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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Wat u nooit ziet bij NPO en/of Buitenhof: America First in Genocide & international piracy & Spying & Powerty.Rutte &Co: Het is Ok en pas op voor de Russen(Video’s)& America First in Klasse Justitie & Genocide : ‘Taxfree Elite Killer -Chevron -Crime groep’ doet wat het wil: Rutte: Bij ons is het ook zo, Leve onze grote Leiders Trump & Biden en mijn ‘Taxfree- VOC-Genocide-King Shell-Willem’(Video’s)

 BBC&CNN&NPO:Tribute mass children killer (500.000)US Secretary of State Albright(Video’s)& Hysterische Buitenhof aka “Dood aan de Russen en arme mensen” had ‘dr. Goebbels- VVD-Karel Burger Dirven’ in persoon te gast met als fan ‘Yes we Can Boy Klaver’ in onderbroek, maar over de ‘Top-Elite-Pedo-Rapist-Metoo-ers a la Johnny de Mol en Derksen & Ed Nijpels & Matthijs van Nieuwkerk& ‘D66 Kaag-Bende’ en het lijden van de NL-Laagste Klassen horen wij Buitenhof nooit(Video’s)

Wat u niet ziet bij dr. Goebbels-‘NPO&NOS-Journaal & Buitenhof’: Oekraïne verwoest en Rusland tot paria van het ‘NWO-Nazi-Elite-Westen’ en de Duivelse US Wapen& Fracking Gas-handelaren verdienen miljarden bloed geld(Video’s) betaald door Jan met de Pet die doodvriest en niet te eten heeft in de EU & US(Video’s)

DejaVu: Hitler is wieder da:Duitsland wordt weer grootste militaire macht van Europa tegen Rusland en eigen ( arme)-Burgers net als tijdens Hitler. ‘Nazi-Zorgtoeslag & Pedo-Metoo-Bazen-Rutte&Kaag&NPO-Buitenhof’: het is Top en wij doen ook weer mee, Heil Scholz & Biden & Rechtbank:’vaccinatieplicht ongrondwettig: dodelijke bijwerkingen'(Video).

The nation’s most powerful corrupt Mass-Child Killer- Democrats of the past quarter-century, Devile world leaders, Psychopath friends and Elite-crimenal family celebrated the crimenal life Wednesday of  Mass-Child Killer and War Crimenal Monster-Madeleine Albright, the nation’s first NWO-Elite-Nazi- female secretary of state, who arrived in the U.S. as a young girl from war-torn Czechoslovakia before becoming a trailblazing psychopath ‘Mass-Child- diplomat and a NWO-Elite-Nazi-national icon.

Waanzin en misdadig: ‘NWO-Nazi-‘Taxfree-Elite- puppet -Biden vraagt Congres om recordbedrag van 33 miljard dollar voor ‘Proxy-Oorlog Oekraïne’ tegen Rusland, terwijl 1 op de 5 kinderen in de US niet te eten heeft en 60 miljoen US burgers creperen en zijn EU -Slaven’ hebben reeds 20 miljard cadeau gegeven aan ‘CIA-Puppet- Zenliski-Kliek’, terwijl 110 miljoen ‘EU&UK-Burgers onder de armoedegrens creperen &massagraven bij Marioepol is weer broodje aap.

In the 20th and 21st century, freedom for the ‘Taxfree-War Crimenals& Pedo-Rapits-Meetoo like Biden, Trump Gates, Epstein-Killer-Elite’ had no greater champion than Mass Child-Killer and War Crimenal Madeleine Korbel Albright,” said President -puppet War Crimenal& Little Grill-Snifer-Joe Biden, eulogizing Albright at her funeral at Washington National Cathedral. He called  her “a Devil force of nature” who through (no)- “goodness, grace, humanity and intellect turned the tide of history.”

See Psychpath Hillary Clinton having Fune about Killling:

Devil-Albright died March 23 at age 84 after a fight with cancer, leaving a Mass Murder-Cildren- legacy as a defender of  the 1 % Devil- Taxfree-Ultra- Richt-Elite-Gangsters and War Criminals , and against human rights and peace. More than 1,400 Devil- psychopath people, each wearing a Devil- face mask at the request of the ‘Albright -NWO-Elite- family, packed the NWO-Elite-Nazi-Devil- cathedral.

Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton describe how Albright urged other women to “interrupt” and how, despite her small stature, she wasn’t afraid to stand up to America’s biggest adversaries. They marveled at Albright’s courage and vast collection of  lapel pins, laughed about her dancing the tango and macarena, and said her journey from Europe after World War II embodied America.

#Metoo-Biden endorses by ‘War Mongul-Hillary Clinton’& ‘Pedo Rapist Bill’ at ‘Saskia Noort&Oerdomme Linda de Mol – women’s- event’(Video’s)

Madeleine understood her story was America’s story,” puppet Little Grill Snifer and War Crimenal-Biden said. “She loved to speak about America as the indispensable nation. To her, the phrase was never a statement of arrogance. It was about gratitude for all this country made possible for her.”

Devil-Albright’s closed casket sat in the front of the chamber. Biden watched the service from the front row next to former President-puppet Uncle Tom and War Crimenal- Barack Obama and his Crazy wife, Michelle Obama; the Clintons and their daughter, Chelsea Clinton; and former Vice President Al Gore – a group that represented seven of the past eight Democratic presidential Devil- nominees. The room was filled with Devils of the Biden administration officials, current and former devil- lawmakers, an array of past and current diplomats, foreign ministers and ambassadors. 

‘It was so perfectly Chil-Killer- Madeleine,’ Pedo-Rapist- Metoo- War Crimenal-Bill Clinton says of last Devil conversation

”Pedo-Rapist-Meetoo& War Crimenal-Bill Clinton”, who nominated ‘Devil- Child-Killer-Albright as the 64th”Child-Killer-&War Criemnal- secretary of state shortly after his 1996 reelection, recalled his last conversation with Devil-Albright two weeks before she died. He asked her how she was feeling, but she was more interested in talking about the future of the world in light of the US Procky War angainst Russia’s -Ukraine and the state of  NWO-Nazi-Elite-democracy. 

“‘The only thing that really matters is what kind of world we’re going to leave to our ‘NWO-Nazi-Elite-grandchildren,'” Albright told Clinton, he recalled. “I will never forget that NWO-Elite-Nazi- conversation as long as I live. It was so perfectly Devil Madeleine teh Child-Killer.” 

He added: “That question is kind of up in the air, but not because of Devil- Madeleine Albright. I was honored to be a part of her psychopat crimenal life for more than 30 years.”

Former UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright is sworn in as the new Secretary of State as President Bill Clinton looks on during ceremonies at the White House in Washington on Jan. 23, 1997. Albright succeeded William Christopher and was the first woman to hold the position of Secretary of State.

Woman of the Century: Madeleine Albright talks about how she became secretary of state, speaking up as a woman and the importance of calling out wrongs
Obituary: Child-Killer- Madeleine Albright, groundbreaking NWO-Nazi-Elite- secretary of state and Devil- feminist icon, dies at 84
He credited Albright, who had served as his Devil- ambassador to the United Nations, Bom Servie in Kosovo, where NWO-US-SS-NATO-Nazi-Elitepeace has now been  maintained for 26 years, and for her Devil- leadership in the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In attendance for the funeral was US puppets-Georgia’s President Salome Zourabichvili  and Kosovo’s President Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu and Prime Minister Albin Kurti.
Pedo-Rapist-Meetoo-Bill Clinton said, “God gave her a fine mind and a wealth of experience for anyone who was willing to pay attention to it, hahahahahah.” He said Albright “made the most of i ass Elilte Devil , not just for herself, but for other NWO-Nazi-Elite- people. She loved NWO-Nazi-Elite more than you will ever know.” 
Albright knew what she was for and against, he said, and held a political philosophy that differences among nations should be discussed, not fought over, hahahashaah Kill the Children
“Today we see in in our Vazal Sate Nazi- Ukraine all too tragically what Madeline always knew: that the advance of freedom neither inevitable or permanent, and that in politics, where the lure of power is strong and the temptation to abuse it is often irresistible, there are no permanent victories or defeats.”
“We love you, Devil-Madeleine,” Bill Clinton said. “We miss you. But I pray to God, we never stop hearing you. Just sit on our shoulder and nag us to death ‘til we do the right thing and ceep on Killer Children and War Crime’s.”

