse-Rijken’ worden nog Rijker en eindeloze ‘US-Petro-Dollar-Oorlogen’!& Nazi-Zorgtoeslag& Pedo-Boss-Rutte’ weer betrapt op de zoveelste (sms)-misdaad en leugens tegen het Volk(Video’s)

‘Censuur-Kafka- Brief- Hoofdofficier Beukelaer’ aan Steve Brown’:Rutte & Hoofdofficier Beukelear& John van den Heuvel & Peter R. de Vries verklaren Steve Brown & Taghi & Holleeder& Glennis Grace Vogelvrij en laat ‘De-Pedo-Rapist- Marco Borsato & Metoo- Ali B.& Mick van Wely’, etc. lopen(Video).

Wij zijn weer voor even terug, omdat wij een schokkende, criminele beschikking d.d. 9 mei 2022 hebben ontvangen van het ‘Zwarte Tuig in Toga-Gerechtshof’ te Amsterdam. Die beschikking d.d. 9 mei 2020 van het corrupte ‘Rutte-Doctrine-Hof’ is zo ronduit misdadig dat wij aangifte hebben gedaan en een klacht ingediend tegen de pathologische leugenaar- ‘Psycho-Killer OvJ Bas van de Vliet en de anonieme advocaat generaal en Hoofdofficier R. Beukelear van het ‘Kindermisbruikers- Hoofdofficier- Vincent Leenders-OM-Amsterdam’ en de Raadsheren/vrouwe Mr E van Die en D. Radder en J.J.J. Schols en hun misdadig verband ( art 140 Sr) de Rechters Voorzitter mevr. E.G.C. Groenendaal, mevr. M.A.E. Somsen, mevr. T. Amoldussen . Deze aangifte en klacht d.d. 25 mei 2022 zal binnen enkele dagen door ons worden gepubliceerd. Wij hebben namelijk alle berokken die genoemd worden in die aangifte en klacht in de gelegenheid gesteld in het kader van hoor en wederhoor te reageren voordat wij die aangifte en klacht d.d. 25 mei 2022 gaan publiceren o.a. in het kader van Algemeen en de Rule of Law en de Waarheid( =Assange).

Geen Complot:

Déjà vu:
Verzetsheld Steve Brown wijst o.a. op het feit dat 25.000 ‘Nederlandse -Prins Bernhard- SS-ers’  ontelbare Russen en Joden en Homo’s, etc.  hebben vermoord tijdens de Tweede Wereld Oorlog  samen met  o.a. de Nazi’s van de Ukraine en dat de NSB net zo veel stemmen haalde als de VVD-Misdaadgroep en dat het Hoofdofficer- Pedo-Rapist-Vincent Leedners/Demmink&  ‘Psyo-Killer Ovj- Bas van de Vliet – OM-Amsterdam’ van de ‘Straf de arme Rutte-maatschappij’  kleine  jongetjes  aanrand uit de Laagste Klasse: 

‘Nazi-Zorgtoeslag -Zwarte Ster-Rechter Lady- Kafka- Mr. A.D. Belcheva’ &  ‘Doofpot-Griffier- Her- Nacht und Nebel -M. Den Toon’ van sector Bestuursrecht- A’Dam sluit de corrupte rijen met de ‘Nazi-Zorgtoeslag- Zwarte Ster-Rechters-Voorzitter mevr. E.G.C. Groenendaal, mevr. M.A.E. Somsen, mevr. T. Amoldussen ‘van de Strafafdeling & Het ‘Kindermisbruikers- Hoofdofficier Vincent Leenders &’ Psycho-Killer Bas van de Vliet -OM –Amsterdam’  in de Straf & Bestuur-zaken  tegen Verzetsheld Steve Brown & Co.(Video’s)

Wederom heeft bepaalde corrupte Pedofielen en dieren-sexs en/ of  van de ‘Oude Jodenjagers stempel – NSB-Zwarte Ster -Politie’ tijden tijden van de Nazi bezetting van NL o.a. enge, geestelijk ,gestoorde ,Levensgevaarlijk ‘agent’ Martin Pauw ( stamnummer AML 38458) district  Zuid Amsterdam aka ” beroepscrimineel met blanco Strafblad Steve Brown Kijk in de Spiegel” kennelijk  onder leiding  van de pathologische  leugenaars-  ‘OvJ Psych-Killer- Bas van de Vliet’ en de extreem corrupte altijd liegende en laffe Hoofdofficier Beukelaer van het ‘Kindermisbruikers Hoofdofficier Vincent  Leenders-OM Amsterdam’  zich weer  schuldig gemaakt een reeks van ambtsdelicten  tegen Verzetsheld ing Steve Brown en de zijne.

