(By Tara Reade and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- The teachings of Marx are the best hope for US& EU beaten-up& Killed working class(Labbekakken) in the ‘Human-Corona- Zoo’. Rutte &’Pedo-Kees van der Spek’: Die Labbekakken moeten niet zeuren(Video’s) 

Book:Tara Reade & Juanita Broaddrick: It’s a small ‘Elite-Rap-War Crime- Bill Clinton-& Biden-President-club’. ‘ Moordenaar met de pen-‘Vader’- Olling en zijn ‘zoon’ ‘Junkie- Draaideur -crimineel Jeoffrey Hoogland’ met Leugenboek Martin H. bij (EO)-OP1.(Video’s) 

Trudeau condemns arson attacks on Churches over unmarked graves from indigenous Children. NL Rechter verbied publicatie over Elite-pedonetwerk, maar niet ‘Misdaad- Tanja Groen- Peter R. de Vries-groep’(Video’s)  


CIA Trollen-Kaag & Sjoerdsma & Boy Klaver NPO&VPRO tonen het ware gezicht van de Heersende Klasse Politiek(Video’s) 

Human rights Groups calls for ‘Killer- Biden’ to cease ‘unlawful’ drone Mass-Killing- strikes & Steeling the OIL&Food & ‘CIA-Troll –PLO-D66-Kaag & NPO/VPRO’(Video’s) 

Internet gasps as psychopath  Mark Zuckerberg celebrates July 4th by posting video of himself wake-foiling while holding American flag(Video’s)

The corporate crime ‘Taxfree- dr. Goebbels- giants’ of  ‘Devils-Silicon Valley’ have allowed hordes of  (CIA)-trolls to brand me a liar and blocked my content, but now  dr. Goebbels Facebook from psychopath and ‘Ultra-Rich-Taxfree-Elite-Gangsters’   themselves are branding me and Steve Brown and Assange a ‘dangerous extremist’? Taxfree-Big tech-Killer-Elite’- censorship is out of control.

The corporate crime-Dr Goebbels- CNN-CIA& there EU  Outlets the State ‘MI6-BBC’ and the Dutch secret service AIVD-NPO Fake news- Media is FINALLY covering immense crimes against indigenous peoples in Canada that were known about DECADES ago. So why now?

In 2019, after the corporate Crime- ‘CIA-CNN’ and there dr. Goebbels State Outlets ‘MI6-BBC’ and the Dutch secret service ‘AIVD-NPO’ Fake  News-media began their onslaught against me, I woke up to my friend texting me she had left me a present to cheer me up outside my door. It was a copy of Anna Karenina and a note to stay away from train tracks. I smiled at the joke.

China , Russia ? No the ‘Free’ ‘democratic’ EU & UK: ‘Every step we take’ is monitored and analyzed if facial recognition tech & Assange still in Killing-Jail & Children Hungry. Rutte: Big Brother is Ok! (video’s) 

No one wants to be notorious. There is a stark contrast between being famous and notorious. One can be famous for performance, work, or art. To be notorious for something that happened to you is a cold and lonely place to reside. The advent of the internet has brought a new level of mob participation on issues; some are paid, some are earnest, and some unhinged, but they may as well be running down the street with pitchforks, as the atmosphere created by such events is the same.

Tara Reade: Assange’s shameful treatment shows just how the US exploits fear to silence dissent… as I found out, too(Video’s)

Online the Free social media was called the Wild West until powerful ‘Taxfree-War Crime Steel the OIL & Gold en Kill the poor Pedo-Rapist- Biden, Gates, Epstein, Richard Brason,Trump and  Clinton -Killer-elites’ (Video’s)  with puppets like the Dutch D66  Minister ‘Concurs- Queen Ollongren’  decided to lasso some voices that were too loud and too truthful.  The compote crime Taxfree-Tech giants like  dr. Goebbels Facebook, (CIA)-Twitter, Instagram, and others started sifting through content and systematically deplatforming voices that challenged the’ American Steel the OIL and Gold and kill the poor- empire’, especially after the January 6 attack on the Capitol. 

The ‘US & EU-Taxfree-War Crime- Pedo-Rapits-Killer-elites’ got nervous, apparently fearing some did not want some messy French version of democracy to spill the blood of the psychopath ‘Snake in Suits-establishment ‘on the streets. A fortress was erected around the  War Mongol- Capitol, the ‘SS-National Guard deployed’, and the dr. Goebbels media was virtually ordered to keep in lock step with there Boss the CIA and the ‘Taxfree-War-crime-Killer-Elite- establishment- politicians;’ voices of dissent on right and left were threatened into silence. I never really understood why people wanted to defend another ‘Taxfree -War Crime billionaire’, the  ‘Made in USA- Hate Jesus -Pedo-Rapist- Donald Trump’, instead of the working class. The root of their actions that day remains a mystery. 

In the aftermath of the violence, elite members of both parties lamented the lives lost and ‘domestic terrorists’ were announced to be the public enemy. Members of Congress like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) and POTUS urged people to report friends and family engaged in dangerous political extremism. 

In 2019 and 2020, I came forward to reveal my history with Joe Biden and what he did to me as a staffer. I was called many names by social media trolls and Biden supporters, including ‘slut’, ‘bitch’, a ‘Russian whore making all my money on my back’, a ‘liar’, and worse. There were death threats, a chorus of trolls chanting to lock me up, work lost, relationships ended, professional credibility destroyed. I lost my house and was generally shunned like some pariah. 

I pushed back by writing my book and giving interviews where the media allowed. During the election, Facebook suppressed my name as “election interference” – then when I tried to buy ads for an online book event I was not allowed, on the grounds of “interference with future legislation.” My assistant, activist, and supporter Avalon Clare tried to purchase social media ads, only to be blocked because my name, “Tara Reade,” was not allowed.

Avalon, an artist, runs my author Facebook page, as I gave up on that platform long ago – leaving it to the boomers, rabid Democrats, and scary older white women who foamed at the mouth at the mention of my name as they stridently screamed to protect Puppet Mentally Retarted #metoo- Pedo-Rapist- Joe Biden. I was a ‘Russian apologist’, a ‘Bernie supporter’ not to be listened to or considered. I mean,  Puppet Joe Biden’s  dr. Goebbels campaign spent millions on public relations, so you get what you pay for like a good little capitalist, even if that is to let the powerful  Like Clinton, Gates, Richard Burton, Prince Andrew and in the Nederland’s   the Top VVD-party members ex Justice Boss Demmink and Climate King Ed Nijpels and The Sun  #Meetoo-Pedo-Rapist -Johnny de Mol jr. of the  Dutch ‘Media- Maffia Boss -John de Mol’  commit rape (of children)  and walk away. 

CIA Troll- PM- Bob Hawke’ shows Australia has never been independent & democracy just like the Netherlands from the Dutch ‘CIA Trol PM-Rutte’(Video’s).

The Department of No Justice for the common People seized my social media information under sealed search warrants and empaneled a grand jury. My lawyer was unable to get further information, even though it was my information, as everything is still under  CIA & NSA & MI6 & AIVD-Big Brother is watching you  seal. The only reason I know about this is a lawyer from  CIA-Twitter called to tell me they’d received eight attempted search warrants and had to file motions to even let me know I was under scrutiny. Edward Snowden warned us about the loss of privacy and sacrificed his freedom to release the proof. Glenn Greenwald discussed the NSA’s wide net to gather information about American citizens recently with Tucker Carlson.   

Recently, one of my supporters tried to post an interview I did with Primo Podcast on dr. Goebbels-Facebook.

After clicking to post, she was greeted with a warning that she may have been exposed to “harmful and extremist content” and my picture, along with a button in case she needed to “get dr. Goebbels-support.”

