( from our US-Freak Elections Editors)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-  Miracle: ‘Hate Jesus –Trump’ risen from the ‘Corona-dead’ ass MUSSOLINI an wright back in to ‘The Devil- White-House’(video) .

Uncle Tom-Candace Owens” snaps at Dems accusing her of paying Blexit rally attendees ‘to risk lives’ with Master- ‘KKK -Hate Jesus-Trump’.

 (‘Uncle Tom-Candace Owens’: “Sure my Massa Trump , you can grab my black pussy when ever you want”. 

Today the ‘Made in USA- Hate Jesus Trump’ rent a crew of  Black from  “BLEXIT” that was Dark founded by corrupt conservative firebrand “Uncle Tom “ -Candace Owens to Heil him at the ‘Devil- White-Corona- House’  : 

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