( by our US-Freak-Election editors) 

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Whoever wins the Freak Trump or Biden Election, here’s six reasons why America is on the brink of a complete Snake in Suit-political and social breakdown(Video’s).

The first ‘US-TAxfree-War Crime Pedo-Rapits Epestein-Killer-Elite’ presidential Freak puppets  debate quickly devolved from friendly greetings to chaos as Democratic challenger #Metto Joe Biden struggled to make his points while being interrupted incessantly by President Puupet Made in USA Hate Jesus- Trump.
At one point, as #Metoo-Biden tried to evade a question from moderator Chris Wallace as to whether he would support adding more slots to the Supreme Court and eliminating the Senate filibuster rule if Democrats regain control, Mad Dog-Trump badgered him with interruptions.

“Whatever position I take on that, that will become the issue,” Biden said. “The issue is the American people should speak. You should go out and vote. You’re in voting now. Vote and let your senators know how you feel.”“Are you going to pack the court,” Trump interjected, before chirping: “He doesn’t want to answer that question.”

The Freak- exchange was typical of the first few minutes of Tuesday’s long-awaited debate, as a domineering Trump interrupted at most every point that he found false or objectionable. Trump even interrupted Wallace as the moderator began to ask a question about his administration’s lack of a comprehensive health plan, to which the president disagreed. “ Mad Dog-Trump just takes over,” independent journalist Tim Pool said on Twitter. “They just don’t know how to deal with this Freak .”