(Damian Wilson and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- The ‘US -Taxfree-Ware Crime Empire’& his EU Slave States with ‘Hero’ crime journalists like AIVD-informant & Killer with the pen and TV Peter R.  de Vries  and  Assange being a Russian agent or an alleged rapist depends on psychological ,propagandists compartmentalization(Video’s)

Kaag fulltime’ D66-IJskoningin’& ‘Regerings-Vliegtuig–misbruiker’. ‘Oplichter Peter R. de Vries’ in paniek met ‘Tanja Groen-Scam-Gouden Tip’(Video’s) 

Braking News: King Willem& Familie gratis op ‘VIP-Vakantie’  met luxe Prive jet in zijn Zomerpaleis te Griekenland(Video’s).Miljoenen verslindende ‘Taxfree-Shell-Koninklijke Familie’ per Staats Privé Jet naar Lech(Videos) 

Terwijl heel ( dom) Nederland  massaal hysterisch in de ban wordt gehouden  door het corporate crime -RTL&SBS-Riool media en Staats AVID-NPO-media van de  ‘Royal-Taxfree- King Willem- War Crime-Killer-Elite-Heersende Klasse’ met zijn puppets de ‘Politieke Ratten in pak’  a la de Zorgmaffia- Boss -Pinoccio- Rutte(Video’s)  & CDA Gestapo- Corona-Generaal Grapparhaus (Video’s) met de aanslag op de ‘CIA en AIVD informant -Judas-Peter R. de Vries’(Video’s)lachen de ‘Taxfree-Royal-Ultra-Rijken-Elite-Gangsters’ zich helemaal slap om de aanslag op hun puppet Peter R. de Vries en om de door hun kaal gepulkte massa.

Exclusief : Breaking, Braking News: Top CDA Ratten –‘KLM-Captain- Gay-Eurlings’ & Grapperhaus gespot met regering‘s vliegtuig op Bonaire(Video’s)

Wat u nooit ziet bij de ‘Staats-AIVD-NPO,’ die hebben het te druk met de Noord Koreaanse Persoonsverheerlijking van  hun ‘Held’ Peter R. de Vries :Germany & the Netherlands (Video’s) faces ‘EPIDEMIC’ of  ProDemos-Demmink & Ed Nijpels-child sex abuse WHO estimates of a million victims are ‘too low’.

‘Crack Head &CIA- Troll Hunter Biden’s’ pricey jump into the art world raises yet more questions about the president’s son but the media still doesn’t care.

Despite being hugely damaging for the environment, private planes operated by Taxfree-Elite-Gangsters-millionaires are to be given carbon tax exemption by hypocritical bureaucrats who tirelessly push a  Fake green agenda with there Puppet the Labour (PvdA) MH17 Fake Cry Comedian Frans Timmermans(Video’s). 

It’s  the corrupted Snake in Suits Brussels hypocrisy at its finest.Before many seriously thought about Brexit, and before Boris Johnson and the Leave brigade had even dared hope for a referendum on quitting the European Union, the party that went on to cause a political earthquake by winning the 2014 European elections came up with a brilliant campaign billboard that resonated across the country.

Wat u ook nooit ziet bij de Staats-AIVD-NPO en/of zag  bij de ‘Riool-Bral &Lieg-Lynch -porgamma’s’ van puppet Peter R.de Vries :  ‘America’s Taxfree-Killer-Elite’impressive’  ‘Killer-history’ of bioweapons attacks against its own people and Nord Korea(Videos’) and Orange Agent Vet-nam, ect. .

The large poster from the outliers at UKIP juxtaposed two images: one of a miserable and crowded commute on a bus and the other of a  corrupt Snake in Suits-Brussels bureaucrat sitting comfortably in the back of a  Labbekak-chauffeur-driven limousine, smug smile plastered across his face and the flags adorning the facade of the extremely corrupted Snake in Suits European Commission’s headquarters visible through the rear window.The caption read, “Your daily grind… funds his celebrity lifestyle” and people loved it. 

Openly  ‘Snake in Suits-Corrupt: Spending half a million dollars on Hunter Biden’s art is ‘ludicrous& Money Laundering ‘:


Not just because it was true, but because it showed the divide between those who lead the EU and the ordinary working people ( cold Labbekakken  by the Dutch Liberal crime group the VVD-party with ‘Godfather-  Rambo- Gay-Boy Rutte’(Video’s) ) of Europe who are led by them.

De Waanzin ten Top in Davos: Duizend privéjets zijn geland in Davos om te debatteren over Klimaatveranderingen.  

So, the news that ‘Taxfree –Royal-Snake in Suits-private –planes’ will enjoy an exemption from the proposed EU jet fuel tax when it presents its draft amendments to the energy taxation directive comes as no surprise. Anything that threatens the psychopathic luxury lifestyle of the pampered extremely corrupt  Snake in Suits-bureaucrats and their cronies is never given any real consideration.

Analys Shows push for Green New deal Hindered by Silence of Corporate crime media.Hypocriete Klaver & Nijpels & Samsom &Van Oijk wonen zelf Antiduurzaam( Video’s)

The excuse being used is that a flight carrying passengers is just the same as a flight carrying cargo, because it’s to “aid the conduct of their business.” A further exemption from the proposed tax will also be afforded to pleasure flights, where aircraft are used for “personal or recreational” purposes that have nothing to do with business or professional use. That’s all bases covered then.

Green agenda? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Partijleider ing Steve Brown van de Stem van de Straat partij legt hierna het principe van de ‘Ping Pong Democratie’ uit:( de uitleg was zelfs te schokkend voor Cafe Weltschmerz, want zij hebben deze uitzending nooit uitgezonden).

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Amarica First: (SS)- politie schoot vorig jaar recordaantalarme  mensen dood & Corrupte Politie krijgt ‘Staats-Licence to Kill’ in de ‘Straf de armen maatschappij’ van ‘Rutte& Moorddadige-D66& Christelijk& Co’ (Video’s.)

Amerikaanse  ‘SS-politie’  van de  ‘Taxfree-War Crime -Killer-Elite Heersende- Klasse’ heeft vorig jaar 1021  arme mensen straffeloos  doodgeschoten. Volgens de Amerikaanse krant The Washington Post is dat het hoogste aantal sinds het dagblad zes jaar geleden begon met het registreren van dergelijke ‘Police-Kill the arme mensen . Sinds 2015  werden er ruim 6400 arme sloebers  door politiekogels straffeloos vermoord, bijna drie per dag. Puppets Rutte&Kaag& Hoekstra: “War Criminals  #Metoo- ( Mad Dog)-Trump en #Metoo-( Demente) Biden zijn onze Leiders en  wij doen ook mee met ‘SS-Politemoorden,’ maar pas op voor de Russen en Chinezen, Leve mijn ‘Taxfree-VOC- Genocide- King Willem(Video’s)”.

(Damian Wilsonis a UK journalist, ex-Fleet Street editor, financial industry consultant and political communications special advisor in the UK and EU.)


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