(van onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- ‘Ruk –onderwijs’ voor zesjarige op ‘Elite-Prive-Pedo-school’.
Biden & Co bespioneren Merkel en geven samen met Buitenhof Poetin de Schuld(Video’s).

Elite-Genocide- Legacy’ from Trudeau:Remains of 215 indigenous children found at Canadian ‘dr. Mengle- school’& ‘VOC-Genocide- Legacy’ van King Willem & Rutte(Video’s).

America First in Genocide &  international piracy and Spying & powerty. US-Killer-Elite makes $110mn by selling Stolen OIL. Ruttte&Co: het is Oke, want wij hebben onze Mega CDA Corona-Aasgieren- Ratten in pak Mondkapjes Oplichters en Witwassers,   die straffeloos 30 mijloen jatte van het Volk met 40.000 x poging tot dooslag( Video’s):” ‘Corona-CDA-Aasgier Sywert van Lienden & Elite-misdaadgroep’ jatte minimaal 30 miljoen euro met mondkapjes en zijn bloedpoen naar persoonlijke ‘Taxfree-Witwas-holding’ en is niet gearresteerd”(Video’s).

The ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo-Killer-Elite – governmen’ has reportedly made around $110 million by selling off 2 million barrels of crude oil which it seized with Piratsee alotng with a tanker off the coast of the UAE after alleging that the product was Iranian.The cargo from the Liberian-flagged tanker MT Achilleas was unloaded in Houston, Texas and sold at around $55 a barrel, the Associated Press reported, citing court documents. The Pirate money went to an escrow Snake in Suits- fund, similar to proceeds from previous Pirate operations.The national statistics, published by the US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite Energy Information Agency, listed Iran as one of the sources of crude in March, stating an import of 33,000 barrels per day, or about a million barrels of crude per month.

Wat u nooit ziet bij de NPO: ‘Creak Head Biden’ & ‘Pedo -Dad Biden’ & ‘Pinokkio Rutte’ & ‘CIA-Trol- D66-Sjoerdsma’ Beschermen ‘CIA-Nazi-Azov bataljon-Protasevich’(Video’s)

According to AP, when asked about the import, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said: “Since the time of the former US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite  president, Mr. Pedo- Bill Clinton, no oil has been purchased from Iran because of their laws.”In February, the ‘US-Taxfree-Elite- Pirates-Killer-Elite’ filed a legal complaint seeking to confiscate Steel the oil aboard the Achilleas under  Steel the OIL&Gold& Minerals-terrorism forfeiture laws, as it was assumed that the money for the cargo would go to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The IRGC was designated as a terrorist organization by the  Made in USA Hate Jezus and Pedo Puppet Trump  War Crime-administration, which then started seizing as Elite- Pirate  oil shipments of allegedly Iranian origin under terrorism laws.The forfeiture claim for the Achilleas and its cargo, which was filed in February, was the first by the ‘#Metoo-  Pedo- War Criminal and Master Spy –Puppet- Biden –administration’, showing a continuation of Iran  ‘Elite-War Crime-Killer- policy’ in  ‘War Mongul-Washington’. Tehran branded the seizure an act of international piracy by the Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo-Killer-Eliite. The situation was further complicated in March, when an UAE-based oil company laid claim on the seized crude, which by that time had been reportedly unloaded in Houston, Texas.Fujairah International Oil & Gas Corp (FIOGC), which is controlled by the Dictator  ruler of the Emirate of Fujairah, said the cargo belonged to it as an intermediate seller. The Achilleas is said to have been seized by the’ US-Taxfree-War Crime& Steel The OIL-Killer-Elite’  in the port of Fujairah.The  Pirate Puppet  ‘Made in USA Hate Jezus Trump- administration’ sought to stifle the Iranian oil trade as part of its ‘maximum pressure campaign’ against Tehran. The’ US-Taxfree-War crime-Killer-Elite’  threatened anyone buying crude from Iran with secondary Pirate sanctions.The shift came after the ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite’ with there Puppet Pirate Trump  withdrew from the 2015 multilateral agreement which restricted the Iranian nuclear industry in exchange for sanctions relief and lucrative business opportunities in the West. The’ War Crime – Puppet-Biden administration’ is currently trying to negotiate a return to the agreement, with talks in Vienna ongoing.

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Moordenaar met de pen Chef misdaad redactie Vico Olling vertrekt als Dief in de Nacht nadat hij is ontmaskerd door ing Steve Brown als Katvanger van AIVD informanten Bas van Hout & Peter R. de Vries met zijn boek Martin H.

Binnenkort meer over het opstaande voet ontslagen of Hou de eer aan jezelf Vico Olling.

Mededeling van Algemene importantie : Steve Brown doet weer aangifte tegen de AIVD en informanten en Moordenaars Peter R. de Vries & Bas van Hout & Victor Olling c.s. wederom wegens uitlokken van Moord op Steve Brown vergezeld van Karakter Moord en sleept dat AIVD en OM/Politie-Amsterdam informanten Tuig van de Media Van Hout en De Vries en Olling voor de Rechter. Inmiidels is Olling door Panorama dankzij Steve Brown  de straat op gesmeten met zijn dodelijke Leugen Boek Martin H.  Na 17 jaar als ‘AIVD-Rat’ uit de school van de beroepsleugenaars AIVD-Informant Hoerenjong- Bruine Rat- Bas van Hout & Junkie -Peter R de Vries mensen de vernieling in te hebben geholpen.


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