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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- ‘Killer Biden’ his narratives extends beyond the US to Russia & D66-ers Sophie in ‘t Veld & Sjoerdsma roepen op tot een Groot Europa net als Hitler(VIDEO’S) . 

‘Hell yeah, I’m bitter’: Obama’s ethics ex-chief rails against Biden White House nepotism in Twitter meltdown.
Revelations that the  #Metoo- Pedo- Rapist -Killer- Puppet Biden the ‘Deep State- War Crime-Steel Th OIL and kill the pour People -administration’(Video’s) who ccntols him  ‘is hiring relatives of senior officials to various posts have triggered a Twitter diatribe from prominent ethics crusader Walter Shaub, but fellow Democrats mostly shrugged it off.

Steve Ricchetti, described as one of President Puupet Killer- Mentally Retared  Joe Biden’s “most trusted advisers,” has three  Rich Kids-children working for the current administration and a lobbyist brother, the Washington Post revealed on Friday. Press secretary Jen Psaki’s sister, wife of chief of staff Ron Klain, and  Rich Kid daughter of deputy chief of staff  Psycho Sanke in Suits Bruce Reed were also named in the article, which includes quotes from Schaub.

“This is ridiculous,” Schaub lamented on Twitter later in the day, even as most of the corrupt’ Kill the Pour People&  ‘Made in USA Hate Jesus – #Metoo-Pedo-Trump supports- federal government’ was shut down for the newly created Juneteenth holiday. He described himself as “disgusted” at the situation that “royally Rich Kids- sucks.”

Maar Vlak dat Nepotisme en ‘Rat in pak-Banencarousel’(Video’s) in Nederland van ‘Zorgtoeslag- Maffia- Boss- Pinocio Rutte&Co’ niet uit:

As US declares Juneteenth new slavery-ending holiday, Supreme  Religuse  Isane-Peoa-Rapist- Court rejects lawsuit by  corpoarte crime ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ Slaves in Africa.

Book:Tara Reade & Juanita Broaddrick: It’s a small ‘Elite-Rap-War Crime- Bill Clinton-& Biden-President-club’. ‘ Moordenaar met de pen-‘Vader’- Olling en zijn ‘zoon’ ‘Junkie- Draaideur -crimineel Jeoffrey Hoogland’ met Leugenboek Martin H. bij (EO)-OP1(Video’s) 

It takes courage to come forward about the abuse you suffered at the hands of someone who is, arguably, the most powerful man in the world. Some never do – and in fact, we will likely never know the real number of victims like me.

“I told my story, my love, so that you could tell yours.” Ophelia, by Semi Chellas

I was silent for a very long time. I had a child to raise alone after my divorce in a culture that creates many obstacles for women under the best circumstances. In 2019, my daughter was an adult. Seven women came forward that year about #mettoo Pedo _rapist- Killer- Joe Biden’s inappropriateness and unwanted touching. The press immediately couched their revelations with an emphasis on those touches being “nonsexual.”

The  ‘Puppet Killer-Biden protection program via corporate crime media ‘CIA-CNN’- and there EU Slave dr. Goebbels- State outlets like ‘MI6-BBC ‘and the Dutch secret service AIVD-NPO  kicked in. In the midst of all this, I came forward as the eighth woman and told part of my history. The same day the article was released online and in a local paper, CIA Troll-Edward-Isaac Dovere, a Fake News- staff writer at The Atlantic, attacked me on social media. The death threats from online randoms began. Between his obsession with me being some sort of political conspiracy and the other CIA and MI6 and AIVD  reporters’ reaction, I shut down.  

Maar Vlak Nederland niet uit  op het gebeid van ‘Elite-censuur’ van de ‘ Zorgtoeslag- Maffia Boss- Pinoccio Rutte&Co’. 
Zo werd Steve Brown zwaar bedreigd en beledig door de ‘Staats-AIVD-NPO  met hun Rusland Spion- correspondent  die altijd liegende  ‘Frankenstein -David Jan Godfroid ‘ ( Video’s), toen Brown hun Faken News  over  Dood aan de Russen aan de kaak stelde:

Soon, I regained my strength and knew I should tell my whole history. I reached back out to a New York Times  CIA-reporter with my entire history with  Rapist-Biden that included the now well-known account of the sexual assault. It took several months before it was fully reported.

Recently, Dovere, whose opposition research and connections to Democrats are well known, released his book, ‘Battle for the Soul’.
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