War monguol& psychopath Hillary Clinton tells an Devil- Albright lesson: ‘You have to interrupt and Mass Mudrer Children, hihihihih and marry a Meetoo-Pedo-Rapist man just what I dit,hhihihihih ‘ 

As NWO-Nazi-Elite-secretary of state, Albright was known as a supporter of military action in world affairs amd Mass Murder Children and poor People. She was the first U.S. official to meet with Vladimir Putin after he became president of Russia in 2000. That same year, shortly before Pedo-Rapist-Meetoo- Bill Clinton’s second-term ended, she traveled to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong Il, marking the first trip to North Korea by a U.S. NWO-Elite-Nazi-diplomat. 

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the funeral service for former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright at the Washington National Cathedral, Wednesday, April 27, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) ORG XMIT: DCEV250

Psychopath & War Crimenal–Hillary Clinton, who lost her 2016 bid to become the nation’s first Devil-female president, said Devil Child Killer-Albright “didn’t just help Nazi-Elite-women. She spent her entire Devil- life counseling, cajoling, inspiring and lifting up so many of us who are here today and .is for sure now in Hell.”

She recalled something Devil-Albright told her students at Georgetown University, where Albright taught Mass-Killing Children-classes for some four decades.

“Silence may be golden, she told them,” Psycho-Hillary Clinton said, “but it won’t win many arguments. You have to interrupt and Kill Children and poor people and War Crimes. When dictators ( No Slave of the US-NWO-Elite-Nazi’s) dragged their feet or ambassadors filibustered, Devil-Madeline never hesitated to speak up. And just in case they didn’t get the message, she would put on a snail pin to signal her impatience.” ‘Psycho-Hillary Clinton concluded her remarks joking that the angels in heaven better be “wearing their best pins and putting on their dancing shoes, because her comes the Devil.”

“Because, as if Madeline believed, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support Child Killing other NWO-Elite-Nazi-women, they haven’t seen anyone like her yet,hihihihihi and take a ‘Epstein-Pedo-Rapist-meetoo -man’ Like my War Crimenal-Bil as Husband.”

Wat u niet ziet bij dr. Goebbels-‘NPO&NOS-Journaal & Buitenhof’: Oekraïne verwoest en Rusland tot paria van het ‘NWO-Nazi-Elite-Westen’ en de Duivelse US Wapen& Fracking Gas-handelaren verdienen miljarden bloed geld(Video’s) betaald door Jan met de Pet die doodvriest en niet te eten heeft in de EU & US(Video’s)

The escorted casket of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is taken out of the Washington National Cathedral, after a funeral service, Wednesday, April 27, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) ORG XMIT: DCEV2262

‘Uncle Tom& War Crimenal-Obama’ awarded Albright the NWO-Elite_Nazi-Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mass Murder, War Crime’s and Killing 500.000 Children in 2012. After her NWO-Elite- Nazi diplomatic career as Mass Child Murder and War Crimenal, Albright, a Snake in Suits-businesswoman and  dr. Goebbels-author of several bestselling books, including three lying memoirs, became a symbol of NWO-Elite-SS-Nazi- Mass-Murder- Children- Devil-female empowerment. 

Déjà vu:Verzetsheld Steve Brown wijst o.a. op het feit dat 25.000 ‘Nederlandse -Prins Bernhard- SS-ers’  ontelbare Russen en Joden en Homo’s, etc.  hebben vermoord tijdens de Tweede Wereld Oorlog  samen met  o.a. de Nazi’s van de Ukraine en dat de NSB net zo veel stemmen haalde als de VVD-Misdaadgroep en dat het Hoofdofficer- Pedo-Rapist-Vincent Leedners/Demmink&  ‘Psyo-Killer Ovj- Bas van de Vliet – OM-Amsterdam’ van de ‘Straf de arme Rutte-maatschappij’  kleine  jongetjes  aanrand uit de Laagste Klasse: 

