(van onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Wat u nooit ziet bij de dr. Goebbels-Staats-AIVD-NPO-NOS-Journaal met als Straffeloze’ Graai en Naai -Directeur -Pooier& Mega-Witwwasser &fraudeur Frans Klein’ ( met Schokkende Video’s) leest u hierna:

Taxfree-US-War Crime-US- Epstein- Pedo-Rapist Biden, Trump, Clinton Gates Killer-Elite’ uses ISIS as ‘scarecrow’ to intimidate others and Steel there OIL, while secretly backing them &Forcing EU to buy there expensive Fracking Gas(MET SCHOKKENDE WORDT WAKKER VIDEO’S)

Puppet &D66-Franc Weerwind’ van John de Mol benoemt tot Minister voor ‘Rechts’-Doofpot-Bescherming’ &’Uncle Tom- Minerva- Freak-Weerwind’ ‘Snuif, Neuk en Gok- aanrander-Gabber’ van Ali B. (MET SCHOOKENDE WORDT WAKKER VIDEO’S)

NWO-Corona-America’s-Pedo-Rapist-Killer-Elite-War Machine’& SS-NATO:Kill the Russians & Chinese and poor People and make blood Billions and Rape little Girls & Boys.‘US –NWO-Puppet- Freak-regime Rutte 4’:Het is Oke, wij doen ook mee en vlucht voor Wilders de kamer uit. (Met Schokkende wordt Wakker Video’s) 

Underground Presentator en Verzetsheld- ing Steve Brown van ” De Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-NOIR/SALTO-TV” was de eerste en enige die al in 2020 waarschuwde dat de energie rekening voor ‘Jan met de Pet’ onbetaalbaar wordt door het Stop zetten van Nord Stream 2 door de ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite en hun Boy  de altijd liegende ‘Zorg-toeslag- Maffia Boss- Rutte’ de hoofdader van het ontvoeren van elfhonderd ‘Zorg-toeslag- Kinderen’ in Hel  en de  CIA Trollen ‘GroenLinksrechts Bram van Oijk’ en ‘D66 DDR66 –Sjoersdma’, zie vanaf 14. 57 en vanaf 7.38 schokkende beelden dat de NSB-Politie en BOAS van de  CDA-Gestapo-Corona-Generaal- Grapperhaus een kinderfeestje met bruut geweld uit elkaar slaan tot de kimderen aan toe,  omdat zij zich niet houden aan de NWO-Corona-maatregelen en twee extra laffe en sadistische NBS-politie agenten van de CDA-Gestapo-Corona-Generaal- Grapperhaus twee ouder vrouwen die demonstreerde tegen de NWO-Corona-maatregel  zonder enige aanleiding met de Knuppel ramt en de Politie een bejaarde invalide man hard op de grond gooit: 

Killers Obama& Pedo Rapisten- Clinton, Trump and Biden’ and there ‘EU- Slave’s – SS-NATO-Killers- Macron, Johnson, Rutte , Merkel, etc. & ‘Australia-  US-Puppet premiers’  killed 100 thousand of  poor innocent Citizens  en Children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya ,Syria,Vet-name and Korea,Serbia, etc.. (MET SCHOKKENDE WORDT WAKKER VIDEO’S)

According to top ‘Taxfree-US-Blood-Wae-Billionaires –Killer-Elite- executives’, the rapidly escalating standoff means big bucks for ‘Devil blood money- investors’ and the ‘US-Taxfree- Fracking Gas Elite-Gangsters. The Dutch D66 DDR66 Member CIA&AIVD- Troll  Sjoerds Joerdsma aka “ Dead to the Russians and Chinese and long live the US-Taxfree-War Crime& Francking Gas  Killer-Elite   of the corrupted Parlement  is so happy as a little D66 DDR66  psychopath. Rock bottom relations between Moscow and the Taxfree-War Crime Pedo-Rapist-Epstein- Biden, Clinton, Gates, Trom Prince Andrew ,etc.-West, along with the looming prospect of a conflict in Eastern Europe, bode well for firms cashing in on sending arms overseas, two of America’s largest weapons exporters have admitted.

Only US& there Slave State-SS-Ukraine votes against UN resolution condemning Nazism & Holocaust. Nu zwijgt ‘CIA-CIDI’ en het Joods-Overleg & NPO & CIA betaald $20,000 per maand aan (Nazi)- Anti-Rusland  & Pro-CIA- Ukraine-Zelensky Holocaust parlementsleden. Nu zwijgt CIDI& Joods Overleg& regime Rutte4 & NPO weer(MET SCHOKKENDE WORDT WAKKER VIDEO’S)  

As ‘War Mogul- SS-Washington’ and the US Slaves the Taxfree Snake in Suits of the EU spends increasingly large sums of cash on military equipment for there Slave- State CIA&MI6-SS- Ukraine, Blood War Devils-Raytheon and Lockheed Martin told Blood investors this week that escalation in the region bodes well for their bottom line, in transcripts released by investment site The Motley Fool.

On a January 25 earnings call, Raytheon CEO Blood Devil-Genocide- Greg Hayes said, “we just have to look to last week where we saw the drone attack in the UAE, which have attacked some of their other facilities. And of course, the tensions in Eastern Europe, the tensions in the South China Sea, all of those things are putting pressure on some of the defense spending over there. So I fully expect we’re going to see some Blood-benefit from it specely with the support of our Ducht CIA Trolls like the D66 Sjoerd Sjoerdsma.”

