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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-  Sadistic- Baby&Child sex abusers at CIA avoiding prosecution just like in the Netherlands the  Baby&Child sex abusers Judicial system &Top Politticians. Rutte&Grapperhaus woest: het is niet waar! (VIDEO’S)

Wat u nooit ziet bij de dr . Goebbels – Staats-AIVD-NPO&NOS-journaal met als Straffeloze ‘Graai en Naai-Directeur Pooier& Mega Witwasser& Fraudeur Frans Klein‘Video’s)

Grachtengordel TV-Trol- Gijs van Dam’ vs.  Grachtengordel- TV-Trol-VARA ‘Pedo- #metoo-Junkie- Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’(Video’s)& Pedo-# Metoo-Junkie-Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’ blijft bij ‘Staats-NPO’ zijn Zakkenvullen  als ‘Fake News- Grachtengordel-presentator- DWDD’(Video’s)

Freedom&$ for me but not for Assange (or thee &Steve Brown):The hypocrisy of CIA-CNN’s Billionaire Amanpour& Green party Leader Boy Jesse Klaver(Video’s)., zie schokkende Beelden hierna:

Geen Complot: Here’s how many times CIA & ‘Mossad- Elite Pimp& Blackmailer Epstein’ visited Pedo-Rapist Client / Blackmail-victim Clinton the White House. Pedo-Boss-Rutte& Grapperhaus& NPO: wij geven nu geen commentaar.(VIDEO’S) 

Tara Reade: The shaming of sexual assault whistleblowers has to stop:Dr. Goebbels-AIVD- Nieuwsuur: Dreigen met tribunalen: drie complotdenkers voor de ‘Nazi-Zorg-Toeslag-rechter’ en Mariëlle Tweebeeke hangt ze vast op aan de ‘Complot-Gekken-Nieuwsuur-Schandpaal’ (Video’s). 

’Rapist-Weinstein pocht net als ‘Rapist- Vrouwenbeuker- Johnny de Mol’ over #Metoo-aanrandingen van Junkioe- ‘BN-hoertjes’(Video’s) .& Talkshow voor ‘Vrouwenbeuker & Neuker–Pedo-Johnny de Mol &amp& ‘Pooier -Pauw’; Fake News Buitenhof: Wij zijn al jaren in Oorlog met Rusland(Video’s) 

Sadistic Baby & Children Rapist- CIA’ dumping the used toilet papers ! Nothing new!Don’t fall for it. This is just Cia media campaign to promote CIA-CNN as a credible source. They sacrifice their own from time to time.‘CIA-CNN’ anchor Chris Cuomo was accused of sexual misconduct this week just hours after he was fired by the corporate  crime network, which claimed to have uncovered additional information while investigating his role in his  Rapist-brother’s own allegations. He lied about everything on CIA-CNN. Did he also lie about his sexual misconduct? Very likely.CIA-CNN doesn’t lie?funny how you mention them and the truth.

In a statement released on Sunday after Pedo-Rapist-CIA-CNN announced Cuomo had been fired, attorney Debra Katz said she was disturbed by the anchor’s “hypocrisy” for claiming on television that he had “always cared very deeply” about women’s issues, while simultaneously aiding his corrupt brother, former DEM. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, with his sexual misconduct defence.

Katz then revealed that in the wake of the scandal, her client had decided to come out with her own allegation of sexual misconduct against the CIA-CNN anchor.

Pedo& Zorgtoeslag-Nazi-Boss-Rutte’ & Billenmaatje junkie-Gordon & Schandknapen vieren ‘Pluk de armen kaal- en verkracht en ontvoer de( Zorgtoeslag)- kinderen van de Laagste Klasse regeerakkoord’ in ‘Pedo-Paardesteeg’(Video’s).

Disgusted by his efforts to try to discredit these women, my client retained counsel to report his serious sexual misconduct against her to CIA-CNN,” Katz said, claiming that the allegation was presented to CNN on December 1 – just a few days before Cuomo’s dismissal.“My client came forward at this time because she felt in sharing her story and related documentation, she could help protect other women,” the statement continued, adding that the accuser would “continue to cooperate with CIA-CNN’s investigation into her allegations.”Katz concluded that the woman would like to remain anonymous “given the nature of her allegations,” and asked the media and public to “respect this decision.”Cuomo was temporarily suspended from CIA-CNN last week pending investigation into his connection to his brother’s misconduct defense. Cuomo was ultimately fired on Saturday after the network said “additional information” had “come to light”.

 in its investigation.In his own statement on Saturday, Cuomo said the scandal was not how he wanted his “time at CIA-CNN to end” before defending the aid he provided to his brother and praising the achievements of his show. Following news of the sexual misconduct accusation on Sunday, a representative to Cuomo reportedly told TMZ that the “apparently anonymous allegations are not true.

However, it is not the first time that Cuomo has been accused of sexual misconduct.In September, Cuomo’s former boss at CIA-ABC News, Shelley Ross, accused the 20 miiljon a year Snake in suits anchor Like ‘Made in USA Hate Jesus Pedo Rapist-#Meettoo- Trump’ and  ‘Little Grill Sniffer-Biden’ and Johnny de Mol and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk  of grabbing her buttocks in front of her husband at a party in 2005. Cuomo allegedly acknowledged his wrongdoing in an email to Ross, claiming to be “ashamed” of his actions and noting that actor  Rapist-Christian Slater had been arrested over a “similar act.”

En als uitsmijter: Verzetsheld Steve Brown naar het Europese Hof van de Rechten van de Mens: Klacht  ex artikel 12 Sv tegen ‘Psycho-Killer  OvJ. Bas van de Vliet’ op grond van o.a. middels zeer ernstig opzettelijk misbruik  van recht  als Desk Killer inzake o.a. niet rechtmatig vervolgen van  T.H. Giezen en J. Schouten ( en Kickbokser B van Tricht) voor poging tot moord,.cq. Doodslag en ‘Brown&CO Vogelvrij’ verklaarde(Video’s).


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