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As they do their political masters’ bidding, Western corporate crime CIA& State BBC-MI6 and the secret service Dutch State AIVD-NPO – ‘journalists’ can’t comprehend why Chinese and US and EU people increasingly dislike them.MI6-BBC reporters say they were ‘attacked’ in a ‘state-backed campaign’ while covering floods in China. Can’t they see the backlash is from ordinary Chinese fed up with the way Western ‘Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo Rapist- fake News-OutletsVideo’s).

Russian Fake opposition figure ‘CIA &MI-6- Troll-Navalny’ face criminal case over use of ‘anti-corruption’ donations ‘for personal gain& Will the Hell of Guantanamo ever closed(Video’s) 

Wat u nooit ziet bij de Staats- AIVD-NPO(Video’s) en/of leest in de corrupte ‘Gevestigde Orde Talking Heads kranten’(Video’s): The truth about US’ & NATO ‘unmitigated failure’ in Afghanistan, maar wel de Noord Koreaanse Persoonsverheerlijking (Video’s)

The ‘US -Taxfree-Ware Crime Empire’& his EU Slave States with ‘Hero’ crime journalists like AIVD-informant & Killer with the pen and  Assange being a Russian agent or an alleged rapist depends on psychological ,propagandists compartmentalization(Video’s)

120 politicians, journalists, and artists sign letter urging Merkel to confront  Puppet ‘Mentally Retarded Biden’ over Assange’s extradition, citing concerns

Naive to think Western ‘Taxfree-War crime Killer-Elite’  will change stance on CIA Troll- Navalny’s ‘poisoning’, Russian envoy tells RT after OPCW report reveals inconsistencies
“The latest Fake OPCW report  prove that the story about the poisoning of the Russian opposition figure  CIA Troll- Alexey Navalny holds no water, but the Taxfree-War crime-Killer-Elite- western nations would hardly admit it, Russia’s envoy to the OPCW told RT.


If it’s confirmed that the OPCW CIA&MI^&AIVD- experts were sent to Germany almost immediately after the Russian opposition figure felt unwell on a plane over Siberia last year, that would mean that the whole narrative was “orchestrated … with obvious goals,” from the very beginning, Russia’s envoy to the chemical weapons watchdog, Aleksandr Shulgin, told RT” 


US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite’ with Puppets Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump & Binden would show no mercy to Assange if he’s extradited, but  War Criminals Bush & Blair& Rutte will never face justice for their crimes&Explosive Australian &US&UK& Dutch-special Killers forces &War crimes& ‘Oorlog’s Misdadigers- Pedo-Boss-Rutte’& CO met’ F16-Killers’& 1.7 trillion F-35 program is a failure(Video’s)

The latest OPCW Fake News-report containing data on its response to the ‘poisoning’ of Russian opposition figure CIA Troll-Alexey Navalny has glaring inconsistencies, Moscow says, adding that the chemical weapons watchdog has failed to explain them.Russia will seek clarification from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on its latest  Fake News-report, the nation’s envoy to the ‘CIA&MI6&AIVD-chemical (OPCW) weapons’ watchdog Aleksandr Shulgin has said. The document, presented at the 97th session of the corrupted organization’s executive council earlier this week, contains information on the body’s response to  ‘CIA&MI6- Troll -Navalny’s’ poisoning back in August 2020.

‘CIA -Hollywood – MH17-Bellingcat- script’ gepresteerd door de NOS: ‘Rambo-Navalny’ ontlokt bekentenis aan geheim agent over vergiftiging, ‘zat in mijn Speedo- onderbroek’(Video’s) 

Russia calls upon CIA&MI6- propaganda- OPCW to release data on Navalny ‘poisoning’ to all member states; says ‘Germany-Taxfree- War crime-Pedo-Rapist-Killer-Elite’ failing to provide answers

 (Zie vanaf 14.58 min :Steve Brown legt ‘Allesdeskundige Joke’ en de ‘Sylvia de Godmother’  van de Pijp uit hoe de mensen in weer  masaal in de maling worden  genomen door de Heersende ‘US- Taxfree-War Crime- Killer-Elite-Klasse’ met hun ‘CIA-MI6-AIVD-MSM’  met  de  zgn Novichok aanslag op ‘CIA Trol Navalny’  om Nord Stream 2 te stoppen en de Gasrekening van de EU burgers met 60 % omhoog)

 The ‘US -Taxfree-Ware Crime Empire’& his EU Slave States with ‘Hero’ crime journalists like AIVD-informant & Killer with the pen and TV Peter R.  de Vries  and  Assange being a Russian agent or an alleged rapist depends on psychological ,propagandists compartmentalization(Video’s)

