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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Wat u nooit ziet bij NPO en/of Buitenhof: America First in Genocide & international piracy & Spying & Powerty.Rutte &Co: Het is Ok en pas op voor de Russen(Video’s).

War Criminal -Blair’ is just like the Devils Rutte&Taxfree-Queen- Maxima& ‘Pedo-Rapisten -Gates &Trump’&Child Killer-Albright the last persons to advise on the safety of our children… I saw his demonic ‘Pedo- grin’ when he heard about dead Iraqi kids(Video’s) 

George Galloway: After’ #Metoo-Pedo-Puppet- Mentally deranged Biden’s’ addled appearance at the  US –Taxfree-  War Crime -Killer Elite ‘ Slave States-G7’, we can only hope he’s never left alone with the nuclear codes.

Secretary of State ‘Psycho- Elite-Killer- Blinken’ roasted for calling  Mass Children Murder-Albright ( 500,000) his role model en warn  for  Russia and China and pour people. 

Wat u niet ziet bij NPO: ‘US-Killer-Elite’ dwingt Vliegtuig tot landen en Kidnapt Venezuela zakenman & US economy- money-printing policies will collapse & ‘G7 & EU-Hungery Children’( Video’s) 

Dr Mengele is a smole Child coperd with Albrigt. Psychopath Pompeo’ angry with Russia & China & EU over UN rebuke. ‘Boy Rutte’& Sophie in ‘t Veld krijgen spontaan een Natte Doos(Video’s).

US-Taxfree-Ultra-Rich-Elite gansgter’s  Secretary of State  Killer- psychopath Antony Blinken caught flak after he praised the legacy of   ‘Child- Genocide – Madeleine Albright, who once appeared to justify the deaths of  500.000 Iraqi children, saying that she made the country “more respected globally.”

Psycho-Killer-Blinken took to Twitter on Friday to hail Mass Child Killer- Albright, a former  corrupt psychopath US ambassador to the UN and secretary of state under former President Pedo-Rapist- Bill Clinton, as a ‘woman of courage’.

“During her (mass-Killing and War crime)  diplomatic career as U.S. Ambassador to the UN & the first female Secretary of State of the ‘Taxfree-War Crime-Epstein, Gates, Clinton and Biden Pedo-Rapist-Killer-Elit’e , her tenacity & effectiveness left the U.S-( Taxfree-Killer-Elite). stronger & more respected globally by the US Slave States G-7 and the rest of the US Slave States in the World ,” Psychy-Killer- Blinken tweeted, adding that Albright is a role model for him and “many of our diplomats en we only migt hope that we wil be resondensb for just as must Killed Children as our great Hero Albright  who killed far more Children than dr. Mengle ..”

Dr Mengele ass Head of US State Department
Psychopath Bikes  choice of role model struck many as odd. The replies were inundated with the clip of Albright’s infamous 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl, in which Albright said that the deaths of half a million Iraqi children allegedly due to sanctions was “worth it.”

Psychopath Albright, yourself, and your predecessor psychopath  Pompeo all prove that the US only chooses literal psychopaths to head the State Department,” Independent Australian journalist Caitlin Johnstone tweeted, calling the State Department “America’s other war department.”

“So proud to have a woman justifying mass murder! Neoliberal imperialism. It’s like the slow-boiling lobster. People don’t realize it until it’s too late,” a self-professed anti-fascist and BLM supporter said

Another critic said that with his praise for Albright, he was at least admitting that imposing sanctions that cause children to suffer is what US officials deem “role-model behavior.”

Why not Albright?’: 8 reasons why folks want the US diplomat in the War Crime-Tribunal-Hague.

The Crime of the Century: A glorified Big Killer-Pharma ‘Legal’ drug cartel and nobody went to jail just like the Snake in Suits in Holland from Rutte & Gang(Video’s).  

Albright later criticized Stahl’s interview, claiming she unwittingly fell into a trap planted by the journalist and did not mean to suggest that Iraqi children are dispensable. However, the backlash she faced following the segment did not appear to influence her views on the issue of sanctions. Asked at an event in Charlottesville in 2012 about the US sanctions on Iran, Albright outright rejected the parallel with Iraq, saying they were“absolutely not the same.”Albright was also one of the most outspoken champions of the 1999 ‘US—Taxfree- War Crime-Killer-Elite- led’ ‘SS-NATO –bombing’ (Videos) of Yugoslavia, over alleged atrocities against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

Book:Tara Reade & Juanita Broaddrick: It’s a small ‘Elite-Rap-War Crime- Bill Clinton-& Biden-President-club’. ‘ Moordenaar met de pen-‘Vader’- Olling en zijn ‘zoon’ ‘Junkie- Draaideur -crimineel Jeoffrey Hoogland’ met Leugenboek Martin H. bij (EO)-OP1(VIDEO’s).

Psycho-Killer- Albriht has also been criticized for blocking UN peacekeepers from intervening in the Rwanda genocide, among other things. 

Most recently, the former Pschyco-Killer-diplomat courted controversy for saying there is“a special place in hell for women” who do not support then-presidential candidate War Mongol- Hillary Clinton.  

Opmerking van algemene importantie: Steve Brown ontmaskerd Wim van de Pol & Roel Janssen van ‘Crime-Cry-Lie-site’ als echte ‘Hans Klok Nep en Fop journalisten’ met rectificatie Leugen Lok een Moord uit op Brown- Boek Martin H. (Video’s) 

AIVD-Informant & Moordenaar Peter R. de Vries’ bekent de kwade Genius te zijn achter het ‘Leugenboek Martin H’. Nu nog ‘AIVD-informant miljonair Bas van Hout’ !(Vido’s)

Verzetsheld Steve Brown ontmaskert ‘Katvanger Moordenaar met de Pen-Olling’met  boek Martin H. met als gevolg ontslag op staande voet bij Panorama(Video). Binnenkort leest ( 100 pagina’s) u de feiten hoe Judas & Katvanger Olling willens en wetens liegt ten einde een Moord op Brown uit te lokken voor de AIVD en OM -Amsterdam informanten ‘Hoerenjong-Bruine Rat -Bas van Hout’ en ‘Junkie Peter R(at) de Vries’ en het corrupte gedeelte van het OM-Amsterdam en de AIVD middels het Vod Panorama voor de bejaarde mannen met 1 hersencel en zijn Dodelijke Leugenboek Martin H. en een documentaire o.a. uitgezonden bij Salto TV Amsterdam en daarna geopenbaard op Youtube.


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