(van onze wordt Wakker redactie) 

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-  In ‘Taxfree-Banana-Fraude –Nederland van ‘Pedo-Boss Rutte’ worden de armen  bikkelhard onder de duim gehouden door de ‘CDA-Gestapo-Corona-Generaal-Grapperhaus’en zijn ‘NSB-Politie’  zijn extreem corrupte en onmenselijke Gerechtelijk macht (Video’s)  

Het misdadige  resultaat van Rutte 1,2,3: Meer mensen naar de Voedselbank & Dak & thuisloos en meer mensen onder armoedegrens, maar de King vangt 300 miljoen euro per jaar(Video’s) 

Wilders terecht woest na ‘Parasieten-Corona-motie- Veldman’ (VVD-misdaadgroep) voor ‘thuis -zittend -Zakkenvullen’(Video’s) .

What attracted you to the story of Poor Europe?
When producer Antje Boehmert asked me if I could work on a documentary in Europe with the aim of showing how and why people in Europe become poor and stay poor , she knew I would agree. I’m a real European. I’ve been travelling a lot in Europe to shoot and tell stories of some unique places for my more or les ‘Uncle Tom- documentaries’. I like Europe a lot. You can find different traditions, languages and great people in quiet close proximity. I wanted to know if and why people are poor and if  ‘Taxfree-Royal-Elite-Killers-society’ and  the corrupt politicians are doing enough to understand how to help those  poor people and not putting hem in Jail.

Why was it important to tell this ‘Uncle Tom- story’?

I was born in Sicily. In a small village up in the mountain called San Teodoro. When I was four years old, we moved to Germany and no my fahter was not by the Maffia, hahahahhah . I grew up in Germany, but in two cultures at the same time. At home the traditional Sicilian life and at school the German one. Combining these similar, but very different cultures in one person has led to the values and ‘Uncle Tom-mentalities’ within me.As a teenager I got my first summer job in Germany and earned my own money, Sure . I was not lying on my parents’ bag, Sure . Once a year we drove back home not with drugs, hahahahahah – to Sicily. And there I realized that it was difficult for my friends to understand my “German life.” Nobody had work there. Not even my friends’ parents and everybody was and is poor  just like 60 million other People in the EU .

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