( by  Helen Buyniski and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIRDe altijd liegende ‘politieke en bestuurlijke en gerechtelijke macht- Rat in pak-Nederland(Video’s)’ met de Puppets van het Groot Kapitaal de ‘VVD-Zorgmaffia- Boss Rutte&D66-Kaag en CDA-Hoekstra& GroenLinks- Klaver& PvdA-hoertjes’ is géén democratie en dat stellen wij al meer dan tien jaar:

Welcome to the Great Reset ‘der Endlösung Of the poor –Corona- NWO’:  ‘Taxfree- Corporate  crime- landlords’  Like the Dutch Prince Psycho Bernhard poised to snatch Americans’  & EU-property after eviction moratorium EXPIRES (Video’s)

Boris Johnson’s & Ducht Prime Minister Rutte- Government ROTTEN TO THE CORE With Corruption!’- Prof. Richard Murphy:

Ongehoord: Woningnood en ‘Snake in Suits Prins Bernhard-Misdaad’ gaan hand in hand en De Holleeders & Taghi’s & Russen dienen als afleiding(Video’s) & Stem van de Straat:”GroenLinks ontmaskerd als Miljonairs in grote Villa’s”.(Videos)

VVD-Beroepsoplichter & Callgirl Ayaan Hirsi Ali& Homofobe Niall Furgasson ’: US samenleving is het beste land van de Wereld voor de George Floyd’s & straat arme mensen&Native Americans(Video’s) 

The ‘US -Taxfree-Ware Crime Empire’& his EU Slave States with ‘Hero’ crime journalists like AIVD-informant & Killer with the pen and TV Peter R.  de Vries  and  Assange being a Russian agent or an alleged rapist depends on psychological ,propagandists compartmentalization(Video’s)

More than one trillion dollars are stolen annually by the ‘Snake in Suit’ across the world and nobody go’s to Jail(Video’s) en de Corrupte CIA en de AIVD en de Politieke Rat in pak Top Rutte & Co en hun zgn Misdaadjournalisten a la ‘Judas-NSB-er-Peter R. de Vries’ en ‘Hoerenjong- Bruine Rat -Bas van Hout’ en Politie Media-huurmoordenaar-John van den Heuvel (Videos) weten met z’n alle nu ff van niks(Kuch).

Terwijl ‘Made in USA -Hate Jesus Puppet Trump’ de Eerste Wereld Oorlog ‘herdacht’ was hij bezig Yemen uit te hongeren en plat te bombaderen(Video’s) .

As the US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite  with his Presidents Puppets’  the psychopaths ‘OIL- Money Vampire Bush’’& “Uncle -Tom Obama” &Pedo Rapist Clinton and Trump and there EU Slave-Sates   runs out of concrete resources to sell,  the psychopaths  ‘Taxfree-Elite Crime -Snake in Suits-bankers’ have had to get clever – whether this means repackaging assets already sold six times over or inventing new ways to cash in on items once considered intangible like water and Houses and Food and Immigrants out the by the West Bomb country’s where they are steeling the OIL and Gold and Mass Killing the pour People.

Black Live Matter, maar weer ramt de racistische Politie van Grapperhaus’ er op los. D66-Kamerlid ‘Psycho -racist Salmina Belhai’: Miezerig blanke mannetjes(Video).

CIA Trollen-Kaag & Sjoerdsma & Boy Klaver NPO&VPRO tonen het ware gezicht vande Heersende Klasse Politiek(Video’s)

By the time Americans and EU People realized that the promised ‘trickle-down’ Snake in Suits- theory of neoliberal economics from the Dutch Premier  CIA Trolls- ‘Rambo -Gay-Boy Rutte’ and vice premier D66 DDR66 PLO Kaag – Anis- al-Qaq puppets(Video’s) was in fact more of a speedy trickle-up, the corrupt  government had all but destroyed the reputation of unions and the public sector that employed many of them, convincing the average American &EU People that these were corrupt and bad. Indeed, the whole public sector was supposed to be corrupt and bad, in the messaging of the puppet Cowboy  Reagan era, but that corruption was somehow negated when offset by private corporations engaged in so-called public-private partnerships.

