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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Stephen Fry ON Grazy ‘Political Correctness’ of the so-called Liberals]& US-  ‘Poodle Boris Johnson’ Says his UK  an he are Not Corrupt and perverts & Rutte: Mijn NL is ook niet Corrupt en Leve de Corona  dat de armen laat dood vriezen(Video’s)

Wat u nooit ziet bij de dr . Goebbels – Staats-AIVD-NPO&NOS-journaal met als Straffeloze ‘Graai en Naai-Directeur Pooier& Mega Witwasser& Fraudeur Frans Klein‘Video’s): Imagine if Assange had exposed Chinese an or Russian crimes, not US ones, dan had de hele Westerse dr. Goebbels corporate crime media – ‘CIA-CNN’ en hun EU Outlet s’BBC-MI6 ‘en ‘AIVD-NPO en NOS-journaal’ hysterisch geschreeuwd om scanties en veroordelingen van China en Rusland

Welcome to the Woke Trials’: ‘(Royal)-Elite Pedo-Rapisten’ verkrachten er op los. In China, Rusland? Nee in  de US&NL : Verkrachting, moorden foltering op ‘Rikers Jail voor de arme- Island’, New York& CIA & in NL van het regime Rutte& US-Europe’s ‘Cuban- Nazi-Ukraine -Nuke-Missile Crisis against Russia(Video’s) ’

No Conspiracy:The  Corona-NWO& The microwork scam&  Workers  Murderd , raped and held at gunpoint in modern day slavery in US & ‘US&SS-NATO-Rutte&CO-Nazi-Ukraine’ commit genocide’ in Donbass. ‘Nazi Zorgtoeslag&Pedo Boss-Rutte’: wij hebben onze ‘Labbekakken & Zorgtoeslag-Slaven’(Video’s)

‘Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo-Rapist-US’s ‘UK-Poodle-Horney- Johnson’ give Assange to ‘Killer-Biden’ who ‘contemplated killing’ him: CIA-Killers- Trolls & Nazi -High Court Judges –(Pedo)-LORD BURNETT OF MALDON & (Pedo )-LORD JUSTICE HOLROYD are the same Scum of the earth as the Dutch -Nazi-Zorgtoeslag -Judges from regime Rutte.

War Crime-US-SS-NATO-&Regime Rutte- Military’ covers up Syrian massacre and Regime Rutte is shooting on Corona Demonstrators(Video’s)

Hero of the People& Truth& Anti War journalist – Assange’ ‘CIA-Lynch&kill him-verdict’ branded as ‘travesty of justice’(Video’s& Corrupte Advocaten MH17-proces geïntimideerd door Clowns van het Type ‘CIA Trol -D66- Soerdsma , waarschijnlijk door Rusland volgens NTVC, wie anders, toch en ondertussen zijn Assange en Steve Brown Vogelvrij om vermoord te worden, al dan niet door OM-Amsterdam met” Psycho-Killer- OvJ. Bas van de Vliet’ en de CIA&AIVD-Killers en Gerechtelijke macht met o.a de Amsterdamse Rechter a La ‘ Killer Queen E.G. C. Groenendaal’.(Video’s) 

Human rights and press freedom activists have fiercely condemned a UK court ruling paving the way for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be extradited to the US where he faces espionage charges.

The UK-Lynch- High- Pedo-Lords- Court on Friday granted the US-Taxfree-War Crime Pedo-Rapist–Killer-Elite’’ request to extradite Assange, a request it had previously blocked due to Assange’s declining mental health. While the ruling is not final and can be appealed by Assange’s legal team, it brings the former WikiLeaks boss one step closer to a trial on US soil, where he faces a possible 175 years behind bars if convicted of espionage.

“These proceedings, and today’s ruling, are a black mark on the history of press freedom,” wrote Trevor Timm of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. “That United States prosecutors continued to push for this outcome is a betrayal of the journalistic principles the Biden administration has taken credit for celebrating,” Timm, who previously testified in Assange’s defense, continued” . Read More&Video  

US-Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo-Rapist-Killer-Elite’s ‘ ‘UK-Poodle Horney- Johnson’ wants to give Assange to ‘Killer-Biden&CIA’ who ‘contemplated killing’ him (Video’s) 

Ondertussen: Het Hof: Meneer Holleeder voordat we deze ‘Riool-Showbizz –rechzaak’ beginnen geef ik u alvast Levenslang names uw Judas-zussen Holleeder en hun ‘Media-AIVD-Pooier Moordenaar-Peter R. de Vries’ en’Moordenaar Martin Kok’(Video’s)

The decision of the ‘CIA-Killers- Pedo-Lords- High Court’ in London to allow the extradition and Killing of the journalist Julian Assange to the ‘US-CIA-Killers’ – with little Grill Sniffer Biden is “shameful,” Moscow said on Friday.Writing on her Telegram channel, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova blasted the judgement, noting that it happened on International Human Rights Day.

“This shameful verdict in this political case against a journalist and public figure is another manifestation of the cannibalistic worldview of the Anglo-Saxon tandem,” she said.Assange is wanted by the US on espionage  fake charges, and the latest decision opens the door for a future lynch- trial in America. Earlier this year, a district court rejected the US extradition request, citing the journalist’s vulnerable mental state. Read More 

En als uitsmijter : Verzetsheld -l ing Steve Brow naar het Europese Hof van de Rechten van de Mens tegen de ‘Nazi-Zorgtoeslag’-Rechters’ a La ‘Killer-Queen E.G. C. Groenendaal’ van de Straf de arme Rechtbank Amsterdam& Klacht  S. Brown&CO ex artikel 12 Sv tegen ‘Psycho-Killer  OvJ. Bas van de Vliet’ op grond van o.a. middels zeer ernstig opzettelijk misbruik  van recht  als Desk Killer inzake o.a. niet rechtmatig vervolgen van  T.H. Giezen en J. Schouten ( en Kickbokser B van Tricht) voor poging tot moord,.cq. Doodslag en ‘Brown&CO Vogelvrij’ verklaarde(Video’s).


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