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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Niet Huawei& Rusland maar Trump& Rutte & Bijleveld bespioneren Nederlanders & Lubach &Beau in de war(Video’s) 

 Voor Wapenhandel regeert Kabinet van ‘Pedo-Boss- Rutte’(Video’s) wel over zijn graf en verlengt militaire ‘Moord&Rap en Roof missies’(Video’s) .

 A real Dutch reporter and not a AIVD-Trolls like so called ‘Fake news – crime journalist’ ‘Sun of a Whore Bas van Hout ‘and ‘Pedo-Rapist –Junkie-Peter R. de Vries’( Video’s) and  the ‘AVID- State -NPO (Video’s)  Trolls   ‘ex Callgril -Iris de Graaf’ and ‘Idiot -David Jan Godfroid ‘aka “Frakenstein  has managed to log into a supposedly highly secure ‘EU-War Crime-Killer-Elite – videoconference’, using a pin-code that had been accidentally exposed on the  ‘Taxfree-Royal –King Willem-Pedo-country’s -defense minister’s Bijleveld Twitter account.

CDA-Psycho-Minister-Bijleveld’ bezoekt Wapenhandelaar ‘Mad Dog Trump’ om Orders op te halen(Video’s) .

The ‘hack’ occurred the so-called Christian Devil Dum Minister Bijleveld on Friday, when RTL real Nieuws journalist Daniel Verlaan managed to sneak into the online gathering of the ‘EU-War Crime-Killer-Elite- bigwigs’. Footage ‘of the incident, shared by the reporter online, shows a smiling Verlaan waving to the ‘Elite-Killers-officials’, many of whom were not exactly glad to see the reporter — while others laughed nervus because they where cough planning War Crimes and Weapons deals .

Ondertussen: ‘CDA Gestapo-Corona- Generaal- Minister-Grapperhaus’ komt met nieuwe ‘Duivelse-Labbekakken-wet’ op jacht naar ’fout’ geld, behalve op de ‘VVD Zuidsas’ & Tweede Kamer &King Willem(Video’s) 

Ondertussen in het land van ‘Made In USA -Hate Jesus Trump’  & ‘#Metoo Jo Biden’(Video’s) : Protection of white supremacy’: AOC leads liberal outrage after  Trump’s Kenosha ‘KKK-Red -Neck-shooter –Rittenhouse’ released on bail:

The journalist was confronted by ‘EU-Killer-Elite Foreign- Elite-criminal- Affairs- and Security-SS-Policy boss -Josep Borrell’, who asked Verlaan to present himself and said the conference had been intercepted.“You know you have been jumping into a secret ‘Elite- War crime-conference’  from the corrupt  Minsters of the Taxfree-Killers-Elite’?” Borell asked.
The journalist apologized for the intrusion, saying he would be leaving, while Borell threatened him with legal and CIA and or AIVD and or MI6 ( killing)-consequences insisting the breach was a “criminal-offense against the ‘War Crime-Killer-Elite’ .”

Child&War -Killer Kissinger’ endorsement Biden & Kamerleden & King Willem & ‘Corona-Pfizer’ plegen straffeloos misdaden(Video’s) 

Ondertussen:  Bedreiging in ‘Doofpot-zaak-MH17’: botsing tussen nabestaande en advocate en ‘CIA- Bellingcat’ gaat door met ‘Lynch-journalistiek’ tegen Rusland(Video’s)

Explosive Australian &US&UK& Dutch-special Killers forces &War crimes& ‘Oorlog’s Misdadigers- Pedo-Boss-Rutte’& CO met’ F16-Killers(Video’s)’.

After the reporter left, the meeting was reportedly immediately cut short due to the security breach. The videoconference was said to have been held to discuss a classified document on the threats the ‘Taxfree-EU-War Crime-Killer-Elite’ is facing, that will form the basis for the bloc’s defense strategy against the poor People in the EU and the rest of the World.It was not immediately clear whether the broadcaster or the reporter will actually face any consequences. The breach was made possible after RTL Nieuws received a tip, directing their attention to a screenshot of the conference, shared online by  the Dutch  corrupt and Dum  CDA-Minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld.The picture showed an address prompt, containing five digits of a pin code, needed to access the private ‘Snake in Suits Desk Killer- War Crime- conference'(Video’s).

The whole code turned out to be six digits long and Verlaan had to guess the last number. He said he used ‘admin’ as the username – and was admitted to the ‘War Crime-meeting’ without any further authentication.The reporter said he did not believe it would work until the very last moment, especially since the ‘EU-Killer-Elite’ claimed it had more security measures in place. Verlaan has condemned the threats of legal action, saying the EU “would rather harm a journalist than fix its issues,” and accused the bloc of “lying” about the apparently non-existent security measures.


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Binnenkort in het Kader van Algemene importantie en de Rule of Law: Schokkend artikel en video reportage : 

Verzetsheld & Underground Presentator van de Stem van de Straat/Salto ing Steve Brown’ sinds 2006 Vogelvrij verklaard(zie;Noot) voor het plegen en nog te plegen van Moordaanslagen & Bedreigingen & Laster en Smaad  door AIVD&OM&Politie- informanten ‘Hoerenjong- Bruine-Rat- Bas van Hout'(Video’s) en ‘Pedo-Rapist- Peter R. de Vries’ (Video’s) op Brown  en Gek verklaard door het corrupte  OM-Amsterdam , c.q. Mr .W.J. Nijkers ( Hoofd- (Doofpot)- Beleid &Strategie ( misdadige) officier van justitie) . Zie de schokkende Video hierna in dit verband: 

Noot.OM-Amsterdam  verklaart Steve Brown Vogelvrij  voor Moordaanslagen  door AIVD Infrormanten  Bas van Hout en Petere R. de Vries sinds 2006 per brief  oktober 2020