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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Creepy Elite Pedo-Rapist- dresscode’: ‘Pedo Bill Clinton’& ‘VVD- Massa-Moordenaar CEO-Shell- Gerrit Zalm’ dragen zelfde blauwe Drag Queen Jurk(Video’s).

Wat u nooit ziet bij de dr . Goebbels – Staats-AIVD-NPO&NOS-journaal met als Straffeloze ‘Graai en Naai-Directeur Pooier& Mega Witwasser& Fraudeur Frans Klein‘Video’s)

Tara Reade: The shaming of sexual assault whistleblowers has to stop:Dr. Goebbels-AIVD- Nieuwsuur: Dreigen met tribunalen: drie complotdenkers voor de ‘Nazi-Zorg-Toeslag-rechter’ en Trol- Mariëlle Tweebeeke hangt ze vast op aan de ‘Complot-Gekken-Nieuwsuur-Schandpaal’ (Video’s). 

Monica Lewinsky aka “de Sigaar” moest liegen van ‘Pedo-Rapist-War Crimenal- Bill Clinton’. War Crimenal Pedo-Rapits Trump het is oké(Video’s)

War Criminal –Pedo-Rapist-Clinton’ Comments on War criminal Pedo-Rapist-Trump Impeachment.  Pvda-Hoertje- Miss Cow-Sharon Dijkstra:” ‘Pedo-Bill’ is een goede man, die ik 5 miljoen cadeau heb gedaan met geld van het Volk ”(Video’s).

Baby&Child sex abusers at CIA avoiding prosecution just like in the Netherlands the  Baby&Child sex abusers Judicial system &Top Politticians a La Rose Pedo- Ed Nijpels. Pedo-Boss-Rutte&Grapperhaus woest: het is niet waar! (VIDEO’S)& Misdaad:’Rose -Pedo- Ed Nijpels’ in EenVandaag:Ik heb Oerdomme Linda de Mol gewipt als tienermeisje, zie de schokkende Horror Beelden:

Candidates for an ‘Children and Baby’s –Sadistic Rapist- Tribunal’: The Infamous  Devil- Taxfree- Billionaire- Pedophile  Rapist& CIA& Mossad-informant Elite Pedo-Pimp-Jeffrey Epstein visited then-President Puppet Pedo-Rapist- Bill Clinton’s  ‘ Pussy-Cigar- Monica Lewinsky -White House’ a whopping 17 times during his first term, according to visitor logs obtained by the Daily Mail. On some days,  the Elite-Pedo-Pimp visited three times by his pervert Horny  Client & Blackmail Victim  ‘Pedo-Rapist-Client Bill Clinton’ to  collect  money for his  ‘Pedo-Rapist-service ‘of delivering young Grills and even maybe ‘ CIA-Baby’s and  -Pussy-Cigar- Monica Lewinsky- Dildos’   .

Epstein mostly visited the  ‘ Monica- Lewnsky-Pussy-Cigar- Dildos –  West- Wing’, according to Devils- visitor logs acquired through a Freedom of Information Act by the Daily Mail, implying he primarily came to see President  Puppet War Criminal Pedo-Rapist- Clinton. Their relationship dates back to at least the start of Clinton’s –Puppet-presidency, with logs placing Epstein and  Madam Ghislaine Maxwell at the ‘Pedo-Rapist& War Mongol- Devil- White House’ just a month after  Puppet Pedo –Rapist-Clinton’s inauguration in February 1993.While the logs published by the Mail on Friday revealed 17 visits from Epstein to the White House, the reasons for each visit are not specified, forcing the reader to imagine what the deceased financier might have been doing on, say, July 28, 1994 – when he visited the White House once at 2pm and again at 6.30pm. It’s one of three dates where he is recorded as visiting twice:  War Criminal- Bill was that day very Horny after throwing some Bombs on Belgrade children and baby’s and common people and the Chines embassy in Belgrade  with his ‘SS-NATO-Slaves- planes. 

 Piloot : Pedo’s Rapisten-’Prins Andrew, Trump,Clinton aan boord  ‘Lolita- Express privéjet’ van ‘CIA&Mossad &MI6-informant –‘Elite Pedo- Pimp Epstein’& ‘Pedo-Boss- Rutte&Rolodex-Demmink-express’ vliegt nog steeds vrij rond!(Video’s)

Taxfree-EU-Pedo-Killer-Elite’ geeft miljoenen aan Oekraïne, Georgië en Moldavië voor defensie terwijl 100 miljoen EU-burgers onder de armoedegrens moeten zien te overleven.  AIVD-NPO-Ruslandcorrespondent (Ex) Callgirl Iris de Graaf bralt het goed.(Video’s)

