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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Terwijl  in Nederland de Zwarte Piet -Corona-Oorlog voort duurt met ‘OM-Informant- Zwarte Piet Akwasi’ : “Corrupte Amsterdamse Officier van Justitie Vreekamp ‘collega’ van KOZP-kopstuk Akwasi aka” Dood aan Zwarte Pieten”(Video’s) doet hem een ‘Sinterklaas- cadeau is in de USA kennelijk de Burger Oorlog begonnen tussen de miljoenen armen en de 1 % Ultra-Rijken Taxfree-Duivels.

Why is the KKK and the Dutch ‘Taxfree-VOC- Royal- family’ not Illegal: the KKK rise again with ‘Made in USA- Hate Jesus Trump’& #Metoo-Joe Biden. (Video’s).

The Made in USA Hate Jesus  Puppet Trump didn’t hold back when commenting on the ambush of two LA  Red Neck-SS-deputies who were shot multiple times at point blank range. The local  Red Neck-sheriff said this is part of a growing trend in which SS-officers are assaulted unprovoked.Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department  Red Neck-deputies were shot in their car near a metro station in the city of Compton on Saturday, the department wrote on its official Twitter account. It shared footage of the attack that shows a gunman walk past their vehicle, raise a weapon and open fire on both deputies.The suspect is seen running away safely as one of the wounded tries to open the passenger door, at which point the video ends.The chilling footage was shared by many on social media, including  the puppet  ‘USA- Hate Jesus  -Trump‘. “Animals that must be hit hard!” he wrote shortly after the incident.

NYPD’s top uniformed officer & 2 other Red Neck-cops attacked by BLM counter-protest group crossing Brooklyn Bridge (VIDEO)

Gravely injured, the Red Neck-deputies managed to radio for help and were rushed to hospital in critical condition,  Red Neck-Sheriff Alex Villanueva told the media. The pair, a 31-year-old woman and her 24-year-old male partner, underwent surgery and emergency treatment for multiple gunshot wounds.“They are both still fighting for their lives, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers,” the department added.  Red Neck-Sheriff Villanueva said the attack was “a cowardly act” that seems to be “part of a trend, a growing trend when suspects open fire unprovoked.” Almost every week police officers die “in the line of duty,” he said.The  Red Neck-sheriff’s department also reported that protesters swarmed the entrance and exit of the hospital’s emergency room, chanting, “we hope they die!”Meanwhile, the  Red Neck-department dispatched at least 14 homicide detectives to the scene to investigate the ambush, along with forensic teams and a K-9 unit. The adjacent streets were sealed off and the manhunt for the suspect continues.The attack comes weeks after an intense shootout in Rancho Cordova, California. A gun-wielding man attacked two Red neck- deputies and shot one of them in the lower body. The skirmish continued until the suspect was shot twice by deputies and died.

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Mededeling van Algemene importantie: A.s. maandag om 23.00 uur deel 2:” Corona Leugenaars Grapperhaus & Rutte & King & Halsema Ontmaskerd ” bij de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV:” Keizerin  Halsema ‘Corona- Muilkorft’ Albert Cuyp Markt& Amsterdam.Amsterdam& Albert Cuyp mark huilt en zucht onder het( corona)- regiem van Keizerin Halsema & ‘VVD -Pedo-Boss-Rutte’ met exclusief schokkende beelden van Klasse Justitie ‘CDA Minister -Duivel-Grapperhaus’ die Fake ‘Showbizz -Tokkie’ staat te janken en te liegen dat hij barst.