(By Dr Lisa McKenzie and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Complot? Nee gewoon de walgelijke en schokkende  waarheid die u nooit ziet bij de ‘Staats-AIVD-NPO’ : Taxfree-Royal Prinsen Edward& Claus&Bernhard – Elite Pedo Rapisten- Bill Clinton & Joe Biden &Trump& Epstein & ‘Vrouwenbeuker& Neuker- Junkie Johnny de Mol Jr’& Top VVD-ers Demmink  & Ed Nijpels, etc.-  System of abuse’(Video’s) : At least 10,000 children sexually molested at hands of French Pedo-Catholic Devil  Church since 1950s — report
Dutch ‘ VDD-Fake-liberal-Devil-ideals’ turn sinister with ‘Legal-Pedo-Party’& “Metoo-Pedo-Johnny de Mol’&’journalist’-Pedo-Peter R.deVries’’& force contraception’ on poor female drug addicts’(Video’s)
Boris Johnson resigning because of ‘low’ salary £150,402 and Trump wil leave US if lose election’ and ‘Dutch-Taxfree-King Willem& Family’more‘Corona-money’(Video’s) 
 Hero of the People Police chief dragged after declaring British ‘civic duty’ is snitching on neighbors who violate Covid-19 rules.

Geen Complot:‘Chocolate& Kobalt- Elite-Gangsters’ maken Taghi & Holleeder tot Heiligen met 1.5 MILLION ‘Slave-children’(Video’s).

The corrupt ‘US-Taxfree- War crimen-Killer-Elite’s ‘ ‘Poodle- Boris Johnson’s- kill the poor People- government’ has refused to extend a free school meal scheme to England’s half-term holiday. It’s time local communities took charge of providing meals for school and hungry poor kids, but they need to be adequately funded.I’m sure Britain’s Endlösung  government had hoped that the ongoing debate about free meals for children, following a high-profilecampaign by footballer Marcus Rashford, would have burned itself out by now. Maar ook GroenLinks Recht-Burgemeester ‘Keizerin Halsema’ van Amsterdam met twee Villa’s en een ‘Loverboy Ninja Oey’ als echtgenoot&zoon met verboden wapen  roept de burgers op om elkaar Corona te verraden als echte NSB-ers: Coronakliklijn: Keizerin Halsema wil dat Amsterdammers massaal gaan klikken: ‘Feestje in de buurt? Laat het weten’., zodat mijn ‘Vinger-politie’ ze in elkaar kan meppen als het Labbekakken zijn.

Der ‘Endlösung-Corona-Bom-crisis’: Keizerin Halsema: ‘Makke Schapen vier onze Koningsdag, maar blijf binnen als u een huis heeft ’(Video’s) .

Endlösung Minister after minister and MP after MP have ventured out in front of the national media and attempted to defend what really is indefensible, which amounts to the poorest children in England being denied meals in their half-term holiday after the ‘Endlösung  government’ ruled out extending free meals beyond term time. But still ‘Poodle Prime Minister Boris Johnson’ refuses to budge.The  extremy corrupt ‘Kill the poor-Conservative party’ walked into a very obvious trap from Labour, who tabled a vote on the matter knowing that the Endlösung Tories would reject the idea, effectively sending a message out to the country that they still are the nasty ‘Endlösung the poor-  party’.

Wie wordt er beter van der ‘Endlösung-coronavirus :Trump : 1,2 triljoen Dollar voor de Taxfree-Wall street- billionaires en 1000,- Dollar voor de hongerde US Burgers(Video’s


King Willem&Timmermans: Leve de EU! 1,5 miljoen Duitsers, half miljoen Nederlanders en 1miljoen Engelse ondervoed(Video’s) 

As former ‘NeoNazi-Conservative’ PM ‘Monster Margaret Thatcher’ discovered, direct attacks on hungry youngsters don’t go down well. As  Endlösung education secretary in the Seventies, she denied daily nutrition to  poor and hungry youngsters in the form of a small bottle of milk for 7 to 11-year-olds in primary and junior schools, and was forever known as cruel, with Monster ‘Maggie Thatcher, milk snatcher’ sung in playgrounds across the country. It was a decision she later admitted she regretted. The removal of a small bottle of milk painted the Monster- Iron Lady as uncaring among the media and in public opinion.

