(By Russia Today (Video) and endorse by the People of all color of the street real News of Amsterdam )

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Elite-Censorship-happy Twitter’ suddenly concerned about ‘public conversation’ as Russia cracks down on illegal Pedo-Porno- content.

BBC onafhankelijk en geen ‘Royal- Taxfree War crimen Elite- Fake News’? Wat denkt u zelf: BBC new chair ‘ex-Goldman Sachs Banker-Elite-Gangsters Richard Sharp’ who advised ‘Psycho  Boris Johnson’ and  Bribe £400k to UK’s ruling  Snake in Suits-party

A Covid death toll of 124,000, £2 trillion in debt, hellish prisons, education in chaos, Hungry Children, extreme poverty , Killing Assange  but ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite’ ‘Poodle Boris’ and his ‘Devil-team’ get rave reviews! 

(-)Second place in the roll of honour goes to Snake in Suit Rishi Sunak, who recorded a +74.4 percent approval. The chancellor delivered his budget on Wednesday and was forced to extend furlough until September at a cost of £65 billion. But three million people are either not covered by help schemes or ineligible. They are being left with no recourse and have either met, or are facing, imminent financial ruin. Rounding out the ‘Conservative Medal Podium’ is Snake in Suit Dominic Rabb, the foreign secretary, who takes bronze. His major activity recently has been to announce that Britain is slashing aid to deserving causes worldwide. Yemen will get “at least” £87 million, down from £164 million last year. It’s seen by some as a travesty that the fifth-largest economy in the world is cutting aid to a place where two million children are acutely malnourished. This is exacerbated by the government’s approval since July 2020 of £1.4 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the major aggressor in the conflict that has devastated the nation.(-)

Leaked docs reveal how news agency Reuters secretly serves as a tool for the ‘UK-Taxfree-Royal-War Crime- Pedo-Rapist- Prince Edward- British’ (Video’s) influence just like the Dutch State ‘AIVD –NPO’& ‘ Goldman Sachs-MI-6 BBC’ & ‘corporate- crime – CIA-CNN’  &’CIA & MI6 Trol – Xenophobic statements- Alexey Navalny‘ across the world

Hoofdofficier Beukelaer aka “Dood aan de Labbekakken” over ‘Zwarte-Piet-OvJ. -Vreekamp‘ & Gargard en zwijgt over corrupte deals met ‘Fam.- Halsema’& Bankier Gangster Hoekstra en dat Brown door hem Vogelvrij is verklaard(Video’s) 

A deepfake Christmas Queen is more truthful than the real Dutch Taxfree-King Willem & Queen Elizabeth ones(Video’s) .

‘MI6-BBC’ Fake Creative Diversity Director’ Uncle Tom- June Sarpong ‘claimed even low-income white people cold in the Netherlands by the VVD Premier’ Pedo Boss Rutte’ Labbekakken and in the US by ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime Killer-Elite’ with there Puppet ‘Made in USA Hate Jesus- Trump’ and  ‘#Metoo-Biden ‘White tratsh experience “benefits” because of their race.

Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill has torn into ‘MI-6-BBC Fake- Creative Diversity –Director- Uncle TOM-June Sarpong‘ for lecturing poor, working-class white people on their “privilege,” saying she did this despite being “pampered” and highly-paid herself.

Ondertussen: Het Parool, de ‘Fake News-Outlet’ van het corrupte OM Amsterdam halen Ajax-‘Black man- Quincy Promes’ gelijk door de Stront-ton(Video’s) 

Appearing on the talkRADIO show with Kevin O’Sullivan on Sunday, O’Neill responded to  Uncle Tom-Sarpong’s claims that even low-income white people experience ” ‘Black Piet-benefits’ ” because of their race. O’Neill noted that MI6-BBC-Troll Uncle Tom-Sarpong, who is an “accomplished broadcaster,” gets paid “£75,000 plus 75,000,- ‘expense’ a year for three days a week of work,” before adding, “This is a ‘Bla-Bla-woman’ just Like the Dutch secret service ‘AIVD-NPO- Ex Callgril – Bla, Bla-Iris de Graaf'(Video) ( makes 100 thousand euro + a year ) who lives a very nice life, on a wage that is paid for by us.”

“Poor white people face criminal sanctions if they don’t pay for their TV license and they own a TV. They pay her wages,”O’Neill declared, before comparing the current climate of identity politics to “a new form of feudalism(Video’s) .” 

Der Endlösung the Poor – Corona-Pandemic’ Widens Criminal Wealth GapL. Taxfree-King-Willem & Hofnar-Rutte:het is Oké(Video’s)

O’Neill argued that the UK now has “this feudalistic class of people who are looking down their noses at ordinary people, calling them privileged, calling them racist, calling them backward,” even as many Brits – both black and white – have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.“We don’t need lectures from pampered people at the MI6-BBC& the Dutch-AIVD-NPO about how privileged we all are,” he concluded, calling it the “last thing this country’s needs right now.”

UK radio host under fire for highlighting low Covid-19 mortality among healthy & young and calling for them to ‘carry on living’. (Video’s) 
MI6- BBC –Uncle TOM-Sarpong had said in an interview while sniffing cocaine and drinking Champagne with the ‘dr. Goebbels-Telegraph’ on Friday that there are“benefits even if you come from a low income and you’re white.”

“You will never be discriminated against because of your race and that in itself feeds into the concept of white privilege,” Sarpong claimed completly Stoned.Her comments prompted many poor Brits and and Dutch and US People to respond with examples of white people experiencing the opposite of privilege.

Verzetsheld & Underground Presentator van de Stem van de Straat/Salto ing Steve Brown’ sinds 2006 Vogelvrij verklaard voor het plegen op hem en nog te plegen van Moordaanslagen& Bedreigingen& Laster en Smaad  door AIVD&OM&Politie- informanten ‘Hoerenjong- Bruine-Rat- Bas van Hout'(Video’s)  en ‘Pedo-Rapist- Peter R. de Vries’ op Brown  en Gek verklaard door het corrupte  OM-Amsterdam , c.q. Mr .W.J. Nijkers ( Hoofd- (Doofpot)- Beleid &Strategie ( misdadige) officier van justitie) . Zie de schokkende Video hierna in dit verband:


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