(By Charlie Stone and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Complot? Nee gewoon de walgelijke en schokkende  waarheid die u nooit ziet bij de ‘Staats-AIVD-NPO’ : Taxfree-Royal Prinsen Edward& Claus&Bernhard – Elite Pedo Rapisten- Bill Clinton & Joe Biden &Trump& Epstein & ‘Vrouwenbeuker& Neuker- Junkie Johnny de Mol Jr’& Top VVD-ers Demmink  & Ed Nijpels, etc.-  System of abuse’(Video’s) : At least 10,000 children sexually molested at hands of French Pedo-Catholic Devil  Church since 1950s — report

No Conspiracy:How Ducht ‘liberal-Devil- ideals’ can turn deeply sinister with ‘Legal-Pedo-Party’& openly ‘Rap-Showbizz- “Pedo-Metoo-Johnny de Mol’& ‘AIVD-journalist-’Pedo-Peter R. de Vries’&’Pedo-Head-Prosecution-Leenders of Amsterdam’& force ‘Hilter-contraception’ on poor female drug addicts ‘.

Wat u nooit ziet bij ‘VPRO-Elite-Grachtengordel-Zondag-Lubach-Medusa-Uil-D66-Fabeltjesfuik’(videos) en/of de Staats-AIVD -NPO (video)EN/:  Leest en ziet u bij ons: “Waar is de LUL van Johnny”.  
#Metoo-Junkie-Pedo-Johnny de Mol’ onder vuur na weer ‘Estelle-Cruijff-aanranding‘s- gedrag.:

(De Video hiervoor is op zwart gezet : Na Lange Frans zet Lubach ook Steve Brown bij Youtube op Zwart’ met “#Metoo-Pedo- Johnny de Mol’ in aanranding actie  maar die kunt u nog hier zien middels Facebook)

En zie in dit verband de ‘Pedo-Goedprater- AIVD & OM & Politie- Informant- Junkie-Peter R. de Vries’:

A former  ‘Nazi-Freisler- Volksgerichtshof-Killing- judge-  Cees de Groot(Video’s aka ” Judge Lebensbaum”  has submitted a ‘Hitler-proposal ‘that would allow  ‘Nacht und Nebel- courts’ to force contraceptive implants or injections onto poor women with a drug problem or mental health issues. With exception of the BN-Junkie’s of ‘Media Maffia -Boss John de Mol’ and the Taxfree-Royals& ‘journalist’ like Junkie ‘Pedo- Peter R de Vries’ and ‘#Metoo-Pedo- Junkie-Johnny de Mol and the corrupt politician Like the Amsterdam Mayor ‘Empress-Coca-Halsema’. This isn’t child protection, it is backdoor Nazi-eugenics of the poor Untermench .

The ‘Dutch-Taxfree- Royal-King Willem& Coca-Slumlord Prins Bernhard-War Crime-Pedo-Rapist-Killer-Elite(Video’s).

Geen -Corona- Complot- Lubach-fabeltjesfuik’: documentary, America’s & EU Forgotten, reveals the story of illegal-(Slave)- immigration to the US&EU the MSM doesn’t want you to know about(Video’s).
They’re such a corrupt  liberal Devil  and forward-kill the pour People thinking Nazi-bunch. They were pretty much the first to make smoking marijuana legal, more or less and at the same time ‘fighting ‘the Fake War on Drugs(Video’s). Slave-Prostitutes can sell their wares down pink tinged alleyways, and it’s perfectly legal.  

Geen Complot:‘Chocolate& Kobalt- Elite-Gangsters’ maken Taghi & Holleeder tot Heiligen met 1.5 MILLION ‘Slave-children’(Video’s) .

‘Devil- Elon& CIA – Tesla-Musk’s aka ” the US -dr. Mengele” desire to control our minds is dehumanizing Corna world. Taxfree-King Willem& ‘Pedo-Boss-Rutte’& ‘CDA Gestapo-Corona-Generaal- Grapperhaus’& ‘PvdA-hoertje -Dijkstra’ &AIVD-NPO wij willen het ook en koop vooral een Tesla(Video’s)

Sinds ‘VVD-Crimefighter –Griezel-Teeven’ de grote baas van Jeugdzorg is in Amsterdam zijn de ‘Pedo-verkrachtingen van patiënten een Coronavirus geworden(Video’s).