Niets is wat het lijk in de Pedo-Rapist-Metoo-Cratie van het regiem Nazi-Rutte4 : Tweede kamer Voorzitter Firouz Alida Chaouqui   met  D66-alias , c.q. ‘Lesbo-artiesten -naam ‘Oer-Hollandse- Vera Bergkamp’ heet in  werkelijkheid dus Fiouz Alida Chaouqui en daar is niks mis mee.   Moest  Vera Fiouz Alida als een Uncle-Tom van D66 haar Marokkaanse Roots verloochen en zich voor doen als ‘blanke -Grachtengordel—Parasiet- Freak- D66-Nederlander’ met één doel steeds de microfoon afzetten als Verzetshelden Gideon van Meijering , Baudet en Van  Houwelingen  de waarheid stellen in de Tweede Kamer. En daar is  ook nog ‘Freak- D66 Minister van Klasse Justitie’  ‘vreemdganger- Franc Weerwind de ‘Voice- Pedo- Borsato- Ali B. etc. –advocaat ‘van en voor ‘Epstein-Pimp John de Mol ‘(Video’s) en niet te vergeten de Freakjes -Rob Jetten en Jonkvrouw- Ollongren. Hun ‘Doofpot-AIVD’ weet van niks . Maar wat moeten de Russische  en Chinezen spionnen(Video’s) eigenlijk nog uitzoeken in NL  . De chantabele  ‘Politieke -Top-Pedo-Rapist-Metoo- Fraude en Witwasser-Freaks’ liggen voor het oprapen in  het land van  het altijd liegende- ‘Zwarte Ster-Pedo-Metoo-Naziregime Rutte’.

Vervolg van de hiervoor beschreven Pogingen van Moord op Verzetsheld ing Steve Brown’en de zijne door het ‘Kindermisbruikers -Hoofdofficier Vincent Leenders en zijn Sidekick-OvJ-Psycho-Killer -Bas van Vliet’ -OM Amsterdam’ en de ‘Nacht un Nebel-Rechtbank Amsterdam’. De volgende ‘Nacht und Nebel rechtszaak’ van de ‘Kabinet Rutte- Nazi-Zorgtoeslag -Rechters’ tegen ons, die al loopt sinds 2017( is op zich al in strijdt met het EVRM en de GRW) staat op 30 juni 2022.


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Morgen Schokkend wordt wakker artikel: “Britse bisschop spreekt de waaruit: ‘Rusland is laatste obstakel voor nieuwe Nazi-Elite-Corona- Slaven-wereldorde’(Video). D66 -CIA-Trol-Haatzaaier tegen de Russen en PVV en FvD-‘ Pedo-Rapist-meetoo- Sjoerdsma” nu al weer in psychose geschoten en woest op de Bisschop.

Share this: Morgen schokkend artikel: De openlijke Corruptie en Klasse Justitie is stuitend: VN-gezant veroordeelt excessief politiegeweld in Nederland, US Puppet -Nazi-Zorgtoeslag-regime Rutte&D66-NPO’ geeft niet eens reactie, maar Keizerin Halsema wel en die staat pal achter haar corrupte NSB-politiegeweld(Video‘s).

Tot slot en extreem schokkend: Aan: (corrupte)-Hoofdofficier R. Beukelaer Amsterdam en de Klachtencommissie Gerechtshof Amsterdam inzake klacht en aangifte in de zaak Brown tegen het corrupte ”Pedo-Rapist-Hoofdofficier Vincent Leenders’& Sidekick-Psycho-Killer OvJ. Bas van de Vliet’-OM’ en hun ‘Tuig in Zwarte Toga-Gabber in crime’ de Gerechtelijke macht Amsterdam(Video’s).

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