‘Nazi-Zorgtoeslag -Zwarte Ster-Rechter Lady- Kafka- Mr. A.D. Belcheva’ &  ‘Doofpot-Griffier- Her- Nacht und Nebel -M. Den Toon’ van sector Bestuursrecht- A’Dam sluit de corrupte rijen met de ‘Nazi-Zorgtoeslag- Zwarte Ster-Rechters-Voorzitter mevr. E.G.C. Groenendaal, mevr. M.A.E. Somsen, mevr. T. Amoldussen ‘van de Strafafdeling & Het ‘Kindermisbruikers- Hoofdofficier Vincent Leenders &’ Psycho-Killer Bas van de Vliet -OM –Amsterdam’  in de Straf& Bestuur-zaken  tegen Verzetsheld Steve Brown & Co.(Video’s)

Wederom heeft bepaalde corrupte Pedofielen en dieren-sexs en/ of  van de ‘Oude Jodenjagers stempel – NSB-Zwarte Ster -Politie’ tijden tijden van de Nazi bezetting van NL o.a. enge, geestelijk ,gestoorde ,Levensgevaarlijk ‘agent’ Martin Pauw ( stamnummer AML 38458) district  Zuid Amsterdam aka ” beroepscrimineel met blanco Strafblad Steve Brown Kijk in de Spiegel” kennelijk  onder leiding  van de pathologische  leugenaars-  ‘OvJ Psych-Killer- Bas van de Vliet’ en Hoofdofficier Beukelaer van het ‘Kindermisbruikers Hoofdofficier Vincent  Leenders-OM Amsterdam’  zich weer  schuldig gemaakt een reeks van ambtsdelicten  tegen Verzetsheld ing Steve Brown en de zijne.

Niets is wat het lijk in de Pedo-Rapist-Metoo-Cratie van het regiem Nazi-Rutte4 : Tweede kamer Voorzitter Firouz Alida Chaouqui   met  D66-alias , c.q. ‘Lesbo-artiesten -naam ‘Oer-Hollandse- Vera Bergkamp’ heet in  werkelijkheid dus Fiouz Alida Chaouqui en daar is niks mis mee.   Moest  Vera Fiouz Alida als een Uncle-Tom van D66 haar Marokkaanse Roots verloochen en zich voor doen als ‘blanke -Grachtengordel—Parasiet- Freak- D66-Nederlander’ met één doel steeds de microfoon afzetten als Verzetshelden Gideon van Meijering , Baudet en Van  Houwelingen  de waarheid stellen in de Tweede Kamer . En daar is  ook nog ‘Freak- D66 Minister van Klasse Justitie’  ‘vreemdganger- Franc Weerwind de ‘Voice- Pedo- Borsato- Ali B. etc. -advocaat ‘van en voor ‘Epstein-Pimp John de Mol ‘(Video’s) en niet te vergeten de Freakjes -Rob Jetten en Jonkvrouw- Ollongren. Hun ‘Doofpot-AIVD’ weet van niks . Maar wat moeten de Russische  en Chinezen spionnen(Video’s) eigenlijk nog uitzoeken in NL  . De chantabele  ‘Politieke -Top-Pedo-Rapist-Metoo- Fraude en Witwasser-Freaks’ liggen voor het oprapen in  het land van  het altijd liegende- ‘Zwarte Ster-Pedo-Metoo-Naziregime Rutte’.

Vervolg van de hiervoor beschreven Pogingen van Moord op Verzetsheld ing Steve Brown’en de zijne door het ‘Kindermisbruikers -Hoofdofficier Vincent Leenders en zijn Sidekick-OvJ-Psycho-Killer -Bas van Vliet’ -OM Amsterdam’ en de ‘Nacht un Nebel-Rechtbank Amsterdam’. De volgende ‘Nacht und Nebel rechtszaak’ van de ‘Kabinet Rutte- Nazi-Zorgtoeslag -Rechters’ tegen ons, die al loopt sinds 2017( is op zich al in strijdt met het EVRM en de GRW) staat op 30 juni 2022.


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