In it, the OPCW states that its secretariat “deployed a team to perform a technical assistance visit” related to the suspected poisoning of a “Russian citizen” at Berlin’s request on August 20. The problem is that on that day,  CIA Troll- Navalny was only flying from the Russian Siberian city of Tomsk to Moscow. It was on that flight that he first felt ill and was then rushed to a hospital in another Siberian city, Omsk, following the plane’s emergency landing.Russia demanded that the OPCW explain “how this is even possible” and why the  CIA propaganda organization had previously told the participating states that its team was only sent to Germany in early September, Shulgin said.So, what do we have here? When Navalny first felt unwell while still onboard a flight from Tomsk to Moscow, the OPCW  ‘CIA&MI6-Fake-experts’ were already waiting for him in Berlin?According to the Russian envoy to the OPCW, the technical secretariat of the chemical weapons watchdog has so far failed to provide any answer to these questions. According to Shulgin, Russia has “lots of questions” for the OPCW and will seek “clear answers” to every last one.The revelations also elicited a reaction from the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova. She said the glaring inconsistencies in the OPCW report only show that the Western nations, together with CIA Troll-Navalny himself, are “going down” with their whole “chemical weapons poisoning story.”

Wat u niet ziet bij de NPO: The truth about US’ & NATO ‘unmitigated failure’ in Afghanistan, maar wel de Noord Koreaanse Persoonsverheerlijking(Video’s). 

Instead of answering Russia’s questions, the  CIA-propaganda-OPCW executive committee session saw another “drama” about CIA Troll-Navalny’s “supposed poisoning with a chemical weapon agent,” Shulgin said. “Routine anti-Russian theses have become a ‘must’ for the SS-NATO nations at any OPCW event,” he added.

Aussie ‘CIA Troll- PM- Morrison ‘refusal to back Assange is morally bankrupt’ says MP and also tells ‘US & UK-Killer-Elite’: ‘Enough is enough(Video’s)

After falling ill on a flight from Tomsk to Moscow,  CIA Troll-Navalny was hospitalized in Omsk and placed in a coma on August 20. The doctors in Omsk found no traces of any specific chemical agents in his body and concluded that his condition had been caused by a metabolic disorder.Two days later, following a request from his CIA&MI6-associates and his corrupt family, CIA Troll-Navalny was flown to Berlin’s Charite clinic. On August 24, German  corrupt doctors said that the results of clinical studies indicated he had been poisoned with a cholinesterase inhibitor.The  ‘CIA&MI6-porpaganda-OPCW’ has also now said that “biomarkers of the cholinesterase inhibitor” were found in the blood and urine samples taken from ‘CIA Troll- Navalny’ that were sent to its laboratories.’CIA Troll-Navalny’ spent more than a month being treated in Berlin and has since repeatedly claimed that Kremlin “ordered” his poisoning. Meanwhile, a  Fake news report published in   British medical  -journal The Lancet suggested that it was the actions of the Russian doctors in Omsk that might have played a key role in saving the opposition figure’s life.Russian President ‘Capo di tutti capi Vladimir Putin’ also revealed back in October 2020 that he personally asked Russian prosecutors to let CIA Troll-Navalny travel to Germany. The opposition figure  CIA&MI6- Troll was under travel restrictions at that time due to a suspended sentence.

Kremlin: Corrupte & altijd liegende Britse geheime dienst zat mogelijk achter Gifaanval(Video’s)

The ‘US-( Fracking Gas)-Western-Taxfree-Killer-Maffia- Elite’ rushes to accuse Poetin of ‘Novichok-type’ poisoning of CIA-Navalny… but would Russia really have reason to get rid of him? Zie binnenkort de Stem van de Straat voor het antwoord(Video’s).
We’re told ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime Steel The OIL& Gold –Killer-Elite’ with the Presidents Puppets  ‘Irak-OIL- Money- Vampire Bush’ ,”Uncle- Tom Obama”, Pedo Rapist- Trump&Biden &Clinton and there ‘EU -Slave States’  only option is to escalate aggression against Russia & China. It’s a LIE, detente IS possible (Video’s) 

Berlin then also repeatedly stated that the CIA Troll- Navalny was poisoned with a ‘Novichok-like’ substance – a reference to the infamous chemical agent supposedly used to poison former Russian double CIA & MI6-agent  Judas-Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK in 2018.

While corrupt  authorities in Berlin cited  Fake-evidence obtained by the German military and CIA& MI6 as well as analysis from two corrupt laboratories in France and Sweden, Moscow has repeatedly pointed to the fact that  the Taxfree-War crime- War Crime-Killer- Pedo-Rapist-Berlin-Elite’ never presented any material evidence of ‘CIA Troll- Navalny’s’ poisoning, and did not share any findings with Russian officials, despite at least four formal cooperation requests from the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office.

En Tot Slot: Het andere geluid uit Rusland, want u nooit ziet en hoort bij de ‘dr. Goebbels- AIVD-NPO'(Video’s) en de corporate crime Media RTL&SBS -Riool Fake News met hun ‘Held’ ‘ AIVD en OM en Polite Amsterdam informant – en Moordenaar met en zonder pen&TV-Peter R de Vries'( Video’s):


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