Het misdadig resultaat van Rutte 1,2,3: Meer mensen naar de Voedselbank & Dak & thuisloos en meer mensen onder armoedegrens, maar de King vangt 300 miljoen euro per jaar(Video’s) 

Despite  the corrupt ‘Taxfree-Royal-Pedo-Rapist –Killer-Elite-government- rhetoric’ since the beginning of the welfare state in 1945, food poverty, housing poverty and child poverty have never gone away, and opposition voices in parliament are making a lot of noise about this latest Tory media disaster. Perhaps they have learned a lesson from their abstention in the 2015 NO welfare reform  Endlösung bill that saw £12 billion in cuts falling on the poorest families’ shoulders. At the time, the corrupt Labour party was being led temporarily by  Little Monster Harriet Harman and instead of voting down the bill, all but 48 of its MPs abstained.

Ondragelijke armoede in Amsterdam:”Overleven van €80 per maand drijft tot wanhoop & ziektes(Video’s).

Attacking the poorest in society, or at best ignoring them, is easy for the Endlösung  politicians. After all, the poorest have no power to fight back. So, if the ‘NeoNazi- politicians’ say we need to cut benefits for those who don’t work as a Slave, or we need to cut social care for children whose parents are feckless, or with rights come responsibilities – meaning if you want to eat, you must adhere to whatever Nazi-condition is laid down – these ideas are usually easy to sell to a coward  population, especially in times of Snake in Suits-economic distress when everyone is looking after their own purse.

Extreem corrupte en laffe VVD-staatssecretarisTamara van Ark:Geen Miljoenen subsidie voor Kinderarmoede van arme werkenden en werklozen labbekakken(Video’s) .

 Der Endlösung Political narratives of all hues have used the ‘tough on the feckless’  ‘Endlösung- rhetoric’, as it is an easy ‘Nazi-win’. The poorest have no voice at all and the rest of society, who are mostly ignorant to the draconian and soul-destroying welfare system, think it’s fair to look after those who appear to be working hard and doing ‘the right thing’, whatever that may mean at any particular time.

However, what history teaches us is that  corrupt politics is fickle and politicians, for the most part, are at best diplomatic with their moral standpoint and at worst wholly self or party politically interested. This means that the poorest, most vulnerable, people are forever putting their faith in a  corrupt Endlösung political kill the poor and Rape there Childeren  system that is willing to throw them under the bus as the gaining or losing of political capital dictates. No wonder that in the poorest neighbourhoods, voter turnout is increasingly dwindling as communities realise that  the Snake in Suits Pedo Rapist political parties use them as leverage one way or another.

As Monster-Boris Johnson announces Britain’s ‘great reset’, were the Covid ‘conspiracy theorists’ right all along: Na Lange Frans zet Lubach ook Steve Brown bij Youtube op Zwart’ met “#Metoo-Pedo- Johnny de Mol’ in aanranding actie(Videos).

The Freaks in action : Biden calls ‘Pedo Rapist Giuliani’ ‘Russian pawn’ as he & Trump accuse each other of being Pedo Rapist and taking foreign money in debate(Video’s).

So, what is to be done? Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner caused a stir when she called Tory MP Chris Clarkson “scum” during a debate in Parliament, leading to #Toryscum trending on social media in recent days. But in reality, there needs to be a serious discussion about poverty in the UK – the world’s sixth richest nation – and we cannot leave it up to the corrupt Neonazi-politicians. It’s too important for Endlousing party politics.The ‘Kill the poor-Tories’ have doubled down on their position, despite the prevailing mood from the public that they have got it wrong and the opposition using the opportunity to give them a good kicking. Meanwhile, communities and small businesses have stepped in, offering food for children on free school meals up and down the country.This ensures this story will not die, as it becomes very local and of community interest as cafés, pubs and charities, already struggling because of various Covid-19 measures, are trying to meet the need in feeding hungry children. I’m not going to criticise this approach – after all, it is well intentioned. And I’m definitely not going to argue, as many of the government’s opponents are, that it is not the place of the community to feed children, but the responsibility of those in power.

