(From our Truth editors and ‘anti- Neo Colonial –Western- Elite- Killer Capitalism’ )

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Master Rutte & Co: Geen excuses voor ‘Koninklijke VOC-Slavenhandel’ & ‘Moordende-Kuifje in Afrika- Politie’. En geen loonsverhoging voor ‘Corona-zorgmedewerkers’(Video’s) As millions of Venezuelans and 17 Million Children starve, the ‘Taxfree –US&EU-Killer-Elite’ must take the blame for the humanitarian crisis(Video’s)

China holds Today memorial for Nanjing Massacre victims with no Show Western & Japan Leaders(Video’s) . 

UK-War Crime -Killer-Elite’ £1bn in “aid” to Yemen as it sells Bombs to Saudi is the definition of ‘Milo-blood money’.‘ Rutte’: wij doen ook mee en pas op voor China(Video’s) 

France and Germany have taken steps to acknowledge their role in allowing or perpetuating genocides in Africa during and after the era of European colonization thereof. They do so at a time when China is making increasingly bold and profitable overtures on the continent, and hope to prevent their former colonies from falling into Beijing’s orbit. (00:13) RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports. Then Prof. Gerald Horne and former UKMP George Galloway join Rick Sanchez to share their insights. (4:57) Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple and Google are fighting hard to block reforms to ensure consumers the “right to repair” their own electronics, appliances and vehicles without unnecessary obstacles designed to further enrich the companies behind these products to the detriment of the consumers who buy them. RT America’s Faran Fronczak reports. (14:00) Plus, tobacco-smoking is on the rise around the world, killing millions of people. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the details. (17:53)

Nu nog Excuus van King Willem en zijn ‘Hofnar- Pinocchio Rutte’: Elite-Genocide- Legacy’ from Trudeau:Remains of 215 indigenous children found at Canadian ‘dr. Mengle- school’& ‘VOC-Genocide- Legacy’ van King Willem& Rutte(Video’s)

Opmerking van Algemene importantie: “Book:Tara Reade & Juanita Broaddrick: It’s a small ‘Elite-Rap- Bill Clinton-& Biden-US- President-club’. Moordenaar met de Pen ‘Vader’ Olling en zijn ‘zoon’ Junkie Draaideur Crimineel Jeoffrey Hoogland met Leugenboek Martin H. bij (EO)-OP1(Video’s)


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