( van onze ‘VVD&CDA-Pedo-Rapist-Klasse –Justitie’ redactie

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- CIA-US-Fake-security firm’ POISONING Assange in London. MSM Only hysteric about ‘Poisoning’ ‘CIA Agent Navalny&Co’(Video’s)

Ja, beste Kameraden van de Straat wij beseffen dat het eentonig wordt maar de ‘Pedo-Rapist-AIVD -Informant- Peter R. de Vries’(Video’s)  is niet van de ‘Zombie TV -buis af te slaan’  want hij heeft weer gereageerd. De Vries: “Die Assange  heeft er zelf om gevraagd moet hij maar net als ik zwart betaald voor de Geheime dienst en/of OM werken” :

Corrupt –Top-Elite of the Church of England ‘forgave’ pedophiles en masse, allowed them to continue working with children, inquiry finds

Peodohiles Criminals in the ‘Taxfree- War Crime- Pedo-Rapist-Prince Edward –Killing-Elite-United Kingdom’, including violent offenders, are receiving reduced sentences due to courts taking into account strict Der Endlösung   the poor –Bom-coronavirus regimes in the  In –Humane-country’s prisons, The Times has revealed.  The Corrupt ‘Royal  Pedo-Rapist-Prince Edward- British judges’ have shown leniency since April, after a court ruled that measures implemented to prevent the spread of coronavirus at the ‘In Human -detention facilities’ , including extended periods of isolation, could be considered when handing down a sentence. The case involved a ‘Pedo-Rapist-man’ who sexually abused a schoolgirl, the paper reported. 

Ondertussen in Nederland:  Kerkdienst met 600 mensen in Staphorst, mondkapjes niet nodig volgens God& King Willem & Grapperhaus & Halsema & Rutte (VIDEO’s) 
Ondertussen in de USA: Millions of Americans have fought to preserve the freedoms ‘ Made in USA-Hate Jesus Trump’&#Metoo -Joe Binden& Boy Rutte& Extreme Inequality now threatens(Video’s).
Ondanks dat Oey & Halsema & zoon gematst zijn door het OM ontmaskert hij in navolging van Steve Brown het corrupte OM(Video’s)

‘Royal- Prince Edward-Pedo-Elite-Mercy ‘was also given to a sex offender who was caught trying to groom an underage girl just like in Holland the Pedo- Rapist-Top adviser from Premier’Pedo-Boss-Rutte’ ‘Junkie-Pedo-Rapist- Gordon(Video’s)  and Amsterdam Chief Public Prosecutor-Pedo-Rapist-Vincent Leenders have done with boy’s . In July he was jailed for a mere 20 months, apparently because the judge had concerns about the restrictive coronavirus policies adopted by ‘In-Humane- prisons’. 

De ‘Coca-Pedo-Rapist-Politie-Broers Allaoui’ van Dansschool “The Cuties” zitten in de cel. ‘Pedo-Rapist-&AIVD-infromant- Peter R. de Vries’: die jonge meisjes en jongens wilde zelf(Video’)

Lighter sentences are also being given to violent criminals. In September, two masked burglars who broke into a home and terrorized a family received reduced prison terms because the Royal corrupt  judge acknowledged that the thugs would have to spend 23 hours a day in their cells due to Covid-19 rules. 

‘Chefs Behind Bars’: Thailand turning prisons into tourist attractions

In June, the council which sets guidelines for judges issued a notice that highlighted “the concerns that many people have about the effect the Covid-19 emergency is having on conditions in  the In-Humane-prisons and the potentially heavier impact of custodial sentences on offenders and their families.”The ‘Der Endlösung  the poor- health- crisis’ has put enormous stress on the country’s  ‘Royal -Pedo-rapist-justice- system’, as it attempts to balance safety measures with ensuring justice is meted out. Not everyone is sympathetic to the reasoning being applied by some  ‘Royal-Pedo-Rapist-judges,’ however.  Corrupt Tory MP Tim Loughton told The Times that the practice of handing out lighter sentences amounted to a “special summer sale” and a “Covid-Pedo-Rapist- bonus for  Pevert-prisoners.”

The ‘Royal-UK-Takfree-Killer-Elite’ isn’t the only country to face issues surrounding coronavirus and its prison population. Across the United States from the Made in USA Hate Jesus-Pedo-Rapist Trump& #Metoo Joe Biden, prisoners have been released early due to concerns about the disease, prompting criticisms and accusations that the policy has led to an uptick in violent crime in places like New York City. 

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