( By John Pilger and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-UN rapporteur: Assange psychologically tortured to ‘breaking point’ by ‘democratic states,’. ‘RTL- Wester’ &’ Follow the Money- Smits’: Die UN –man lult uit zijn nek (Video’s ).

Fake Liberals & SS-Hawks & ‘CIA-& MI6 & AIVD-Journalist’ accuse Trump of ‘attack’ on military after he says Corrupt Pentagon Killer- chiefs ‘fight wars to keep arms dealers fill here pockets(VIDEO’s)

Psychopath Statement by Ex CIA Mass Murder& Drugs Dealing- Secretary Pompeo on the World Press Freedom while Killing Assange &Free Press(Video’s)

Having reported the long, epic  Nacht und Nebel- ordeal of Julian Assange, John Pilger gave this address outside the Central Criminal Elite Killer- Court in London on September 7 as the WikiLeaks editor’s extradition hearing entered its final stage.When I first met Julian Assange more than 10 years ago, I asked him why he had started WikiLeaks. He replied: “Transparency and accountability are moral issues that must be the essence of public life and journalism.

CIA&MI6& AIVD-Troll-Bellingcat’ ‘founder’ – Mh17 Lair- Eliot Higgins’ in Twitter meltdown after STEALING Assange’s quote describing WikiLeaks for own ‘Blood-book’(Video’s).

The ‘US-( Fracking Gas)-Western-Taxfree-Killer-Maffia- Elite’ rushes to accuse Poetin of ‘Novichok-type’ poisoning of CIA-Navalny… (Video’s) but would Russia really have reason to get rid of him? Zie de  Stem van de van de Straat-Amsterdam-NOIR/SaltoTV voor  het antwoord(Video’s).

I had never heard a publisher or an editor invoke morality in this way. Assange believes that journalists are the agents of people, not power: that we, the people, have a right to know about the darkest secrets of those who claim to act in our name.If the powerful lie to us, we have the right to know. If they say one thing in private and the opposite in public, we have the right to know. If they conspire against us, as War Criminals  Bush and Blair did over Iraq, then pretend to be democrats, we have the right to know.

 London court from the ‘Royal-Taxfree- Pedo-Rapist Prince Andrea-War Crime-Killer-Elite’ resumes Assange Fake hearing amid worldwide protests against his extradition to the ‘US-Taxfree- Pedo-Rapist-Epstein&Bill Clinton-War Crime-Killer-Elite’(Video’s) .

It is this morality of purpose that so threatens the collusion of powers that want to plunge much of the world into war and want to bury Julian alive in  puppet Made in USA- Hate Jesus- Trump’s fascist America.In 2008, a top-secret US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite- Department of Defense report described in detail how the United States Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite would combat this new moral threat. A secretly-directed personal smear dr. Goebbels- campaign against Julian Assange would lead to “exposure [and] criminal prosecution.”The aim was to silence and criminalize WikiLeaks and its founder. Page after page revealed a coming war on a single human being and on the very principle of freedom of speech and freedom of thought, and democracy.

Dr. Goebbels- Labour’ with Leader-puppet ‘Sir -MI6 -Pedo- Stramer’ demand ‘North Korean – censorship’ for RT and don’t care about Assange &Free press& poor People(VIDEO’s).

De ‘Gerechtelijk-(Elite-Pedo-Rapist)-Moordende-macht’ is corrupt tot aan de Nacht und Nebel  Hoge Raad blijkens belasting ontduikende Raadsheer Van der Vorm &’Moordenaars’ Rechter Fels& OvJ Hoekstra( Video’s)

The imperial shock troops would be those who called themselves journalists: the big hitters of the so-called mainstream of the corporate crime , especially the “liberals” who mark and patrol the perimeters of dissent.And that is what happened. I have been a reporter for more than 50 years and I have never known a smear campaign like it: the fabricated character assassination of a man who refused to join the club; who believed journalism was a service to the public, never to those above.Assange shamed his persecutors. He produced scoop after scoop. He exposed the fraudulence of wars promoted by the media and the homicidal nature of America’s wars, the corruption of dictators, the evils of Guantanamo.He forced us in the West to look in the mirror. He exposed the official truth-tellers in the media as collaborators: those I would call Vichy journalists. None of these imposters believed Assange when he warned that his life was in danger: that the “sex scandal” in Sweden was a set up and an American hellhole was the ultimate destination. And he was right, and repeatedly right. The Fake extradition hearing in London this week is the final act of an Anglo-American-Killer-Elite- campaign to bury Julian Assange. It is not due process. It is due revenge. The American Killer-Elite  indictment is clearly rigged, a demonstrable sham. So far, the hearings have been reminiscent of their Stalinist equivalents during the Cold War.