The British socialite madame  Ghislaine Maxwell, held at New York’s Metropolitan Detention Center and denied bail, will be tried this fall on sex-trafficking charges for allegedly recruiting and grooming teenage girls to engage in sex acts with the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein. She is reputed to have procured teenage girls for Mossad &CIA -informant& Blackmailer – Epstein to abuse between 1994 and 2004 and  paid the girls hundreds of dollars in cash after each encounter with Epstein. Epstein  wasKilled in a New York jail cell in August 2019 in what authorities ruled was a suicide, although a doctor hired by Epstein’s family to conduct an independent autopsy has disputed that conclusion. Maxwell has pleaded not guilty. But this is not a routine sexual abuse and trafficking case. Epstein socialized with the political, social and financial elites, including  the Pedo-Rapist-Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, former Democratic Senate Majority leader George Mitchell, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and Bill Gates. It is alleged that he made his stable of underage women available to his powerful friends and filmed their sexual encounters with elaborate, hidden surveillance cameras set up inside his residences. And yet, none of these powerful figures have been charged or investigated. The surveillance videos have vanished. The investigative journalist Nick Bryant first made public Epstein’s black book with the names, phone numbers and addresses of Epstein’s elite social Taxfree-Pedo-Rapist-Killer-Elite- circle along with the star-studded passenger logs to Epstein’s private plane, known as the “Lolita Express,” which often took his powerful guests to his private Caribbean island, nicknamed Orgy Island. Bryant has written on the Epstein case for Vanity Fair and other publications.

Read More: (Tara Reade, author, poet, actor and former Senate aide, author of Left Out: When the Truth Doesn’t Fit In. Follow her on Twitter @readealexandra)

Opmerking van Algemene importantie: Paniek bij Oplichter Peter R. de Vries De Gouden Tip Kip
Exclusief,Braking News :Binnenkort Schokkende niets is wat het lijkt: Docu Oplichter Peter R. de Vries start de’Gouden- Tip-Kip – Van Lienden-miljoen -Tanja  Groen-Stichting’ (Video’s). met medewerking en toestemming van ‘OvJ – Hot Dave Mattheijes’ en Witwas-Rabobank & PSP Mollie Payments& Junkie’s & Moordenaars- uitlok-team.  

Misdaadgroep Stichting de Gouden Tip( art 140 Sr) met Godfather de laffe  ‘AIVD en OM en Politie Amsterdam- informant Junkie- Peter R  de Vries.’
( art. 140 Sr: Deelneming aan een organisatie die tot oogmerk heeft het plegen van misdrijven, wordt gestraft met gevangenisstraf van ten hoogste zes jaren of geldboete van de vijfde categorie.)

Welke Ratten -( zwarte toga)- in pak zitten in het ‘Skam-Tanja-Groen Bestuur’ naast Godfather  Peter R. de Vries . Dat zijn  als  Nep en Fop-Vice Voorzitter de louche ‘Uurte- Factuurtje -advocaat ‘en kwade genius van dit  aasgieren Oplichtings-project ( Peter zelfs is te dom om dit Scam-Rat in pak-Vehikil  te bedenken) Lex de Jager van Elite Rat in pak- Witwas & fraude- Van Til- advocaten Amsterdam als secretaris Callgirl  Annnemieke van Spanje van het geflopte corrupte advocatenkantoor De Vries & Kasem Amsterdam( zij moet o.a. zorgen dat er ook geld stroomt naar de zoon van De Vries mr Domme Royce)  en  als ‘Penningmeester-Goochelaar’ Rocco Veenboer een corrupte man die zich vaag selfmade marketeer noemt en last but no least een zeer oude bekende van Steve Brown de Gluiperige Rat Simon Vuyk(Video)  (https://stevenbrownsblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/gewetenloze-peter-r-oude-judas-rat-simon-vuyk-maakt-vaatstra-moord-ten-gelde/  )die vanaf de eerste uurtjes met de Vries Judas-misdaden heeft gepleegd en nu weer gaat plegen (Bron: Gouden-Tip). 

En wie vormen Oplichter Peter R. de zijn ‘Judas-onderzoek uitlok- Judas- redactie ‘? Dat zijn al zo 30 jaar zijn vaste ‘Junkie-Draaideur -crimineeltjes  en Moordenaars –ploeg’, te weten de Junkies ‘s & draaideur- crimineeltjes Patrick van der Eem, Ron  Ostrowski, Jeoffrey Hoogland en de Moordenaars en Junkies  Martin de Kok( vermoord)  en Rob Zigerius( 20 jaar cel).

Stichting De Stem van de Straat met Voorzitter Steve Brown looft 1 miljoen euro uit voor Tip Misdaden AIVD en OM en Politie Amsterdam-informanten – Peter R. de Vries en ‘Hoerenjong -Bruine Rat-Bas van Hout’ en de + 300 Bestuur & Bank-Ratten in pak(Video’s) op het Cold cases- Elite Gangster Billboard. Doneer en steun  Brown zijn  levensgevaarlijke en moedige initiatief  om de psychopaten Peter R. de Vries en Bas van Hout en hun Sidekick Domme OM- ‘Hot Dave Mattheijes’ en de Ratten in pak achter de Tralies en/of in een Tbs-Kliniek  te krijgen.

Laat u niet  weer Oplichten door Peter R. de Vries.
Oplichter Peter R. de Vries ‘zijn ‘Tanja Groen- Miljoen-Scam de Goude Tip Kip voor Peter & Zoon loopt niet zo als hij verwacht had want zelfs na de landelijke hysterische positieve ‘Taking Heads- Media en Pers’ sluikreclame  aandacht staat de teller pas iets over de 2 ton, waarvan  zijn  ‘Bestuurs-misdaad-bende ‘de Super Gluipend Simon Vuyk , de Nep en Fop-Vice Voorzitter de louche ‘Uurte- Factuurtje -advocaat ‘en kwade genius van dit  aasgieren Oplichtings-project ( Peter zelfs is te dom om dit Skam-Rat in pak-Vikil  te bedenken) Lex de Jager van Elite Rat in pak- Witwas & Fraude- Van Til- advocaten Amsterdam en  secretaris Callgirl Annnemieke van Spanje van het geflopte  corrupte advocatenkantoor De Vries & Kasem Amsterdam( zij moet o.a. zorgen dat er ook geld stroomt naar de zoon van De Vries Mr Domme Royce)  en  als ‘Penningmeester- Goochelaar’  Rocco Veenboer een corrupte man die zich vaag selfmade marketeer noemt en De Vries zelf 150,000,- heeft gestort als een soort van Lokeend. Volgens  onze brouwbare Junkie bronnen rond deze ‘Scam- Peter R. Tanja Groen-Witwas-Stichting’.  De wanhoop en paniek is zo hoog dat RTL en SBS nu gratis  gladde “OMO’-(Witwassen) reclamespotje uitzenden( dat “Stort meer poen” spotje heeft overigens 25.000,- euro ‘gekost’ en is gefabriceerd door Peter en zijn Bende zelf en die ‘Nep en Fop rekening’ gaat natuurlijk naar zijn ‘Scam-Tanja Groen-Stichting’, Kassa! ), die oproepen’ maak de miljoen Vol voor ‘Peters- (Witwas&fraude)-Stichting’ en  daarmee een succes  voor Peter en dus stort mensen stort uw geld naar Peter, Hoera.’. Waarmee nu ook RTL en SBS mededaders zijn geworden van deze’ Misdaadgroep de Gouden Skam-Tip’ van Peter R de Vries. Pikant zijn vaste Junkie onderzoekuitlok team Junkie-Draaideur -crimineeltjes en Moordenaars –ploeg’, te weten ‘AIVD-Miljonair- Hoerenjong-Bruine Rat- Bas van Hout’ en de vaste Junkies ‘s& draaideur- crimineeltjes Patrick van der Eem en Ron Ostrowski, Jeoffrey Hoogland en de Moordenaars en Junkies Martin de Kok( vermoord) en Rob Zigerius ( 20 jaar cel)en zijn louche advocaten en ‘Super- Gluiperd- Simon Vuyk ‘en  de ‘Penningmeester-Goochelaar Rocco Veenboer’ worden steeds ongeduldiger, zij willen poen veel poen en cocaïne en te jonge Hoertjes en Schandknapen zoals altijd. 


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