However, as the visitor logs reveal, Epstein was also invited to the  ‘War Mongol- Monica- Lewnsky-Pussy-Cigar- Dildos –  White House’ by several of Clinton’s Devil- advisers, including then-assistant for ‘economic-Kill the poor-people – policy’ ‘Pedo-Rapist- Robert Rubin, who was the first official to sign off on Epstein’s entrance into the presidential Puppet   ‘Monica- Lewnsky-Pussy-Cigar- Dildo- Clinton-residence in February 1993. ‘Pedo-Rapist- Rubin’ would later spend 10 years as corrupt   chairman- War Criminal  of the influential Council for Foreign  CIA Rape Baby’s and Children Relations following a stint as Clinton’s treasury secretary to pay Clinto.s Black Mailer and Pedo-Pimp&blackmailer- Epstein of. Via a profession  Liar spokeswoman, ‘Pedo-Rapist Rubin’ claimed to have no ‘Pedo-Boss-Rutte- recollection’ of speaking and Child rapping and or Killing hundred of  times with or meeting Devil-Epstein.

Geen Complot(Video’s) :Nederland het Koninkrijk  der Justitie Pedofielen van regiem Pedo-Boss-Rutte&NPO.

America First in Elite-Pedo’s and No Anesthesia, no Consent: how Black people have been victims of medical racism in the US. Rutte: Bij ons was en is het niet veel anders(Video’s)

No Surrender President Henk Kuipers(Video’s) : Verzetsheld ing Steve Brown heeft gelijk dat het Taxfree-Royal-Elite-Pedo-Rapist-Tuig van regiem Pedo-Bos-Rutte   met die ‘Pedo-Rapist Hoofdofficier Vincent Leenders’ met zijn ‘Psycho-Killer OvJ Bas van de Vliet ‘  smeerpoetsen bij het  ‘Kindermisbruikers OM-Amsterdam’ zich  al jarenlang straffeloos vergrijpen aan kleine jongens: 

Wil Madame Maxwell ‘CIA & MI6’ die (murder) by COVID 19 or by suicide (murder) in Jail. ‘AIVD-Spy- Killer-Peter R. de Vries’: Maxwell & Epstein & Demmink zijn onschuldig(Video’s).

Subsequent Devil- visits to the ‘Monica- Lewnsky-Pussy-Cigar- Dildos – White House’  took place under the guise of (pedo-Rapist Bil Gates)-philanthropy, which became one of Epstein’s primary avenues for bending the ears – and other body parts – of powerful men. He donated money to help fix up the ‘White House Historical  Slave and War Crimes and pedo-Rapist- Association’ on one occasion, and on another visited to commemorate a sizable education grant, Sure. At least one of Epstein’s ‘Monica- Lewnsky-Pussy-Cigar- Dildos –  White House’ visits coincided with a visit by former Pedo-Rapist-Senator George Mitchell, one of the boldface names fingered by Virginia Roberts Giuffre as a man Epstein loaned her out to for sex.  Pedo-Rapist-Mitchell has denied any such transactions.In addition to his many meetings with Epstein at theMonica- Lewnsky-Pussy-Cigar- Dildos –    White House,  Client & Blakcmail Vitim -Clinton is known to have flown on the convicted sex offender’s own ‘Lolita Express’ private jet some 26 times during and after his presidency. Despite insisting he had no idea of his  Elite-Pedo Pimp friend’s underage proclivities during that time, Clinton’s first term also overlapped with the period in which Maxwell is currently under scrutiny in her criminal trial for child sex trafficking. At least 10 of Clinton’s Lolita Express trips left his Secret Service detail at home, and one post-presidency journey in 2002 included actor Pedo-Rapits- Kevin Spacey, who has since been disgraced for his alleged proclivity for underage street  boys just like in the Netherlands The ‘Pedo-Rapist’s Epstein and Clinton’ were so close, the pedophile’s-Elite-Gangster Epstein’s  lawyers claim that he helped the ex-president puppet come up with the ‘Clinton Global –Pedo-Rapist-Devil-Initiative’, the lucrative philanthropic  ‘Taxfree-Snake in Suits-Money laundering- venture’  psychopaths Clinton and his wife  ‘War Mongol Hillary’ have focused on in the aftermath of his ‘ Devil-Pedo-Rapist-War Criminal- Devil-presidency’.

En als uitsmijter: Verzetsheld Steve Brown naar het Europese Hof van de Rechten van de Mens: Klacht  ex artikel 12 Sv tegen ‘Psycho-Killer  OvJ. Bas van de Vliet’ op grond van o.a. middels zeer ernstig opzettelijk misbruik  van recht  als Desk Killer inzake o.a. niet rechtmatig vervolgen van  T.H. Giezen en J. Schouten ( en Kickbokser B van Tricht) voor poging tot moord,.cq. Doodslag en ‘Brown&CO Vogelvrij’ verklaarde(Video’s).


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