It’s David v Goliath’: Assange’s partner launches CrowdJustice appeal to help stop WikiLeaks founder’s  ‘Lynch-extradition’ to  ‘US-taxfree-Killer-Elite’.

 Today, the land that gave us Magna Carta, Great Britain, is distinguished by the abandonment of its own sovereignty in allowing a malign foreign power to manipulate justice and by the vicious psychological torture of Julian – a form of torture, as Nils Melzer, the UN expert has pointed out, that was refined by the Nazis because it was most effective in breaking its victims.Every time I have visited Assange in Belmarsh Nacht und Nebel- Prison, I have seen the effects of this torture. When I last saw him, he had lost more than 10kg in weight; his arms had no muscle. Incredibly, his wicked sense of humor was intact.As for Assange’s homeland,  The ‘US-Killer-Elite- Slave State Australia’ has displayed only a cringing cowardice as its government has secretly conspired against its own citizen who ought to be celebrated as a national hero. Not for nothing did War Criminal  George W. Bush anoint the Australian US-Killer-Elite Puppet  prime minister his “deputy-Lynch- sheriff.”

Not interested in bringing ‘Big Brother-Alexa’ into your house? That’s OK, ‘CIA-Amazon’s’ working with your ‘Snake In Suits-Landlord’ now &Chip in your Head from Devil- Elon& CIA – Tesla-Musk’s(Video’s)

It is said that whatever happens to Julian Assange in the next three weeks will diminish if not destroy freedom of the press in the West. But which press?  The Liberal Fake news  Guardian? The State MI6- BBC, the New York Times, the ‘CIA- Jeff Bezos- Washington Post’, the Dutch State AVID-NPO? No, the corrupt dr. Goebbels  journalists in these organizations can breathe freely. The Judases on the Guardian who flirted with Julian, exploited his landmark work, made their pile then betrayed him, have nothing to fear. They are safe because they are needed.Freedom of the press now rests with the honorable few: the exceptions, the dissidents on the internet who belong to no club, who are neither rich nor laden with Pulitzers, but produce fine, disobedient, moral journalism – those like Julian Assange.Meanwhile, it is our responsibility to stand by a true journalist whose sheer courage ought to be inspiration to all of us who still believe that freedom is possible. I salute him.

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 (John Pilger ournalist, film-maker and author, John Pilger is one of two to win British journalism’s highest award twice. For his documentary films, he has won an Emmy and a British Academy Award, a BAFTA. Among numerous other awards, he has won a Royal Television Society Best Documentary Award. His epic 1979 Cambodia Year Zero is ranked by the British Film Institute as one of the ten most important documentaries of the 20th century.

(ing Steve Brown is Underground Presentator Stem van de Straat, Hoofdredacteur Volksnieuws uit Amstderdam-Noir , Bestseller Auteur, Volksgangster& Verzet’s Held, Vlogger, Coffeeshop oprichter/eigenaar The Happy Family,Veronica Presentator Zware Jongens, Bijzonder Hoogleraar Media Maffia, Klaprecht jurist, Streetreporter,Bestseller auteur, Maatschappelijk werker,Regisseur, Programmamaker. Bedenker van het ‘Rat in Pak Elite-Gangster Billboard’(VIDEO’s), Klokkenluider,slachtoffer Moord &AIVD& politie-aanslag Judas-Informanten ‘Hoerenjong -Bruine Rat- Bas van Hout’ en ‘Junkie-Hoerenloper-Peter R. de Vries & ‘Ratje- Jaknikker Jeroen Pauw’, ‘Staats-AIVD-NPO’ en de Persgroep Parool. Volkskrant, NRC en Algemeen dagbald(Video), etc,etc, etcetera)) Steve Brown travel true the hole world ass Leader of the Happy Family and there after in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Golden Triangle, Nigeria, etc., where no tourist can come and talked wit Generals, Drugs lords, Ministers en Kings and Tribal leaders. Brown hold a degree in social science and a degree in Law of the University of Amsterdam and spent three months in jail as suspect of murder and member of the crime group from the Serbian Jocic the Crime-King of Amsterdam(Video) and he survived three Murder attempt on in his life.)

 Mededing van importantie: Wordt Wakker en kijk deze week naar de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam_Noir/SaltoTV: Corona-Leugenaars- Grapperhaus & Rutte & Halsema & King Willem & Prins Bernhard’ ontmaskerd bij De Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-SALTO-TV en wie zit er echt achter de CIA- Gif-Moordaanslag op Alexey Navalny  (Video’s) waardoor binnenkort uw Gas-rekening met minimaal met 30 % omhoog gaat.