(By Ed Snowden and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Prinsjes –Bernhard Huisjesmelkers-Dag’ zonder ‘Gouden–slaven- Koets’: De Rijken a La ‘Taxfree- King Willem’ worden rijker en de Armen worden armer(VIDEO’s)

The Western-Taxfree-Killer-Elite- Stalinist trial’ in the UK of Hero of the Free Press Julian Assange. Rutte: Onze Nacht und Nebel Rechters zijn het zelfde  (Video’s).

Why is the KKK and the Dutch ‘Taxfree-VOC- Royal- family’ not Illegal: the KKK rise again with ‘Made in USA- Hate Jesus Trump’& #Metoo-Joe Biden.(Video’s).

VVD-Boeven- Partij’ & ‘Oranje Boven -Godsdienstwaanzinnige – SGP’ willen vrij spel voor hun misdadige Kamerleden &King Willem

Is the Civil War Started between the have and the have nots .Animals that must be hit hard!’: Trump unloads after gunman shoots LA sheriff’s deputies& In NL woedt de ‘Akwasi- Zwarte Piet’&Corona—Opstand( VIDEO’s)

The ‘US- Taxfree-War Crime-Killer- Pedo Clinton & Epstein-Elite'(VIDEO’s) with puppets the ‘Made in USA -Hate Jesus- Trump’ &#Metoo Joe Biden drive to extradite and prosecute –Lynch Julian Assange poses a grave threat to journalists everywhere, but the publisher’s opponents have placed Snake in Suits-politics over principle, and even their own interests, said whistleblower Ed Snowden.

Snowden:“I think a lot of it comes down to people forgetting what principles are and why they’re important,” Snowden said in an interview with Joe Rogan on Tuesday. “You can hate Julian Assange, you can think he’s a puppet of Russia(VIDEO’s), you can think he’s the worst person on Earth – a reincarnation of Hitler or Stalin – and still realize that convicting him harms you.

It harms your society. It harms your children’s future. People forget about this in today’s world where everything has become partisan”.

Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg testifies in Assange’s defense, says WikiLeaks exposed war crimes in public interest.
While Assange “fell out of favor” with a large segment of American Taxfree-War Crime-Killer- society in 2016 over WikiLeaks’ publication of emails belonging to then-Elite Snake in Suits -Democratic presidential hopeful War Mongul- Hillary Clinton&Pedo Rapist Bill Clinton, his current extradition Lynch  trial has “nothing to do with that,”Snowden said.“The US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite  government… is trying to extradite this guy and put him in prison for the rest of his life for the best work that WikiLeaks ever did… which is the Iraq and Afghanistan War Logs, detainee records in Guantanamo Bay. Things that are about explicit war crimes and abuses of power,” the whistleblower went on, adding that Assange’s work with WikiLeaks spared no political party just like the Dutch/USA- Underground Presenter of the Vioce of the Street Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV Steve Brown(Video’s) :

Assange Lynch-extradition hearing adjourned after videolink failure, court fails to explain cause of problems Just like in the Ducht ‘Killing & Elite-Maffia-Lynch- Trail’ against  Steve Brown(VIDEO’s)

Assange faces an 18-count Fake indictment and up to 175 years in a US prison, with most charges linked to “espionage” over his role in securing classified leaks from Army analyst Chelsea Manning. But his case marks a clear break with American legal precedent, which has traditionally distinguished journalists and publishers from their sources, a “dangerous”development which Snowden said could impact the media as a whole.“As abusive as these Espionage Act charges have run in the last 50 years, the government had a sort of quiet agreement. They never charged the press outlets… they charge their sources,” he said. “They are breaking that agreement with the Julian Assange case. Assange is not the source, he is merely a publisher. He runs a press organization.

You cannot convict Julian Assange, the chief editor and publisher of WikiLeaks, under the Espionage Act without exposing the cooperate crime Fake Press  New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS, ABC, NBC, ‘CIA-CNN’,  ‘Red Neck- Fake News Fox’, & there EU State Outlets ‘MI6-BBC’, the Dutch ‘AIVD-NPO’  whoever, to the same kind of charges”

 Julian Assange (and imperialism) on trial: In an age of ‘lockdowns,’ is there any hope left for the WikiLeaks founder?
The WikiLeaks publisher’s Lynch-extradition hearing resumed last week in London after a lengthy hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak. He remains in the maximum security Belmarsh Prison awaiting a decision, where he has spent 16 months under conditions that UN Special Rapporteur Nils Melzer has described as “torture.”

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 Mededeling van Algemene importantie:  Deze week deel 2:”Corona Leugenaars Grapperhaus & Rutte & King & Halsema Ontmaskerd ” bij de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV:” Keizerin Halsema ‘Corona- Muilkorft’ Albert Cuyp Markt & Amsterdam. Amsterdam& Albert Cuyp mark huilt en zucht onder het( corona)- regiem van Keizerin Halsema & ‘VVD -Pedo-Boss-Rutte’ met exclusief schokkende beelden van Klasse Justitie ‘CDA Minister -Duivel-Grapperhaus’ die Fake ‘Showbizz -Tokkie’ staat te janken en te liegen dat hij barst.