(Which Side Are You On – Pete Seeger)

So far from attempting to reverse the financial bleed of money for social programs into private elite crime Taxfree-Snake- in Suits-corporations, politicians have embraced the public-private partnership with a vengeance. This is unsurprising, given the generous handouts they receive from the non-profits who have cast themselves as the only truly righteous replacement for those government programs.

Concrete Assets: Hypocriete excuses van ‘Slavenhouder’- Keizerin Halsema voor de (Elite)- Slavernij, maar geen excuses voor de ‘VOC-King Willem-Genocide’ en de huidige armoede en Woningnood of te wel de moderne Elite- slavernij(Video’s) 

US-Taxfree-War Crime& Steel the OIL and Gold Killer-Elite’ continues to commit ‘gross human rights violations’ both at home & abroad despite branding itself as global leader. Rutte : Onze Bazen de US-(Killer-Elite) en onze ‘ Verzets ‘-‘Held'( lafaard)- Peter R. de Vries(Video’s)& zijn uitlok -Junkies–  Oke en wij doen ook mee!

This may sound like old news, but the extent to which those firms have morphed into horrifically powerful entities with trillions of dollars under management – including, most likely, your pension or the retirement savings of someone in your family – capable of setting international policy with a mere yearly memo, remains stubbornly unacknowledged by millions. Perhaps for the sake of their sanity, they just can’t admit their retirement is in the hands of men who see nothing wrong with gambling away millions of Americans’ & EU people savings in precarious financial instruments just because they can. The kind of people who’d buy a boat with ill-gotten foreclosure gains, then spit in the face of those ex-homeowners by naming the boat ‘Su casa es mi casa’ (that’s ‘your house is my house’, for those not up on their grade-school Spanish.

‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite- crime groups-  investment- giants like Devil Blacksone  and Taxfree-Royals like Taxfree Prins Bernhard  of Amsterdam buying homes  in the US and the EU and Amsterdam and the corporate Crime –‘CIA-CNN ‘and there EU ‘dr. Goebbels- Outlets’ the State MI6 and the Dutch secret service  AIVD-NPO- MSM telling us we should rent – this ‘new normal’ spells the death of the American Dream and the change for an House/ apartment in the EU Netherlands and/or  Amsterdam for normale People 

In the aftermath of the 2008 mortgage crisis, private equity firms realized they could package and sell anything they wanted – and it doesn’t seem they’ve stopped. Blackstone became notorious for slurping up foreclosed homes at below-market rates, then juicing rent and fees as they turned around to rent out those same properties, in some cases back to the same people. But Blackstone is far from the only private equity firm to participate in these loathsome schemes.

Vertical Integration: ondertussen: GGD –Rat in pak-Doofpot- Directeur Bert van der Velden’: Bewuste keuze om ‘Kankerverwekker-Tata Steel’ niet te noemen in mijn rapport(Video’s).

But fiendishly huge as their profits have been, the private equity bunch were still responsible for keeping the properties they rented in some degree of habitability – sometimes even for answering to angry retirement fund execs when the vultures gambled away their money. In order to further shore up profits, the firms have bought big into vertically integrated predation. Blackstone bought up an entire chain of self-storage units to complement its continuing acquisition of houses. The continued inflation of the already precariously bloated real estate bubble (and the mathematical certainty of time running out for the der End lousing from the pour People Covid-19 eviction moratorium) means people are going to have to throw their stuff somewhere when the financial feces hit the fan. Other private equity funds have gotten their blood funnels into the hospital system – where the profits, driven by Covid-19, truly have no end.

Blackstone has also been buying up life insurance businesses, no doubt understanding that medical bills are the chief cause of bankruptcy in America and the EU – and bankruptcy itself is a stress-fuelled shortcut to an early grave. Even the history of the dead isn’t safe from the hungry tentacles of private equity – Blackstone bought genealogy site Ancestry.com last year, meaning (at least hypothetically, given the pattern of other tech firms in which Blackstone and its ilk own controlling shares) you could actually be deplatformed from your own family history (and perhaps given an outstanding genetic link with a cold-case murderer) if you say the wrong thing online.

