(van onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Conspiracy theories are caused by ‘Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite-CIA&MI6 & AIVD- government- secrecy’:‘Maffia-Zorgtoeslag -Boss- Rutte’: “Pas op voor de ‘MH17- Russen’(Video’s)   & ‘Corona- Chinezen’ en leve onze ‘SS-NATO’ met onze’ (Elite-Maffia-)-Leider #Metoo -War Crimenal -Joe Biden.
Denying hungry kids meals will be BoJo’s& Trump’s legacy and Rutte’s Legacy the Legal Pedo-Party& #Metoo- Johhny de Mol&Co &hungry kids(Video’s) 

Geen-Corona-Complot- Lubach-fabeltjesfuik:Australian forces Executed Afghan prisoner & ‘NATO-Killers & Pedo-Rapist’& ’D66-PLO-CIA-Killer-Kaag’(Video’s)
Na Lange Frans zet Lubach ook Steve Brown bij Youtube op Zwart’ met “#Metoo-Pedo- Johnny de Mol’ in aanranding actie(Video’s) .

‘Taxfree-Royla-Elite -Pedo-Pimp-Epstein’ sleaze ‘CIA&Mossad-empire’ fallout continues as head of International Fake Peace Institute resigns over dealings with Taxfree-Elite pedophile’s like Prince Edward, Claus& Bernhard (Video’s)& Bill Clinton & Top VVD-ers ‘Rose-Pedo Ed Nijplels’(Video’s)&Demmink& Metoo- Johhny de Mol.

AIVD-informant & Pedo-Rapits-Peter R. de Vries (Video’s)’:Die te jonge Epstein  meisjes wilde zelf, been there done it”:

The  corrupt Pedo-head of the International Fake Peace Pedo-Institute (IPI), Terje Rød-Larsen, has resigned in disgrace after admitting he accepted ‘donations’ (bribe’s) and a personal loan from the psychopaht  financier and convicted pedophile Elite Pimp Jeffrey Epstein.The think tank chief says accepting the ‘donations’ from foundations related to Jeffrey Epstein was “poor judgement, Sure” on his part as was a personal loan from the millionaire CIA& Mossad-financier-cum-human trafficker in 2013. 

SBS6 Thank you for the Music and Get Raped by ‘#Metoo-Junkie Johnny de Mol’ aka “De Allesneuker”(Video’s) .

“Elie CIA&Mossad-Pimp -Epstein’s and his Clients  crimes were horrific. The notion that IPI would in some way be associated with such an ugly type is contrary to the institution’s core values,” the New York-based ‘Elite Crime dr. Goebels- lobby group’ said in a statement, following an extraordinary board meeting on Thursday. 

Madame Ghislaine Maxwell’s ENTIRE testimony revealed: Docs show Epstein’s ‘madame’ trying to EVADE sex –Slave-trafficking allegations

The corrupt Chairman of the board Kevin Rudd was damning in his criticism of Rød-Larsen’s actions, Sure.“Neither the loan nor the repayment of it had previously been disclosed to the board or to me as chairman,” Rudd, a former Prime Minister of Australia, said to the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

“Pedo-Rød-Larsen has apologised to the corrupte Pedo-Rapist- board for what he has described as a serious misjudgment. I am deeply disappointed that the board has had to find out so much of this through the media,” Rudd added.In November 2019, the IPI announced it would match any donations received from Epstein-affiliated foundations and re-donate the funds to “programs that support victims of human trafficking and sexual assault, Sure,” to the tune of a reported $30 million.


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Binnenkort in het Kader van Algemene importantie en de Rule of Law: Schokkend artikel en video reportage :

Verzetsheld& Underground Presentator van de Stem van de Straat/Salto ing Steve Brown’ sinds 2006 Vogelvrij verklaard voor het plegen en nog te plegen van Moordaanslagen& Bedreigingen& Laster en Smaad (Video’s) door AIVD&OM&Politie- informanten ‘Hoerenjong- Bruine-Rat- Bas van Hout'(Video’s)  en ‘Pedo-Rapist- Peter R. de Vries’ op Brown  en Gek verklaard door het corrupte  OM-Amsterdam , c.q. Mr .W.J. Nijkers ( Hoofd- (Doofpot)- Beleid &Strategie ( misdadige) officier van justitie) . Zie de schokkende Video hierna in dit verband: