( from our Elite US-Freak Election editors)


AMSTERDAM-NOIR-  ‘Mad Dog Pedo-Rapist-Trump’ kicks off Republican convention with rambling ‘Hate-KKK-speech ‘filled with lies

Corrupt’ Elite Taxfree- War Crime-Republicans’ Promised a Convention, But Delivered Crazy  dangers-KKK-Red Neck- Hate-Talk

Today the Republican- Freak-convention’ started with in the lead  role imbecile ‘Made in USA-  Hate-Jesus- Mad dog –Pedo-Rapist-Trump’.

Co staring Imbecile &” Uncle Toms”& Red Neck’s& KKK& Neo-Nazi’s&# Metoo-ers&  Hate &War Moguls& Religion insane& pedophiles&Junkies&  Whores& psychopaths &Killers pathological liars like Mike Pence & Nikki Haley(Videos) &‘ Fat-Man Mike Pompeo'(VIDEO’s)& Kimberly Guilfoyle& Melania Trump, etc.

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