Royal-Snake in Suits-Fun with Fraud: D66 Minister Kaag &King Willem& filthy private jets go tax-free shows how the EU and Timmermans prioritises the mega-rich over the Poor masses& Noord Koreaanse Persoonsverheerlijking Peter R. de Vries(Video’s)

Such firms seem to have dispensed with any notion that they’re actually trying to safeguard the trillions of assets they manage for massive retirement and pension funds, opting to blame losses on easy scapegoats like the Covid-19 pandemic (an event many large corporations, including private equity giants like BlackRock, have actually made money on following a brief slump). Rather than dutifully ensuring millions of aging public sector employees have a healthy nest egg waiting for them at the end of their careers, the private equity industry – where the majority of these funds stash their cash – is bristling with fraudulent fees, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The problem is so bad that only half the fees involved in the system are even being reported, let alone paid, according to industry publication CEM Benchmarking – and Uncle Sam is consistently left holding the bag. According to a recent study cited in the New York Times, private equity as an industry is dodging a whopping $75 billion a year in taxes. This money, once saved from Uncle Sam’s clutches, can be used to further enrich Wall Street by enveloping their rapine in warm fuzzy buzzwords like ‘sustainability’ and ‘good governance’. Such tactics permit them to con the same middle-class holdouts having their assets wiped out by the housing bubble and other schemes into a sort of fiscal Stockholm syndrome, where they remain in stasis, working dutifully to fight their best interests.Everyone ‘knows’ the rich are ripping off the taxman, and yet – government and the industry will literally say with a straight face – no one’s arresting them, so they must be staying within the law, right? At least three whistleblowers known to the public have come forward to tip off the Internal Revenue Service about rampant tax-cheating in private equity – potentially forsaking their own share of the trillions of dollars at play here – but politicians still won’t touch the industry. It’s the equivalent of a school bus full of Mafia capos disembarking in front of FBI Headquarters with proof of dozens of murders – only for the G-men to look the other way while the big payouts go to FBI head Christopher Wray.

Don’t Forget Feudalism!

The irony is thick, given what central bankers are determined to inflict on the “little guy” financially while letting private equity skate on its own taxes. Agustin Carstens, general manager of the Bank of International Settlements – the central bank of central banks – gushed in an interview last year about the impending arrival of CBDCs (central bank digital currencies – essentially bitcoin minus the privacy rhetoric), complaining that while “In cash we don’t know for example who’s using a 100 bill today, we don’t know who’s using a 1000 peso bill today, a key difference with the CBDC is that a central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability and also we will have the technology to enforce that. Makes a huge difference to what cash is.

Fat-man-Psychopath Head of the Taxfee-central Elite-Crime- bank of central Snake in Suits- banks says Central Elite-Crime-banks will have total control of how you spend your money(Video)

Put more simply, that’s “taxpaying for thee, but not for me.”
That the “ESG (environmental, social and governance)” category that has become the buzzword to end all buzzwords as the global financial system struggles to merge with the new cashless model promised for so long by bottom-feeders like Carstens is not reflected at all in how a company actually treats its employees. Nor do they show in the way these firms treat the money they manage, as the state of Rhode Island discovered earlier this year after private equity firm Leonard Green & Partners asset-stripped an entire hospital chain and tried to fob the debt off back on the state.

‘US-Killer-Elite-(War)-Crimes of the Century‘ Secretary of State Blinken roasted for calling Mass Children-Murderer-Albright his role model(Video’s)

Snakes in Suits : When Psychopaths Go to Work
This should not come as a surprise, but the glacial pace with which it has occurred to state treasurers and others who sit in positions to do something about private equity’s stranglehold over the US &EU does not bode well for the country’s future. Deep Devil- investments by private Taxfree-Snake in Suit equity and the Likes  of Prins Bernhard  in every  dr. Goebbels-mainstream corporate Crime ‘CIA-CNN’ en EU State Oulets ‘MI6-BBC’ & the Dutch secret service ‘AIVD-NPO’ Fake News- media organization in existence all but seal the West’s fate as a glorified slave colony, with  ‘Snake in Suits-Wall St elite crime-holding’ the whip.

 (Helen Buyniski is an American journalist and political commentator at RT. Follow her on Twitter @velocirapture23 and on Telegram


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