Now they’ve come up with a novel scheme to ‘prevent child abuse’ …. by forcing vulnerable women to use contraception. Nazi-Child protection officials from Elite-Crime VVD-Boss Creep Fred Teeven can apply for a ‘Nacht und Nebel-court’ ‘Endlousing- order’ to force a poor woman who has a drug addiction to be given a contraceptive implant or injection. The Nazi-idea is to prevent poor women who cannot look after their children from conceiving them in the first place.

Nazi-Planned Parenthood is erasing founder Monster Margaret Sanger’s name over eugenics. But her views were known for DECADES Sanger founded Planned Parenthood in part to discourage reproduction among “undesirables” – the mentally and physically handicapped, but also the poor and black.

Corona-Complot’: Rutte & Hugo de Jonge en hun ‘Grachtengordel- Lubach:”Labbekakken Bek houden en met je kaal geplukte Kont in Quarantaineplicht op de Bank zitten “(VIDEO’s)

Hang on a sec though, that doesn’t sound very liberal. Does it?  Or thas it ring’s some ‘Nazi- US&EU-Killer-Elite- Genocide-Bells’:

And it’s not some loony fringe thing. It was lodged with the Dutch Devil- House of Representatives by the Standing Endlösung Committee for Compulsory Contraception by a former family court ‘Nazi-Freisler- Volksgerichtshof-Killing- judge’ by the name of Cees de Groot, and is backed by former corrupt Cabinet Minister Monster-Heleen Dupuis   from the VVD Crime Group with ‘Godfather’-Pedo-Boss-Rutte'(Video’s). 

Dupuis, who was  corrupt & Crasy chair of the Netherlands Association for Disability Care, said it was an ethical choice to stop women who wanted to have children but were unable to raise them. “It’s choosing the lesser of two evils, Heil Hitler& our Leader ‘Pedo-Boss-Rutte&Taxfree- King Willem’,” she said. 

Aboutaleb de Puppet van de Rotterdamse ‘Rat in pak Beerput’ en Halsema die van de Amsterdamse ‘Rat in pak-Beerput ’(Video’s).

The current No Health for the The People ‘CDA -Corona-Elite-Maffia- Minister Hugo de Jonge’ backed a similar ‘Endlösung-  plan’ in 2016 when he was in charge of  No healthcare for the People  in the city of Rotterdam from the Labor major Uncle Tom Abouatel. The measures were, he said at the time, “a very complex and sensitive subject.”  

The situations in which some children come into the world are downright harrowing,” he added, “that’s why I support the prevention of vulnerable parenthood.” ‘Hundreds’ of poor women with a mental illness, a learning difficulty, a history of abusing children or are infected with Hepatitis B or C would also make it on the list.The forced contraception would be for a given length of time, until the problem and the poor has gone away. 

Makes sense? 

Politicians from pro-Putin party(Video’s)propose chemical castration for convicted pedophiles a La AIVD-Peter R de Vries and Chief prosecutors Vincent Leedenrs& EX Justice Boss-Demmink in Russia, prepare draft law for parliament.

Adolf Hitler and his horde of Nazi doctors went some way down this path of course, their eugenics ideas made it the duty of the German state to biologically ‘improve’ its people. Aside from the horrors of the extermination camps and mobile gas vans, 400,000 people were sterilised against their will. Yes, do-gooders should be able to do good. Up to a point. But, surely, when you start deciding when another human being can or cannot breed – whatever the reason – then she is being treated just the same as a pet or livestock. Down some paths, government should just not go – however Nazi-good the intentions. Ever.


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Charlie Stone, author and journalist who has worked for the BBC, several national newspapers in the UK and international media.

Binnenkort in het Kader van Algemene importantie en de Rule of Law: Schokkend artikel en video reportage :  ‘Verzetsheld& Underground Presentator van de Stem van de Straat/Salto ing Steve Brown’ sinds 2006 Vogelvrij verklaard voor het plegen en nog te plegen van Moordaanslagen& Bedreigingen& Laster en Smaad  door AIVD&OM&Politie- informanten ‘Hoerenjong- Bruine-Rat- Bas van Hout'(Video’s)  en ‘Pedo-Rapist- Peter R. de Vries’ op Brown  en Gek verklaard door het corrupte  OM-Amsterdam , c.q. Mr .W.J. Nijkers ( Hoofd- (Doofpot)- Beleid &Strategie ( misdadige) officier van justitie) . Zie de schokkende Video hierna in dit verband: