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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-  Geen Complot:‘Chocolate& Kobalt- Elite-Gangsters’ maken Taghi & Holleeder tot Heiligen met 1.5 MILLION ‘Slave-children’(Video) .

Wat u nooit zult zien bij de de ‘Staats- AIVD-NPO’ van ‘dr. Goebbels- Gelauff'(Video’s) en/of ‘VPRO-Grachtengordel-Elite Zondag -Lubach Medusa- Uil- D66-Fabeltjesfuik’: “SBS6 Thank you for the Music and Get Raped by ‘#Metoo-Junkie Johnny de Mol’ aka “De Allesneuker”(Video’s)” :

Leest en ziet u hierna: “The Freaks in action : #Metoo- Biden calls ‘Pedo Rapist Giuliani’ ‘Russian pawn’ as he & ‘Made in USA- Hate Jesus- Trump’ accuse each other of being Pedo Rapist and taking foreign money in debate(Video’s).

Rat Jared Kushner (Videos) accused of ‘casual racism’ after claiming Trump’s policies work but black people must ‘want to be successful’.

A new film streaming on Taxfree- Elite-Crime group-Amazon’ uses the tragedy of Michael Brown’s Murder in 2014 to insightfully reveal the manipulations and machinations that distort modern-day race relations in the US with the  President  Puppets ‘Made in USA- Hate Jesus’&  #Metoo Joe Biden with there  hostages client ‘Slave-states’ like the EU(Video’s) 

‘What Killed Michael Brown?’ is the most important documentary of the year(kuch). The film, which is exquisitely directed by Eli Steele and  written and narrated by famed corrupt conservative black Red Neck- Uncle Tom- Fake-intellectual Shelby Steele, takes a deep dive into the tangled web of race in America through the Police-Murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.From the get-go the movie jumps out at you, not with cinematic bombast, but with a subtle brilliance. The opening title sequence uses the same distinct font as Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Jackie Brown’, and in so doing lets viewers know it is unabashedly challenging popular myths.

This film is a searing, scintillating and staggering examination of race in America, but make no mistake – this is not some emotionalist screed or partisan polemic. It is a thoughtful, reasoned and measured commentary.

‘D66 -PLO-Minister Kaag-al-Quq’ doet vaag over miljoenen subsidiëren ‘CIA-terroristenleider’ in Syrië(Video’s)

‘Uncle Tom-Shelby Steele’ is armed with an impressive background in CIA- civil rights, a towering intellect and a monumental mastery of language, which allows him to confidently march viewers through the maze and minefield of race without ever misplacing a step.

( More poor White’s  are Killed by Police than Blacks)

Geen Complot: US empire of Evil has no allies only hostages client ‘Slave-states’ like the EU(Video’s) 

‘Uncle Tom-Steele frames the American conflict over race as a battle between ‘poetic truth’ and ‘objective truth’. Poetic truth is a distorted and partisan version of truth and is used by race hustlers and charlatans like Reverend Al Sharpton and former Attorney General Eric Holder to paint Michael Brown – who was shot by a police officer – as an innocent victim and noble martyr for the cause.

This poetic truth conflates the present with the past, which results in the Police Murder of Michael Brown being transformed into a continuation of slavery’s violence and Jim Crow-era lynching by depraved whites.Through this paradigm, Michael Brown becomes all black people, and all black people become Michael Brown.

Geen -Corona- Complot- Lubach-fabeltjesfuik’: documentary, America’s & EU Forgotten, reveals the story of illegal-(Slave)- immigration to the US&EU the MSM doesn’t want you to know about(Video’s).

The establishment  corporate crime media ‘CIA-CNN’ and ‘Red Neck -Fake News FOX’ and there State EU- Outlets ‘secret service- AIVD-NPO’ and ‘MI6- BBC ‘ and racial activists embrace this poetic truth because their objective is coercion, not reason. This version of truth does two critically destructive things: it gives black people an identity through victimization, and it gives white people a way to assuage their racial guilt.

Black & Poor-people from the Human ZOO are ‘terrified’ of Mad Dog Trump’s ‘Killer-cops’ who can pull trigger & walk free due to ‘qualified immunity’ just like in The Netherlands from Slave Master Premier Rutte(Videos)

As Uncle ~Tom-Steele explains in the film, “white guilt became black power.” This dynamic sets up a vicious cycle where blacks use victimhood to exploit white guilt, and whites steal agency from blacks in order to assuage said guilt. Therefore, the learned helplessness of blacks feeds the self-centered, narcissistic paternalism of whites and vice versa.Uncle Tom-Steele goes on to insightfully declare: “humans never use race except as a means to power… never an end, always a means.” This is contrasted by the vision of Steele’s working-class, minimally educated father who grew up under Jim Crow and fervently “favored character over race as a means to power.”

The teachings of Marx are the best hope for US& EU beaten-up& Killed working class(Labbekakken) in the ‘Human-Corona- Zoo’. Rutte&’Pedo-Kees van der Spek’: “Die Labbekakken moeten niet zeuren“(Video’s)

As seen in Ferguson in 2014 and in recent months all across America, racial anger has become ritualized and choreographed. Grievance is claimed without evidence, and protest encouraged with no good faith that it will lead to anything.The film highlights Al Sharpton as one of the more aggressive opportunists and as the epitome of the race grievance peddler. Reverend Al’s mendacious model is now used by Black Lives Matter and their ilk, who are just as intellectually and morally dubious as their duplicitous mentor.Unlike the extraordinarily successful and morally impeccable civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr., which exposed its opponents as devoid of moral authority, BLM and Sharpton are themselves morally bankrupt.As the film points out, none of these opportunists is interested in the development of black people or communities, but in ‘justice’. And their definition of ‘justice’ is amorphous, ever-expanding and rooted entirely in emotionalism and greed.

‘Uncle Tom Steele’ uses the immigrant-owned convenience store in Ferguson where the Michael Brown tragedy began as proof of the absurdity of the demand for alleged ‘justice’.The poor and hungry mob  wants the store owners to shut down for three days on the anniversary of Brown’s Murder and issues a whole host of other demands. The owners acquiesce, but it is never enough. Once one demand is fulfilled, a new and more egregious one sprouts up – until finally the poor  mob is clamoring for the owners to literally give away their store to protesters.

Not interested in bringing ‘Big Brother-Alexa’ into your house? That’s OK, ‘CIA-Amazon’s’ working with your ‘Snake In Suits-Landlord’ now &Chip in your Head from Devil- Elon& CIA – Tesla-Musk’s(Video’s) 

Besides the movie’s robust intellectualism, it is also exceedingly well made and, like its soulful and melancholy jazz soundtrack, never loses its pace or rhythm.In a bizarre twist, considering the high-quality filmmaking on display, ‘Taxfree-Elite Crime- group-Amazon’ from Taxfree-Devil- Jeff Bezos( Video’s)  first refused to allow ‘What Killed Michael Brown?’ to run on its streaming service, claiming it “doesn’t meet Prime Video’s content quality expectations.”It’s ironic that, though major Taxfree- Crime Elite corporations like Amazon are now emphasizing black artists, when those artists don’t toe the establishment line on race, they are told to sit at the back of the bus.

Slavoj Zizek: ‘#Metoo-War Crime-Biden’s’ just  Made in USA Hate Jesus-Trump with a  Fake human face, and the two of them share the same enemy

Thankfully, after much public pressure, Amazon has now relented and is allowing users to purchase and stream the film on its service. But this is not the first time – and it certainly won’t be the last – that  dr Goebbels- mainstream gatekeepers have tried to silence truth tellers like the Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam/SaltoTV ( Voice of the Street) and Volksnieuws van Amsterdam-Noir.( People’s News).In conclusion, ‘What Killed Michael Brown?’ is mandatory viewing, because it is an intellectually vibrant, finely crafted piece of work that brazenly and bravely reveals the uncomfortable reality of race in America today of the ‘Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo-Rapist-Epstein-Killer-Elite’(Video’s) with Puppets Made in USA- Hate Jesus Trump& #Metoo Biden. See it now.


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