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a AMSTERDAM-NOIR-  Er verandert nooit wat Fundemanteels ten goede: Explosive Australian &US&UK& Dutch-special Killers forces &War crimes& ‘Oorlog’s Misdadigers- Pedo-Boss-Rutte’& CO met’ F16-Killers’& 1.7 trillion F-35 program is a failure(Video’s) 

Macro:‘SS-US-military’ says Killing women & children were ‘legitimate self-defense from our Killer Commander and Chiefs Obama, Trump or Biden. Micro:’Psycho-Killer- Ovj Bas van de Vliet’ van regime Rutte  hanteerd zelfde drogredenering(Video’s)

MoordendeCIA&MI6-AIVD- White Helmets worden als ‘Royal- VIP-emigranten’ door regiem ‘Rutte &CIA&AIVD’ Nederland en de EU Firts Class ingevlogen.

The ‘US-Taxfree- War Crime- Steel the OIL and kill the poor -Killer-Elite military and there ‘SS-NATO-Slaves’ was caught up in controversy this week when the New York Times reported that, in 2019, it covered up a bombing that killed 70 Syrian civilians. In the Netherland with regime Rutte covered up that they also  killed around 80 civilians and are shooting at Corona- Demonstrators:”   Uncle Tom-PvdA-Burgemeester Aboutaleb’: ’een orgie van geweld waar de Russen achter zitten’ door burgers die zich verzetten tegen de ‘NWO-Schwab& Gates& Soros en Gates- puppets Rutte& Kaag-Corona maatregelen’ en door mijn en Grapperhaus ‘NSB-Politie’ zijn neergeschoten(Video’s).

Na  ‘Taxfree-Unilever – elite-crime group’ vertrekt ook ‘Taxfree-Royal –King Willem- Shell-elite crime- group’ uit Nederland naar ‘Rat in pak-Desk-Killers- Paradijs -LONDON’ van   Boris Johnson(Video’s) . 

Corrupt Dems & Rep. with racist Puppet Biden and Regime Puppet Rutte have only one thing to offer to American and EU/ Dutch workers: nothing and ( zorgtoeslag)-Hel& War!(Video’s) 

Voormalig corrupte ‘Drugsgeld-Witwas- advocaat Oscar Hammerstein‘ op verkiesbare plek ‘VVD- misdaadgroep’ lijst Amsterdam(Video’s).

Reporting from Aaron Mate shows that the military went to extreme levels to cover up the mass murder. Lee Camp takes on this story and connects it to the Military Industrial Complex’s proven record of turning trillions of dollars from the US Treasury into a boundless global killing spree. Camp also reports on ‘Taxfree- Billionaire Pedo-Rapits- Bill Gates’ donations to  corrupt media outlets that report favorably on him, the trial of  Elite Mossed black mail informant Pedo-Pimp Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, pinkwashing in the navy, the  corrupt Devils-Republican legalization plan, and more.Naomi Karavani shows how the Build Back Better Act being touted by the Puppet Little Grill Sniffer  Biden administration will now include a tax cut for   his real Boss The Taxfree- Ultra- rich-Elite-Gangsters . The  corrupt Devil- Democrats have decided to stand for the rich despite the fact that inequality is currently out of control. The poor are suffering in this country and with this decision the corrupt Devils- Democrats are clearly staying their course of ignoring the needs of the majority so they can keep on raking in the donations of the Taxfree-mega-wealthy-Elite-Gangsters. Anders Lee explains an odd legal mechanism made famous by Britney Spears. Conservatorships remove the rights of people for various reasons and are easily taken advantage of by Snake in Suits-lawyers Like the Dutch VVD Crime-group Lawyer XXXXXX without moral scruples.


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