• Ex CIA Directeur- Psycho- Pompeo ‘:” handen af van onze journalisten in Hong Kong”. ‘NPO& CCN&BBC CIA- agenten’ vermont door de straten van Hong Kong.

( by George Galloway and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-The ‘War Crime Killer- Biden Administration’ using the US military to illegally occupy NE Syria to steel the OI with the help of ‘CIA-ISIS’.

War Mongul-Joe Biden’ is not stopping war in Yemen by actually continuing to support it.

Grayzone: ‘U.S-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer- Elite’ and there ‘Canadian puppet Trudeau‘ ‘genocide Fake News’ accusation relies on Fake data by right extremist payed by the CIA.

What about student loans, water or the homeless? Outrage follows report $1.7 trillion F-35 program is now considered a failure

The ‘Mass-Killing- SS-NATO-War Machine’ is back’: ‘War Crimenal -#Metoo-Biden’ reminded of previous criticism on  ‘The Made in USA -Hate Jesus -Trump’s- ‘escalation’in Syria after he orders fresh ‘Killer-  air-strike’.  ‘VVD-Zorgtoeslag-Maffia Boss-Rutte’ en  D66  ‘DDR66- Sjoerdsma’ en AIVD informant- GroenLinks Rechts-Van Oijk  :”het is Oké, wij doen ook mee en Pas op voor de Chinezen en Russen en leve ‘D66-Partijlder-PLO- Kaag -al-Quq’ en onze ‘TAXFREE-Miljardair-King Willem’.” 

Zeldzame eerlijke en heldhaftige EU Parlementariërs and Activists Clare Daly & Mick Wallace  vegen de vloer aan met de SS-Rusland Haters en ( CIA)-Trollen van de ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime Killer Elite  Militair complex ‘en de ‘US-Taxfree-Fracking Gas- Elite Maffia ‘a La ‘D66  DDR66 -Mega Fraudeur- Sophie in ’t Veld’ , etc.., zie:

Schokkend: Zie ook in dit verband Veterans4Veterans SALTOTV(Video’s) en hoe de tijdens dienst voor Volk en Vaderland in het Buitenland ( tegen de Russen, Kuch(Video’s)) de levensgevaarlijk gewonde op een haar na dood en blijvend invalide Mariniers Klaas Jol wordt goedgekeurd door de corrupte en laffe Defensie Kwakzalvers a La de heer Kats en bijna vermoord door een Defensie dr. Mengele kwakzalver in het Defensies -Hospitaal . En tot vandaag de dag een ‘Judas-Mes’ in zijn Rug krijgt van de laffe ‘Taxfree-King VOC-Willem’ en zijn Hofnar- ‘Zorgtoeslag-MaffiaBoss- Rutte’ en zijn Kliek en bestolen van zijn rechtens toekomende 100 % pensioen mede met ‘NSB- hulp’ van de peperdure altijd liegende Landsadvocaat(Video’s) en uiteraard met de Judas-medewerking van de corrupte en laffe ‘Monster- Rechter’ in hoger beroep, ‘Leve ‘Taxfree- Miljardair King Willem’& jongste ‘Zakkenvuller &VIP-Klaploper Prinses Amalia'(Video’s)  en zijn ‘Parasieten – Prins Bernhard huisjesmelkers Yap Yum Prinses- Mabel-Familie(Video’s) ‘ en Pas op voor de Russen en Chinezen(kuch, kuch, Videos)’ !

Geen vragen van ‘Oerdomme Linda de Mol’  voor  ‘MH17-Doofpot-Rutte’ (Video’s)  over  het feit dat hij en zijn gabber in elite crime D66 – DDR66-PLO-Minister Kaag-al-Qaq’ weigeren onderzoek te doen en vragen te beantwoorden   in de Tweede kamer naar de Bloedpoen subsidies aan de ‘Massa- Moordende en Verkrachters IS-CIA& MI6 & AIVD-Baardmannen- strijders in Syrië’(Video’s) 

War-Criminal -Netanyahu’ and his Whore ‘Idiotic –Trump gift to #Metoo- Biden, before he even takes office: war with Iran(Video’s) 

Does the ‘British-Taxfree-Royal-War Crime-Pedo- Prince Edward-Killer-Elite’- government’s(Video’s) cynicism know no end? Confirming multi-million pound aid packages for war-torn Yemen while facilitating attacks by the Saudis  from Psychopath Prince Salman is  ‘Snake in Suits-treachery’ of the highest standard.

The  ‘British-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite- Foreign Secretary -Dominic Raab’s’  announcement of a further £14 million in “aid” to famine-wracked, cholera-swept, devastated Yemen is surely the perfect example of ‘blood money’. The new tranche takes the total aid from the UK-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite’ to the war-torn country since 2015 to over £1 billion – and £214 million of that has been in 2020 alone.

Ondertussen: De ‘Corona- Endlösung’ is Begonnen : Arme Geestelijk gehandicapten in te huizen krijgen als eerste de ‘Pfizer-Prik’(Video’s). 


That nearly £5 billion-worth of ‘UK-Taxfree- Royal-War Crime-Killer-Elite’ weapons sales to Saudi Arabia from ‘War Crimena-l Prince Salman’  have been made in the very same time period is a second dot that the government is hoping you don’t join. Because, of course, most of those weapons have been used against Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, by Saudi Arabia, the richest Dictator  country in the Middle East.

Wat u nooit ziet bij de Staats-AIVD-NPO: The immortal Milo Minderbender, from the greatest 20th-century English-language novel ‘Catch-22’, would thoroughly approve.‘US-War Crimenal Elite psychopaat ‘Bisnis man’ Miloreaders may recall, rented out his own US airplanes to the Germans to bomb his own men, his own positions . Well, rent is rent, and business is business after all. 