Pedophiles shorter prison Corona-sentences from corrupt ‘Royal-UK justice system’ and is Killing Assange.AIVD-Informant-Pedo-Rapist- Peter R. de Vries: “Die Assange en verkrachte kinderen hebben er zelf om gevraagd(Video’s)”.

Instead, I offer a different argument. It is absolutely communities’ responsibility to look after each other, because on a local level they know their communities better than any centralised government. But it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that central funding is redistributed fairly into every community.I believe that meals for all children at school should be free and provided every day through local community groups, schools and youth clubs. This would build solidarity among communities and strengthen local social capital, while the universalist approach would mean all children could be included, despite their family background. That way, the poorest children would no longer be used as a political football or held hostage to any political ideology. Nor would they and their families be stigmatised by being hungry.Our aim as a nation should surely be that no one should be reliant on charity to survive. But all of us must realise our interconnectedness, and that only solidarity can deliver a healthy society. 


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(Dr Lisa McKenzie is a working-class academic. She grew up in a coal-mining town in Nottinghamshire and became politicized through the 1984 miners’ strike with her family. At 31, she went to the University of Nottingham and did an undergraduate degree in sociology. Dr McKenzie lectures in sociology at the University of Durham and is the author of ‘Getting By: Estates, Class and Culture in Austerity Britain.’ She’s a political activist, writer and thinker. Follow her on Twitter @redrumlisa.)

 (ing Steve Brown(Video’s)  is Underground Presentator Stem van de Straat, Hoofdredacteur Volksnieuws uit Amstderdam-Noir , Bestseller Auteur, Volksgangster& Verzet’s Held, Vlogger, Coffeeshop oprichter/eigenaar The Happy Family,Veronica Presentator Zware Jongens, Bijzonder Hoogleraar Media Maffia, Klaprecht jurist, Streetreporter,Bestseller auteur, Maatschappelijk werker,Regisseur, Programmamaker. Bedenker van het ‘Rat in Pak Elite-Gangster Billboard’(VIDEO’s), Klokkenluider,slachtoffer Moord &AIVD& politie-aanslag Judas-Informanten ‘Hoerenjong -Bruine Rat- Bas van Hout’ en ‘Junkie-Hoerenloper-Peter R. de Vries & ‘Ratje- Jaknikker Jeroen Pauw’, ‘Staats-AIVD-NPO’ en de Persgroep Parool. Volkskrant, NRC en Algemeen dagbald(Video), etc,etc, etcetera)) Steve Brown travel true the hole world ass Leader of the Happy Family and there after in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Golden Triangle, Nigeria, etc., where no tourist can come and talked wit Generals, Drugs lords, Ministers en Kings and Tribal leaders. Brown hold a degree in social science and a degree in Law of the University of Amsterdam and spent three months in jail as suspect of murder and member of the crime group from the Serbian Jocic the Crime-King of Amsterdam(Video) and he survived three Murder attempt on in his life.)

Binnenkort in het Kader van Algemene importantie en de Rule of Law: Schokkend artikel en video reportage :

‘Verzetsheld& Underground Presentator van de Stem van de Straat/Salto ing Steve Brown’ sinds 2006 Vogelvrij verklaard voor het plegen en nog te plegen van Moordaanslagen& Bedreigingen& Laster en Smaad  door AIVD&OM&Politie- informanten ‘Hoerenjong- Bruine-Rat- Bas van Hout'(Video’s)  en ‘Pedo-Rapist- Peter R. de Vries’ op Brown  en Gek verklaard door het corrupte  OM-Amsterdam , c.q. Mr .W.J. Nijkers ( Hoofd- (Doofpot)- Beleid &Strategie ( misdadige) officier van justitie) . Zie de schokkende Video hierna in dit verband: