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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- The teachings of Marx are the best hope for US& EU beaten-up& Killed working class(Labbekakken) in the ‘Human-Corona- Zoo’. Rutte&’Pedo-Kees van der Spek’: Die Labbekakken moeten niet zeuren(Video’s)

Taxfree-Snake in Suits’&COVID vs the USA of #Metoo Joe Biden & Made in USA- Hate Jesus- Trump. Why is the poor-America’s Junkie- obesity death toll so high?

The ‘US-Taxfree- War Crime-Pedo Rapist-Killer-Elite’ President Puppet ‘Made in USA -Hate Jesus Trump’ has extended his condolences following the shooting death of a man in Portland, tentatively identified as a member of the right-wing Patriot Red Neck- Prayer group. The ‘SS-Killer-Police’ have yet to confirm his identity.“Rest in Peace my red Neck- Jay,” Trump wrote on Sunday evening, retweeting a post by  psychopath  Amy Kremer, co-founder and co-chair of’ Red Neck&KKK- Women for Trump’, identifying the man who was shot and killed in Portland on Saturday amid skirmishes between Black Lives Matter protesters and  Mad Dog- Pedo-Rapist-Trump  Red Neck&KKK-supporters as “Jay Bishop”.Earlier on Sunday, the founder of Patriot Prayer group, which members can frequently be spotted amongst the participants of pro-Trump Red Neck&KKK-rallies, confirmed that the man was “a good friend and a suporter of  ‘Patriot Red Neck&KKK- Prayer’ .”

NEW VIDEO shows immediate aftermath of Portland shooting, as group confirms victim was a Trump Red Neck&KKK- supporter

The Corporate-Elite-Crime coup d’etat with Puppets Bush & Clinton & Obama & Trump & #Metoo-Joe Biden and there (Federal) Killer Police(VIDEO’s).

Neither the  Red Neck&KKK-group, nor police have confirmed the identity of the man.However, reports on social media have been circulating, alleging the victim was also a supporter of Blue-Kill the Blacks& poor People  Lives Matter, a movement in support of lthe ‘SS-Killer-Law enforcement’ .While  Psychy Red Neck-Kremer’s post blamed “Antifa,” a loosely organized self-avowed anti-fascist group, for the man’s death, police have not charged anyone with the shooting, with a suspect still believed to be at large.The Patriot-Red Neck&KKK- Hate Jesus- Player activist was shot on Saturday evening as clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and pro-Trump Red Neck&KKK- supporters erupted in downtown Portland after some 600 cars wheeled into the city as part of the ‘Trump- Hate Jesus caravan.’

Support us or stay the hell out of the way’: Portland’s Wheeler blasts Trump following shooting death, president Hate Jesus fires back

‘Pedo-Rapist-Trump’s’- America First in Homeless & Steeling Gold & TIKTOK&OIL &Red Nek-Killing Police& War Crime: 40 percent of US( and EU) renters face homelessness as (Slum)-landlords Like Jared Kushner& Prince Bernhard(Video’s)

Police have yet to comment on whether the shooting is linked to the demonstrations, however, Fake liberals with Puppet ‘#Metoo- Joe Biden’  and ‘Neo-Nazi-Red Neck-conservatives have wasted no time in blaming each other for the tragedy. Videos have emerged showing apparent BLM demonstrators referring to the man as a “f**king fascist.”  Democrats have launched hashtag #TrumpRiots on Twitter, arguing that violence that has beset Kenosha and Portland is the result of  ‘Hate Jesus-Trump’ inflaming tensions with his dr Goebbels-condemnation of the unrest and vows to restore “law and order” by sending in his SS-Killer- federal troops to the cities. ‘Hate Jesus -Trump’ himself has rejected the accusations, pointing to the failure of the mayors of the Democrat-run cities to quell the violence into which initially peaceful BLM protests have descended. In the case of Portland, violent unrest has been rocking the city for over 100 days.Earlier on Sunday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler effectively blamed Hate Jesus Trump for the turmoil in the city, saying that he had sown “hate and division” nationwide. Firing back, Trump labelled Wheeler a“weak and pathetic” mayor, who let the violence run rampant with his hands-off approach.

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Opmerking van Algemene wordt Wakker importantie:Voor weer een laatste keer terug :Best bekeken en Meest Bekroonde News Tokshow” De Stem van de Straat terug bij SALTO TV Amsterdam, Power to The People & De waarheid”!(Video)