Weeks after dying, Robert Fisk is savaged by liberal war propagandists. Why? Because he was a brave anti-imperialist.

US destroyers famous for Fake self defense strikes on Yemen& Vietnam & Syrië & Irak redeploys to Saudi coast as ‘Trump&Poodel Johnson’ prepares more War Crimes(Video’s).

Psycho Boris Johnson’ steels public money for bizarre seks with Callgirl. It doesn’t matter, as his ‘Dutch King Willem& King Carlos& Prins Bernhard -kind’ always get away with it & Dead to China!(Video’s)

Visa clampdown shows the ‘Made in USA -Hate Jesus-Trump’s’ aim is for Americans to consider EVERYONE from China as ‘the enemy’

In Raab’s case, while private British arms elite crime corporations reap billions in profits tooling up the obscurantist royal dictatorship in Saudi, he uses British taxpayers’ money to come to the “aid” of its victims in Yemen. Nice work if you can get it.Of course, “aid” is a much-abused word. Many countries have discovered British aid – and NGO aid – ends up supporting them just as the rope supports the hanging man. A look at the Twitter timeline of the Psycho British ambassador to Yemen – funnily enough, ensconced for the duration in Riyadh – is to see what British ‘diplomacy’ has become. Gunboat diplomacy, without the gunboats to spare.The Psycho British ambassador unleashes a ceaseless bombardment of enemy positions. His enemy, of course, being the very country to which he presented the ‘Queen’s –Pedo-Prince Edward-credentials’. And from the very country doing the actual bombardment. With British bombs. Milo Minderbender would be proud.

‘US-Taxfree-Elite-Maffia-leiders’ van de Westerse Wereld zijn First in Corona, Haat, Racisme, Oorlog ‘s misdaden, armoede en ongelijkheid(Video’s)  .

But even if the British aid brings much-needed relief to the literally millions of under-nourished children – many of whom are starving to death due to the food blockade on the port of Aden imposed by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states with full ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo Epstein& Bill Clinton& Uncle Tom -Obama& ‘Mad Dog- Trump’& ‘#Metoo Binden’ and ‘UK-Taxfree-Killer-Elite- support’ – it will have saved the people only in order for them to be killed by British weapons, guided by British and American military staff officers seconded to the Saudis to assist in command and control cells. 

Kiss of death – The winner of the most coveted War Crimenal- Henry Kissinger endorsement is…  ‘War Crimenal #Metoo-Joe Biden

Not a lot of British people know that. Still fewer know that Britain currently has troops on the Saudi-Yemen border, to ‘guard’ the Saudi royals from ‘Yemeni aggression’.It’s like Hitler dropping food parcels on the East End of London during the Blitz. It is the deepest cynicism, even by British standards.Yemen, of course, is a former British colony – not many places aren’t – and among the earliest memories in my anti-imperialist brain are the sights and sounds of Scottish soldiery in the colours of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders gunning down Arabs in the Crater district of Aden. This when The Beatles were top of the hit parade, as it was called then.The ‘Rocks of Aden’ is one of my favourite bagpipe airs, even though the rocks of Aden were stained with blood. Then, as now. All Dominic Raab is doing is sending sticking plasters for the gaping wounds. And coffins for those who don’t make it through. Perfidious Albion is us.

Ex CIA director ‘Psych Pompeo’ warns Emperor Jinping over interference with ‘US-CIA& Dutch-AIVD- journalists’ in Hong Kong& ‘The Donald’s Opium –China-Trade’(Video’s) 

Send  again gunboats  to China to make them buy again Opium  and shake up REPARATIONS for unleashing Covid-19 ‘weapon’ on the world, award-winning ‘British-MI6- dr Goebbels-  journo- Psycho- Douglas Murray’says (Video) , die zeer bewonderd  wordt door ‘Boy Baudet(Video’s) & Chinezen Haters:


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(George Galloway was a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. He presents TV and radio shows (including on RT). He is a film-maker, writer and a renowned orator. Follow him on Twitter @georgegalloway)

 (ing Steve Brown(Video’s)  is Underground Presentator Stem van de Straat, Hoofdredacteur Volksnieuws uit Amstderdam-Noir , Bestseller Auteur, Volksgangster& Verzet’s Held, Vlogger, Coffeeshop oprichter/eigenaar The Happy Family,Veronica Presentator Zware Jongens, Bijzonder Hoogleraar Media Maffia, Klaprecht jurist, Streetreporter,Bestseller auteur, Maatschappelijk werker,Regisseur, Programmamaker. Bedenker van het ‘Rat in Pak Elite-Gangster Billboard’(VIDEO’s), Klokkenluider,slachtoffer Moord &AIVD& politie-aanslag Judas-Informanten ‘Hoerenjong -Bruine Rat- Bas van Hout’ en ‘Junkie-Hoerenloper-Peter R. de Vries & ‘Ratje- Jaknikker Jeroen Pauw’, ‘Staats-AIVD-NPO’ en de Persgroep Parool. Volkskrant, NRC en Algemeen dagbald(Video), etc,etc, etcetera)) Steve Brown travel true the hole world ass Leader of the Happy Family and there after in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Golden Triangle, Nigeria, etc., where no tourist can come and talked wit Generals, Drugs lords, Ministers en Kings and Tribal leaders. Brown hold a degree in social science and a degree in Law of the University of Amsterdam and spent three months in jail as suspect of murder and member of the crime group from the Serbian Jocic the Crime-King of Amsterdam(Video) and he survived three Murder attempt on in his life.)