(From our US- Freak-Election editors)    

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- John Bolton:”We know where your kids live.” Rutte: Het is Oke, wij doen ook mee(Video’s)   

Kerkdienst met 600 mensen in Staphorst, mondkapjes niet nodig volgens God& King Willem&Grapperhaus& Halsema&Rutte(Video’s) 

Mike Pence’ is the Fake nice guy except for the occasional ‘Devil-smirk’. He certainly doesn’t reach the arrogant and psychopath heights of the ‘Made in USA-Hate Jesus Trump’ or War Criminal and Mass Murderer and Torturer Dick Cheney. 

And because he is not foaming at the mouth as a Devil , Mike expects you to overlook his ‘Neo-Nazi Red- Neck- Kill’ the  LGBTQ – community and Chines and Russian and Iran& Venezuela and Cuba and pour people etc. -extremism. If it is already obvious, Mike being president is not the “cure” to  ‘Hate Jesus-Trumpism’. And neither is more GOP hypocrisy. So let’s just say the Devil Mike Pence is abuzz with GOP hypocrisy and, for the most part, is flying under the radar till he is the ‘President- Puppet’ from the 1 % ‘Devil-Ultra-Rich-Elite- Pedo-Rapist-Killer-Elite’(Video’s)#AmericansforDecency