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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Held van het Volk Renske Leijten (SP) sloopt D66’er CIA Troll- Sjoerd Sjoerdsma (En Geert Wilders gaat er nog even overheen)

Misdadige -Europese Commissie’ wil geen corrupte zaken doen met tien Misdaad-banken’ voor de 807 Miljard Crime of the Century(Video’s) 

EU-(Elite)- resolution’ equating Communism & Nazism is tawdry piece of Russophobia: Rutte& Sophie in ’t Veld: het is Oke & Timmermans beledigd de Russen (Video’s) 

(zie hiervoor hoe ‘D66- EU Fractie-Voorzitter hysterica Sophie in ’t Veld’ als een NeoNazi met haar rechterarm schuin omhoog voor de ‘Olie-Coup’ in Venezuela van Trump stemt in het EU Parlement)Psycho-Killer Trump’, Pirate-in-Chief & Gold & Oil- Robber in Chief. Rutte & ‘D66 Sophie in ’t Veld: Onze Trump is Oké en pas op voor De Russen & China & Wilders & Holleeder& Taghi & Steve Brown(Video’s) 

D66  Roept op tot één groot Europa met één (SS)-leger  net als Hitler en op te rukken tegen de Russen  en dat de arme mensen in de EU en Nederland   de nieuwe Joden( lees: Labbekakken)  zijn en dat was geen nieuws voor de ‘Staats-AIVD-NPO’  en de corrupte   en laffe NSB-Gevestigde- Orde Talking Heads- Kranten(Video’s) .

Schokkend , maar voor de ‘Staats- AIVD-NPO’ zijn Sophie in ’t Veld en Sjoerd Sjoerdsma twee eerzame Top D66  DDR66- Politici met als Furher de hautaine’ IJskoningin -PLO Kaag-Al-Quq en is een oproep tot een groot Europees Rijk geen nieuws : Gisteren tijdens het ‘Bral & Lieg-debat’ over de Staat van de Europese Unie ( het ging niet over dat 100 miljoen Burgens in de EU waarvan 3 miljoen in Nederland onder de armoede grens ) liep in de Tweede Kamer het ‘SS -Legioen- DD66’ met de twee ‘dr. Goebbels- leiders’ ‘Mega Fraudeur Sophie in ’t Veld’ en ‘CIA Trol -Sjoerd Sjoerdsma’ iedereen op om weer op te rukken tegen de Russen net als in 1940-45 en dat Groot Hitler-Europa is back again met D66 -ers  Sjoerdsma en Sophie in ’t Veld als Furher  in het debat en dat schokkende feit werd nergens in de  Media vermeld, helemaal nergens. 

Killer Biden is committing Genocide against the Syrian People & US Slave Prison System Is The Worst in the World(Video’s) en dat ziet u ook neregsn in de Meastreem Media .

‘Taxfree Billionaire -Branson’ & Friend in crime of the Uncle Tom  Obama’s offering Caribbean ‘Pedo-Rapits- Island’ to secure UK govt bailout as Covid-19 knocks airline(Video’s) 

Venezuela AID Live with Supper CIA Troll  & personal ‘frind’  Branson of Uncle Tom Obama 
President Puppet Pedo-Rapits Killer- Joe Biden’s understanding of Russia and the world appears to be based on the same sort of self-deceiving narratives as his concept of the US, if his solo script Puppet-press conference following the Geneva summit is anything to go by.

Parsing Puppet Mentally  Retarted Biden’s words is a thankless task, because whatever he actually says, his  War Mongul- Steel the OIL-White House handlers and the compliant media will quickly ‘clarify’ if it clashes with their narrative. With that caveat in mind, some of his remarks at Wednesday’s solo press conference in Geneva, following the meeting with Russian President ‘Capo di tuti capo-Vladimir Putin’, could be considered revealing.

“As usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on,” Biden admitted at the start, “they” being the White House staff, presumably.

Whereas Putin sparred with reporters for nearly an hour, and took questions from  the corporate crime ‘US-CIA-CNN-  outlets’, Puppet Killer- Biden lasted only about half as long and the only Russian he called on worked ass CIA-Trolls  for the US government outlet Current CIA- Time. He also revealed that he watched Putin’s presser at least in part, indirectly confirming that scheduling was not why he declined a customary joint appearance.

Biden’s preference for media-manufactured narratives – even when they clash with observable, proven facts – has been pretty conclusively established by now. He actually repeated one of them on Wednesday, claiming – falsely – that “literal criminals” at the US Capitol “killed” a police officer. The ‘Capitol insurrection’ narrative is what the ruling Democrats are currently leveraging to turn the power of the US security state against their political opponents. 

Another narrative he invoked was of “America as an idea,” along with the bit recycled from March when he said that any US leader must discuss human rights because those are American values and “who we are.” 

He was referring to talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping then, and Putin now, in the context of “personal relationships” being the most important thing in foreign policy. However, when his predecessor attempted personal diplomacy with Russia, China and North Korea, the media-Democrat establishment in Washington shrieked in horrified outrage. Clearly, to them it matters less what is done than who is doing it, and to whom.

Tapes leaked to media reveal CIA-Bolivian coup government was plotting to overturn 2020 election loss with help from US mercenaries & ‘dr. Mengle-Taxfree- Ultra-Rich- Elite-Gangster-Elon Musk’.

There was a particularly surreal moment on Wednesday, when Biden tried to argue that Putin is driven by desire to gain approval and standing in the eyes of the “world,” presumably referring to the US and its allies (or vassals). Reporters may not think it matters, Biden said, but he was “confident that it matters to him,” meaning Putin.

“How would it be if the United States were viewed by the rest of the world as interfering with the elections directly of other countries and everybody knew it? What would it be like if we engaged in activities that he engaged in? It diminishes the standing of a country,” he asked rhetorically.

Many people justifiably saw this as totally lacking in self-awareness. What does he mean, “if”? The US has literally been interfering in elections and toppling governments for decades, through military coups and color revolutions, some of which – such as Serbia and Ukraine, twice! – Biden was involved in himself.

Yet few noticed Biden’s curious phrasing: it’s not about whether the US is actually doing these things or not, but whether it was “regarded around the world” as such. In other words, narratives over facts.

Which brings us to Biden’s understanding of Russia and Putin. He told reporters he read “most everything” that Putin has written and speeches he’s made, as well as “a couple of very good biographies.” 

That last part is key – the English-language biographies of Putin are almost universally penned by professional “Russia-watchers” in think-tank-land. These are the same people who’ve been predicting Russia’s impending collapse for 20-plus years now and tend to conjure nonexistent “doctrines” into being. They should be taken with an asteroid-sized chunk of salt, not at face value as Biden seems to be doing. 

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