The same day, War-Blood Devil Genocide- Jim Taiclet, CEO of Lockheed Martin, also advised War0Blood-investors that the likelihood of further American involvement in Eastern Europe would be good for Blood-War-Crime-business. “If you look at the evolving threat level and the approach that some countries are taking, including North Korea, Iran and through some of its proxies in Yemen and elsewhere, and especially Russia today, and China, there’s renewed great power competition that does include national defense and threats to it,” he said.Taiclet noted that “the history of the United States is, when those environments evolve, we do not sit by and just watch it happen. So I can’t talk to a number, but I do think, and I’m concerned personally that the threat is advancing, and we need to be able to meet it.”In a January 26 earnings call, War-Crime-Blood Devil-Genocide- Brian West, CFO of aerospace and weapons contractor Boeing, did not reference Ukraine and Russia directly, but acknowledged that strong bipartisan support for military spending in WAR MONGUL-Washington has ensured that the company sees “stable demand.”

Russia responds to ‘SS-cowboy censorship’ clampdown on RT DE&’CIA-Corona-Twitter censorship’ for there ‘Elite-Pedo-Rapist’& Green- (Black)-party& D66 let the common EU Citizens freeze to dead& Dead to the Russians& ‘Freedom Fighter -ing Steve Brown’& Assange( MET SCHOKKENDE WORDT WAKKER VIDEO’S). PvdA-Timmermans& Jesse Klaver liegen in MH17-Doofpot&’CNN-CIA-Amanpour’&NOS: Islam Fake News, ZIE HIERNA:

According to Brown University’s Costs of WA

ar Project, the arms industry has spent $2.5 billion on government lobbying over the past two decades, employing, on average, more than 700 lobbyists per year. Pentagon spending has exceeded $14 trillion since the start of the war in Afghanistan, and one-third to a half of that money has gone to military contractors.

Ondertussen: Genocide- Gas Moordenaar Bolkestein’ is aan het ‘Geil-Dementeren’ en laat zich VVD-Terroristisch-uitmelken’ door ‘VVD-Hofstad-Callgrill- Sahla’. Freak-Rutte bralt het weer goed, maar zwijgt over ‘John de Mol -Puppet- Franc Weerwind’. Wilders terecht Woest!(Video) 

dr Goebbels- Staats-AIVD NOS-Rusland-correspondent-Godfroid’ volledig doorgedraaid van zijn Leugens over de Russen en scheldt  Freedom Fighter ing Steve Brown uit voor Mafkees!( Met schokkende wordt wakker Video’s)

In the 1990s, arms manufacturers spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying for the expansion of SS-NATO, the ‘US-Taxfree-War crime-& Pedo-Rapist- Epstein& Clinton , Biden Trump, etc-Killer-Elite’  Slave led military bloc, into Eastern Europe, after the industry shrank following the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. See:https://www.rt.com/russia/547669-usa-arms-manufacturers-big-profits/

Brain MacDonald(ournalist. Head of Russia & FSU desk 


 (online). Interested in facts & objectivity. Not interested in wishful thinking or ideology. Opinions my own.

The push for SS-NATO expansion started, in the 90s, when Russia had a very US-friendly government, and wasn’t threatening anyone. As with most things, it was about $$’s. US arms makers were looking for new customers & lobbied heavily. Here’s how 


“Here’s a 1998 


article explaining why SS-NATO continued to expand after the Warsaw Pact collapsed. American arms manufacturers “made enormous investments in lobbyists” to open up “new & hugely lucrative” markets in Europe at a time when US-Russian relations were good.” 

Tensions around the US-Slave State-SS- Ukraine have been high for months, with War-Crime Blood Devil- Western leaders claiming they fear Russia is planning an imminent invasion of its neighbor, and pointing to reports that more than 100,000 Russian soldiers have massed near the shared border. Moscow has denied that it has any aggressive intentions, and has called for security agreements that would prohibit NATO from expanding into Ukraine or Georgia, a deal that Washington has said is off the table.

Binnenkort: Wordt wakker publicatie van Algemene importantie met schokken nieuwe Foto ’s van ‘Psycho-Killer- Ovj Bas van de Vliet’ en de extreem corrupte en schaamteloze Hoofdofficier Renee Beukelaer en ‘Kafka-President ‘Killer Queen C.M.  Wiertz –Wezenbeek’ van de ‘Straf de arme Rechtbank Amsterdam’ en de ronduit bizarre eis tot zelf censuur brief aan Steve Brown van verwarde man Hoofdofficier Renee Beukelear inzake hun wan en misdaden en schending van de mensenrechten (EVRM) van’ Psycho-Killer OvJ Bas van de Vliet’ & ‘Hoofdofficier Renee Beukelear’ van ‘Kindermisbruikers Hoofdofficier Vincent Leenders-OM Amsterdam’ en de ‘Kafka- President van de Straf de arme Rechtbank Amsterdam Killer Queen C.M. Wiertz-Wezenbeek jegens ing Freedom Fighter en Volks-journalist- Steve Brown en CO: Hoofdofficier Beukelear A’dam bedreigd Steve Brown als verwarde man  en eist Noord Koreaanse Kafka achtige  zelf censuur van Brown  namens het regiem Rutte 4 . 

Lees ook in dit verband: Daders J. Schouten en T.H. Giezen en Kickbokser B. Van Tricht van een poging tot moord, c.q. doodslag met aanhang hebben dolle pret tijdens de Film-pauze met Psycho-KILLER- OvJ. Bas van de Vliet als hun liegende advocaat en partijdige Rechtbank straf de arme Amsterdam met alsVoorzitter ‘Nazi-Zorgtoelsag- ‘Killer Queen E.G. C. Groenendaal’ (3) (Met schokkende wordt Wakker Video’s)





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