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AMSTRDAM-NOIR- Wat u nooit ziet bij de dr . Goebbels – Staats-AIVD-NPO&NOS-journaal met als Straffeloze ‘Graai en Naai-Directeur Pooier& Mega Witwasser& Fraudeur Frans Klein‘Video’s

Don’t Believe the ‘COP26 –  Gates-Obama& Boy Rutte-Maxima-Hype’ :Less Really Is More and just peddling Elite Crime-billionaire- propaganda& opnieuw regiem Rutte CORONA- Lock Down-Rutte: arme sloebers doe u ramen open en vries dood dan kunt u geen Corona krijgen(Video’s) 

War Crime-US-SS-NATO-&Regime Rutte- Military’ covers up Syrian massacre and Regime Rutte is shooting on Corona Demonstrators(Video’s) .

Exposed: Devil’s-Klaus Schwab’s &Soros-Gates-Bilderberg- School’s For there Puppets- ‘Covid –Snake in Suits- Desk-Killers- Biden& Kaag&Rutte &Boris Johnson& Macron-Dictators’, Plan for ‘Great NWO-CORONA-Reset’ with there Nazi Judges and district attorney’s (Videos).Maar hun boodschap is pas op voor de Russen en Chinezen ! (Video’s) 

‘Taxfree-Amazon Mogul -Devil-Jeff Bezos’ has given a $100 million ‘gift’ to the Puppets ‘Uncle Tom- Drone-Genocide-Killers- Obama Foundation’ as bribe, which will finance its global   ‘Drone Killer-Genocide  and Devil leadership -Nazi-NOW- Schwab-&Soros& Gates-Bilderberg-Amazon-programs ‘and see the plaza at their lavish Chicago presidential center named after a civil rights leader. Not Malcolm X.

 Twee veroordeelden voor moord op  VERZETSHELD -Malcolm X  gerehabiliteerd. CIA&FBI& New York Police VERMOORDE MALCOM X: Regiem Rutte: Het is Oké, wij doen het ook( 40.000 Zorgtoeslag- slachtoffers, etc.). (Video’s)

The Taxfree-Devil- foundation headed by the former President Puppet ‘Uncle Tom Drone-Genocide- Desk-Killer-  Barack Obama’ and his  psychopath  Showbiz- Hysteric wife Desk Killer-Michelle said on Monday that Devil- Bezos’ gift bribe  is the largest individual contribution they’ve received to date and is intended to “help expand the scope of  War Crime and steel the OIL and Gold and kill the poor People programming that reaches emerging  Nazi&Devil-l Desk-Killer NWO-Corona-Pedo-Rapist-Elite Leaders in the United States and around the world.”

Coca-Feestbeest Prins Bernhard- foto’s’ duiken op van ‘Pedo-Rapist- Coca-Feestbeest- Prins Andrew’& Regime Rutte schiet op  anti- NWO-Corona- maatregelen-demonstranten&Pfizer co-developer says Covid vaccination will be annual(Vidoe’s) 

The only string attached (Sure) is that the plaza at the of the Obama Presidential  Puppet Center, currently under construction in Chicago, be named after the late Congressman DEM. Puppet John Lewis, a 1960s civil rights activist and that  all the homeless  people get chases away from the plaza . 

“Freedom fighters deserve a special place in the pantheon of heroes, and I can’t think of a more fitting person to honor with this gift bribe than Puppet Uncle tom- John Lewis, a great American leader puppet and a man of extraordinary decency and courage,” said Devil Bezos. “I’m thrilled to support bribe my Puppets President and Mrs. Obama and their ‘Taxfree-Devil-Foundation’ in its mission to train and inspire tomorrow’s NWO-Corona-Nazi & Modern slave holders leaders like me, ahahaaha.”

Psycho-Uncle tom-Obama & Pedo-Rapist-Clinton’ demands urgency on climate, but says nothing about carbon footprint of bombing campaigns& NWO-Regime Rutte’s Duivelse  Corona-misdaad-plannen en zijn ‘Moordende’-‘Nazi-Zorgtoeslag-Rechters & Pschyco -Killers OvJ’s a La Bas van de Vliet van ‘Kindermisbruikers-OM Amsterdam’(Video’s)  .

In naming the plaza after Puppet ‘Uncle Tom-  Lewis’, the Devil- Dorne-Genocidefoundation wishes to “change the paradigm” about naming public places, traditionally named after the donors themselves. At the ‘Uncle -Tom-Drone-Genocide -Obama ‘Presidential Puppet Center, however, donors will have the option “to honor and elevate the names of those who have fought for a more just and equitable world, hahahahahahahah.” Devil puppets Obama and Michele are locking forward too give there VIP party and the top of there Melogomane Bilding so they and there Bosses the Taxfree-Devil -Billionaires and there ‘Showbizz -Whores’ can enjoy to look down and the Homeless People , the Killing of the poor blacks and the hungry children.

Steve Brown in Detroit : chicken is better protected than the bank and Getto People:”:

Macro:‘SS-US-military’ says Killing women & children were ‘legitimate self-defense from our Killer Commander and Chiefs Obama, Trump or Biden. Micro:’Psycho-Killer- Ovj Bas van de Vliet’ van regime Rutte  hanteerd zelfde drogredenering(Video’s) 

We Are Not Robots or Slaves’: Amazon Workers Across Europe Walk Out on Black Friday Over Low Wages and ‘Inhuman Conditions’(Video’s) 

In addition to this, the “generous unrestricted giftbribe  from Devil-Bezos will fund other’ Devil -Obama Foundation’ activities, from the Global NWO- Corona-Nazi-Leaders Program to (little)  Girls get sniffed  by Biden- Opportunity Alliance and My Brother’s Keeper, as well as the Hometown Fund intended to invest in Chicago’s South Side, foundation ‘CEO-Devil- Valerie Jarrett’ explained.Construction on the Obama Presidential Puppet Center – which will not feature a traditional  ‘dr. Goebbels-presidential- War Crime  library’ – began in August. The 19-acre complex is expected to take four years to build, at a cost of around $830 million and for that   Taxfree-Devil-Billionaires  blood- money al the Homeless people  in Chicago  good have a  house and the poor people  everyday a meal and there children normal education in Chicago so then there would bee for example les poverty and the Mass killing of young  desperate black man, etc.

En als uitsmijter: Op naar het Europese Hof van de Rechten van de Mens: Klacht  ex artikel 12 Sv tegen de kleine  ‘Desk Killer -Psycho-Killer – OvJ. Bas van de Vliet’ van het ‘Kindermisbruikers- Hoofdofficier Vincent Leenders-OM -Amsterdam’ op grond van o.a. middels zeer ernstig opzettelijk misbruik  van recht  als Desk Killer inzake o.a. niet rechtmatig vervolgen van  T.H. Giezen en J. Schouten ( en Kickbokser B van Tricht) voor poging tot moord,.cq. Doodslag en ‘Brown&CO Vogelvrij’ verklaarde(Video’s)


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