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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Russia responds to ‘SS-cowboy censorship’ clampdown on RT DE&’CIA-Corona-Twitter censorship’ for there ‘Elite-Pedo-Rapist’& Green- (Black)-party& D66 let the common EU Citizens freeze to dead& Dead to the Russians& ‘Freedom Fighter -ing Steve Brown’& Assange(Video’s). Ontmaskering AIVD Informanten& Moordenaars Peter R de Vries & Bas Van Hout, Historisch Overzicht(1), zie de schokkende beelden:

Why is the ‘Elite-Snake in Suit-EU’& there ‘dr. Goebbels-MSM’ backing ‘CIA&MI6-Navalny’& ‘CIA&MI6-Slave- State-Nazi-Ukraine’, but ignoring Assange and the poverty& ‘Royal-Pedo-Rapist’ in the EU?(Video’s).

German SS -Police use measuring sticks to enforce social poor People  (=Labbekakken)  Corona-distancing (Video’s)& Dutch’s NSB-Police’ is shooting at anti- Corona Locks down- Demonstrators(Video).

On the show, Chris Hedges discusses ‘The Trial of Julian Assange,’ a new book by Nils Melzer, UN special rapporteur on torture.In July 2010, WikiLeaks published ‘Cablegate,’ one of the biggest leaks in the history of the ‘US-Steel the OIL and Gold an Kill the poor- military’, including evidence of war crimes and torture. Julian Assange, the founder and spokesman of WikiLeaks, immediately found himself a target, accused of hacking, and later sexual assault. He spent the next seven years in asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, fearful that he would be extradited to Sweden to face a CIA-Fake-accusations of assault and then sent to the US. In 2019, Assange was handed over to the ‘SS-British police’. On the same day, the US-Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo-Rapist-Killer-Elite’ demanded his extradition and Torture . He faces up to 175 years in prison for alleged espionage and computer fraud.

Killers Obama& Pedo Rapisten- Clinton, Trump and Biden’ and there ‘EU- Slave’s – SS-NATO-Killers- Macron, Johnson, Rutte , Merkel, etc. & ‘Australia-  US-Puppet premiers’  killed 100 thousand of  poor innocent  Citizens  en Children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya ,Syria,Vet-name and Korea,Serbia, etc.. (Video’s) 

The Pedo- Rapist Kid Borsato& Johnny de Mol- Voice Of Holland van regiem Rutte : Ex-Psycho-gemeenteraadslid Heemskerk betrapt op zieke -seksuele Hoofdofficier-Vincent Leenders- afpersing’(Video’s) 

It was at this moment that Nils Melzer, UN special rapporteur on torture, started his methodical investigation into how the  War Crimes-US and UK governments were working in tandem to imprison Assange for life in the United States. The more Melzer investigated the more it became apparent that the ‘Taxfree War Crime-Pedo-Rapist-Killer-Elite –UK- and there Boss The  -United States-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite’ were grossly distorting the legal process to revoke Assange’s most basic rights, including due process along with the flagrant manipulation of evidence. The violations included the taping of Assange’s meetings with his attorneys, in violation of attorney-client privilege. Melzer gathered medical and psychological evidence to prove that Assange had suffered prolonged and orchestrated psychological torture. All these measures were instituted solely because Assange provided to the public evidence of war crimes, lies, corruption and a callous indifference by the United States to human life.

Nils Melzer is the UN special rapporteur on torture. His new book is ‘The Trial of Julian Assange: A Story of Persecution.’

En als uitsmijter morgen de gehele klacht online: Verzetsheld Steve Brown naar het Europese Hof van de Rechten van de Mens: Klacht  ex artikel 12 Sv tegen ‘Psycho-Killer  OvJ. Bas van de Vliet’ op grond van o.a. middels zeer ernstig opzettelijk misbruik  van recht  als Desk Killer inzake o.a. niet rechtmatig vervolgen van  T.H. Giezen en J. Schouten ( en Kickbokser B van Tricht) voor poging tot moord,.cq. Doodslag en ‘Brown&CO Vogelvrij’ verklaarde(Video’s).


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